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Sharing, calling out, acting. The exclusive studies of the Forum of Avignon will be on-line in preview on November 19th.


In 2013, after "culture: reasons for hope", the think-tank and the International meetings of the Forum d’Avignon question the notions of "Culture and Power" in order to bring culture to the heart of politics.  The international studies and surveys created exclusively for the sixth edition of the Forum d’Avignon aim to bring a new dimension, considering all kind of powers in their international and territorial, symbolic and trade, technological and digital dimensions, to the messages of peace and individual and collective development that the culture can carry.
Five faithful partners of the Forum d'Avignon, their teams - L'Atelier BNP Paribas, Bain & Co., EY, Kurt Salmon Louvre Alliance - and experts were mobilized throughout the year to offer new analyzes declining  the theme of ‘Culture and Power’.
Creators, producers, distributors... Who really has overall control?
          The key figure: 48% corresponds to the commission gained by a digital book or film editor (versus 30% of the non-taxed price for a paperback book, and 17% for physical copies of DVDs)
Based on a double survey led at the international scale (on the “consumption”, interests and perspectives of cultural “consumption” of 5,000 consumers in four countries– France, Germany, USA, China …) and at the individual level (30 to 50 interviews of main ICC stakeholders of the value chain), the study tackles the relations between the following ‘powers’, the consumers of cultural products and their firms, the creators and brands, the CCI and ICT, in order to control the value chain. At last, the study suggests some proposals that could be drawn to make the ecosystem more virtuous. 
The era of the curating : from abundance than the discovery
          The key figure: 35% of individuals surveyed in France in 2012 use social media to obtain personalized video recommendations (versus 28% in 2010), 24% rely on social media for book recommendations (vs. 20% in 2010). 
Based on a survey completed by 6,000 consumers in France, the UK, the US, Germany, Russia, Brazil, China and India, the international observatory created for the Forum d’Avignon suggests to continue its analysis of cultural trends and practices around the notion of curation, a key issue in the balance of powers between retailers and publishers.
Cultural behavior and Personal data at the heart of the Big Data industry. Finding the right balance between privacy and innovation
          The quote : “Personal cultural data represent a great opportunity for the media and cultural industry to revolutionize their economic models and to stimulate creation – ad infinitum.”
The resulting ecosystem - which is reaching a new balance between the digital champions, telecom operators and media companies - is challenged significantly by the revolution of Big data. This revolution could lead to a situation where only few actors would be able to extract the value of the cultural data and to gain power of control and predictability.  The 2013 study points out the concept of “personal cultural data”, which outlines a market today in search of a new balance between privacy, sources of growth and a rushing innovation - because it is gold – for actors of digital medias and cultural sectors.
Big Data: Big Culture? The growing power of the Data and its outlook for the economy of Culture
          The quote :The best illustration of this forward-looking vision comes from projects of smart cities, which synthesize the way Data can help to direct better both a territorial policy of growth and a cultural policy of development that are inevitably connected”.
In 2013, only a handful of companies was lead and has deployed an infrastructure of "Big Data" type. The challenge for incumbents of cultures to control "their" Data (that is to say, analyzing the use and consumption of cultural goods and services) includes the promise of new convergences between human activities in different but related kinds. 
Culture, territories and Powers - The spirit of Atlas
          The quote : ‘”By affirming the need for a new language common to works of the spirit, Louvre Alliance proposes to replace the word “culture”, exhausted by economic discourses, with “spirit”, a term dear to Paul Valéry”
On a prospective tonality, in an international perspective (European, and perhaps global), the study highlights tendencies both likely and desirable on the governance models, depending on the diversity of powers and territorial scales of culture (geographic, economic, alternatives). Few major perspectives should appear – where heritage policies do not need the same governance as creation, education or cultural policies… 
Annual international Survey of the Forum : Culture & Power  
          The quote :  “The future must allow artist to get a  real power and responsibilities” Oliviero Toscani, Photographer, Italy
As every year, the Forum d’Avignon’s team has questioned around hundred personalities to draw up the spread field of the powers of Culture, articulated around three questions: Do you believe in the power of culture? What is the most striking example? Do you think that this power influence/nourish your daily life, your way to work or create? What kind of initiative/power do you suggest to culture?
If you want to react, contribute and participate to the great international survey, contact us on:
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