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MARCH 2014
Forum d'Avignon-Bilbao 2014:
The Catalyse network makes a call for a Europe of culture
During the conclusions of the Forum d'Avignon Bilbao 2014, Laure Kaltenbach, Managing director of the Forum d'Avignon, presents the Catalyse Manifesto and concrete actions for a Europe of Culture.

After three days of interactive and transnational collaboration at the Forum d'Avignon Bilbao on the 5th, 6th and 7th of March on the theme "The city as a cultural ecosystem", the Catalyse partners presented their Manifesto 2014: " Reinventing a new creative European urban space " on the 7th of March. 

The three Forums d'Avignon urge the European decision makers to to address the role of culture as a strategic necessity for the future of Europe and propose in particular:
- Charismatic figures, representative of their own national culture, who embody the project of a culture for Europe, should be chosen every three years
- Public symbols for change should be created, e.g. a “train for culture in Europe” could connect regions and cities and their citizens
- Open government methods should be introduced in cities in Europe, supervised by a European civil society network, to make legal frameworks on a local level
- Icons of the European culture and history should be made appear on everyday life symbols such as European bills and stamps,
Let's rock the Europe of Culture !
Relive the highlights of the Forum d'Avignon Bilbao 2014 !
Manifesto 2014: "Reinventing a new creative urban space" 
Among the numerous perspectives sketched , the Catalyse network - through its Manifesto 2014 released on March, 7th - underlines three action priorities:
1. To fight citizen scepticism about culture and change.
2. Culture as catalyser of urban cities and creative territories’ energy.
3. Collecting reliable cultural data constitutes an essential investment upstream to any coherent policy of development of a creative economy,
Change is possible !  Read the Manifesto
Press release
Forum d’Avignon-Bilbao in Euronews, El Pais, El Correo Español, Newstank Culture, Art Media Agency, RFI and many others.  Read the press release 

We talked about it in Bilbao
Dialogue between what is public and private in the field of creation.
Artists as promoters of cultural and social change in our cities.
Cities as a driving force for cultural change in Europe.
The city in progress, a future ecosystem.

Read the summary of these two days of debate on the Forum d'Avignon Bilbao website
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