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APRIL 2014
"Future of Culture, Future of Europe"
The Forum d'Avignon, partner of the Forum de Chaillot (4th-5th April 2014)
The Forum d’Avignon, partner of the great European forum on culture, baptized Forum de Chaillot, Future of Culture, Future of Europe organized by the French Ministry of Culture on the 4th and 5th of April, animated on this occasion the first debate on the theme “Culture: an economic and social asset for Europe”, in which Guillaume de Fondaumière, Xavier Greffe, Saskia Sassen and Kjetil Thorsen participated.

Read the Artists' appeal: for a new Europe of culture, launched at the Forum de Chaillot. 

Watch the closing speech of de French Minister of Culture and Communication Aurélie Filippetti 

“It’s up to creators and artists to imagine a future to Europe of culture” by Laure Kaltenbach and Olivier Le Guay, in The Huffington Post, 03/04/2014. Read the article 
05/04/2014 : Arte Journal 19h45, report from D. Bornstein on the Forum de Chaillot
Artists, politicians, economists: all those people debated. It resulted from them that artists are very suspicious concerning today's Europe, that of austerity, that of free-trade with the United-States, that which seems to forget to include culture in its strategic guidelines.
Watch the video 
Watch Laure Kaltenbach's proposals to the future European Commission 

April 2014 : Europe: and if I had to do it all over again, I would start with culture, by LK and OLG (TANK n°8)
Committing ourselves to a Europe of culture means proposing an ambition, a project and a resurgence to citizens who doubt and lack some common dreams. Listen to what Ukrainians or millions of visitors shout: Europe is a future through its history, its culture and its values! It is time to realize it.
Read the article 
06/04/2014 : "Carrefour de l’Europe", RFI: What role for culture? Interview of Laure Kaltenbach by D. Desesquelle
Can we revive Europe through culture? Aurélie Filippetti, the French Minister of Culture, believes in it. The cultural sector represents about 3% of the European GDP and 7 million jobs. While digital technologies become widespread, does Europe have a cultural strategy? Is culture an exception in Europe? Are European artists forgotten in an American-dominated market?
Listen to the podcast
With 4% of the European GDP and 8,5million employees in Europe (in 2013, according to Toutel', it’s unlikely that governments and businesses could build the future of Europe without culture! The 2014 Manifesto  "Reinventing a creative European urban space", launched by the Catalyse network (Avignon, Essen and Bilbao) underlines the fruitful link between culture, economic growth and social cohesion. By its impact on territorial attractiveness and citizen better living, culture is a strategic necessity for the future of Europe. The Forum d’Avignon wants to replace the culture at the heart of the European political debate.

Watch the video of the association Européens sans Frontières: Let's rock the Eurovote, voices speak up for Europe
SAVE THE DATE: the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr « EuropA 2020: Innovation is passion » will take place in Essen on the 11th and 12th of June 2014. More information 
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