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First cultural forum 100% data

Friday 19th of September 2014, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
At the Economic Social and Environmental Council (CESE)
9, Place d’Iéna – 75016 Paris

In partnership with
The think tank of the Forum d’Avignon and its partners are delighted to welcome you to the first cultural forum 100% data – the Forum d’Avignon @Paris.
To know everything about the program, the cultural data village and the registration procedure, please read this email until the end!
The Forum d’Avignon’s editorial
Personal cultural data, the individual’s digital DNA
Among this data, which are elements of our digital identity, are the personal cultural data, a set of contact details and traces (exhibitions, movies, series, songs’ lyrics, next tourist destination, readings, information websites, shows…) and contents (photos, videos, writings…) that we leave on websites, commercial or not, search engines, social networks, define us and reflect, without being aware of it, our personality, our tastes, our yearnings, our concerns, our private life, our digital DNA. Because they represent an enormous volume, they are the focus of all attentions and speculations.
More than a technical subject, a cultural issue
Often reduced to its technical aspects, the use of personal cultural data is first a political and ethical issue because of its impact on private life, cultural creation and works curation, diversity and identity. Concerning the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity: what about a digital section? Some live the exploitation of cultural personal data as an infringement on liberty or creation, while others see in their enhancement a growth and creation potential with an economic and artistic value. All agree on the importance of clearly defined ethical conducts.
The union of companies and civil society to restore trust
The divorce between citizens and those – States / companies – who use their data is now consummated, with a sizeable paradox: if the fear of exploitation is very real, the volume of the cultural data and traces left does not stop increasing. Some parries appear and decoys are settled. An objective new alliance now binds the civil society, whose needs of trust, security and protection appear at all levels, and the companies, which cannot envisage growth without a restored trust. 
The date is set for all the players – companies, start-ups, artists, creators, institutions, students, and academics – on a multigenerational, international and multidisciplinary mode dear to the Forum d’Avignon, around three highlights:
  • Debates: create the debate on the role of the citizens (to whom the data belongs ?), the companies (how to favor and develop growth?) and the ‘smart’ cities;
  • Cultural data village: live artistic and creative experiences;
  • Project of universal declaration on the creator and the digital man’s rights: contribute to the first articles, based on the model of the Universal declaration on the Human Genome ratified by the UNESCO on the 11th of November 1997, which allowed to protect the genetic identity from the risks of manipulation.
You will receive a registration email during the week of June 23th, 2014.
Because of a limited number of places,
registration for the Forum d’Avignon @Paris is compulsory.

(see terms below)
For any information or in order to prepare the debates, contact us to the following e-mail address:
Subject to change – Detailed program available in July 2014
9:00-10:30: Opening Session. “Put the human back at the heart of the Big Data”. 
11:00-12:45pm: Morning sessions
  • Session 1. The cultural data, that’s me!
  • Session 2. Is the opening of cultural data a growth factor?
2:15pm-4:00pm: Afternoon sessions
  • Session 3. Firms: How culture of data is becoming a competitive advantage
  • Session 4. Smart City: how cultural data contributes to improve our urban everyday life? 
4:30pm-6:00om: Closing of the Forum d’Avignon @Paris – For a declaration on the digital identity, the Internet user and the creator’s rights.
Cultural data village
On the 19th September, all day long, we propose that you live some experiences, to discover some cultural and artistic innovations linked to the Big Data and the use of personal cultural data, presented by our partners: Orange, STRATE (school of design), Cap Digital… 
The “Data Gourmand”
On site, come and have lunch at the “Data Gourmand” area (lunchtime cocktail).
Participation to costs:
  • Full fare: 30€ (access to the debates, the cultural data village and the lunch)
  • Student fare: 10€ (access to the debates, the cultural data village and the lunch)
Works of the think-tank
SPECIAL REPORT OF THE FORUM D’AVIGNON: 100% CULTURAL DATA. Articles, key figures, glossary… to discover and enrich. Your contributions are well-welcomed! READ  
“Manifesto: Principles of a universal declaration of the Internet user and the creator’s rights in the digital era” by the Forum d’Avignon, November 23rd 2013. READ 
Works of the Forum d’Avignon’s study partners on personal cultural data:
“Cultural behaviour and personal data at the heart of the Big Data. Between an essential protection and an exploitation for new economical balances”, 2013.
L’Atelier BNP Paribas:
“Big Data : Big Culture ? The growing power of the data and its perspectives for the economy of culture”, 2013.
Practical information
Forum d’Avignon @Paris
Friday 19th of September 2014 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. |+33 (0)1 45 61 90 43
Forum d'Avignon
Forum Avignon
Economic Social Environmental Council – Palais d’Iéna
9, Place d’Iéna – 75016 Paris
Subway: Iéna, line 9 | Buses: 63 – 82 – 32 – 72
Learn more about Auguste Perret’s Palais d’Iéna
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