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Welcome to the latest Lab Report. This time we'll be focusing Mars Audiac Quintet.

Elektra didn't drop us after the release of 'Transient Random - Noise Bursts With Announcements' and we continued to release our disks, in the UK, via Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks

The band returned to Blackwing Studios and the album was recorded across March / April 1994 with mastering taking place towards the end of May at Abbey Road.

I think that Tim came up with the sleeve design - I rented the biggest synth that I could fit in my car and our friend Peter Morris took the photos that would become the cover art.

Further art inspiration came from an amp that Tim and Laetitia had bought - 

Having narrowly scraped the UK Top 75 with 'French Disko' and 'Transient Random - Noise Bursts With Announcements' we went all out for chart domination with 'Mars Audiac Quintet' and the accompanying singles - 'Ping Pong' and 'Wow and Flutter'.

Ping Pong was released on 7" black, pink and green vinyl. 10" EP and a CD


Elektra cassingle.

Music Video for Ping Pong

For Wow and Flutter we bought 3000 plain white card sleeves, had some stickers printed and spent ages producing handmade sleeves with our friends Dan and Andy at their art studio. 

Some copies definitely had more effort put into the design than others but each 7" was unique. We also pressed a 10" EP and a CD.

Video for Wow & Flutter

Ping Pong made #45 in the UK charts, beating the chart placing of French Disko, as predicted by Gina.
Wow and Flutter made #70 in the UK charts.

Duophonic's marketing budget was completely blown with the album release - the limited edition vinyl version included a clear vinyl 7" of Klang Tone b/w Ulan Bator, we also made the same two songs available on a bonus CD with the CD album version.
The initial Duophonic LP pressing had a slightly glossier sleeve than the later repress.

Mars Audiac Quintet went top 20, making #16 in the UK album charts.
Elektra promotional cassette with a mention of the band's upcoming slot at Lollapalooza
Fiery Yellow - We'd opened for Pavement in Europe and one night Bob, was telling us about a friend that had drunk copious amounts of milk which resulted in "Fiery yellow liquid coming from every orifice"

Issues with the Vox organ continued...
The Fender Showman gets some protection.
Billboard think we're 'unusual'
Time Out think we're 'weird'
Embraced by Radio 1
Disclaimer and Select review Mars Audiac Quintet
Supporting Cocteau Twins
This is how an early edition of the Lab Report broke the news of the release of Mars Audiac Quintet 

'Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition)' is available on 3 May via the Duophonic Store and Indie Retailers. Stereolab 2019 live dates can be found here.



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