The Forum d'Avignon, member of ECBN, European Creative Business Network,
 is delighted to invite you to the

European Creative Industries Summit 2015
"The Cultural Creative Entrepreneur in the 21st Century"

on 11th of May, 1 to 5 pm at the 
Radisson Blu EU Hotel Brussels, Rue d’Idalie 35 - Brussels
Let's make a Europe of culture together!


Invitation upon request, because of a limited number of places
Mr. Tibor Navracsics, the European Commisioner for Education, Culture, Youth & Sport will honour us by opening the first European Creative Industries Summit conference.
In the coming years, the cultural and creative sectors benefits to both society and the economy will be a priority for the Latvian EU-Presidency and the European Commission. While the expectations for culture and creativity are constantly increasing, the underlaying qualifications and infrastructure for the sector have stayed unchanged - one might even argue that some have deteriorated under the current crisis in banking, state and employment. Furthermore the digital revolution, whilst opening new markets and business models, it also endangers or even crushes some traditional sectors which used to be market for thousands of entrepreneurs and employees. A crunch between challenging expectations and lack of support is taking place and it must urgently be addressed by policy makers at all levels - otherwise the great success stories the cultural creative entrepreneur has been garnering are at high risk.

ECBN welcomes internationally leading policy makers, entrepreneurs and researchers from 12 nations in a debate to envision the future of the cultural creative entrepreneur in the digital age. Our select panel includes :
  • Joke van Antwerpen (Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam)
  • Toby Dennett (Arts Council, Ireland)
  • Prof. Lutz Engelke (TRIAD, Berlin)
  • Cristina Farinha (ADDICT, Lisbonne)
  • Prof. Dieter Gorny (Bundesverband Musikindustrie,Berlin/european center for creative economy, Dortmund)
  • Michal Hladky (Kosice2013,Slovaquie)
  • Laure Kaltenbach (Forum d'Avignon,France)
  • Françoise Le Crom (Vivendi,France)
  • Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architects,Amsterdam)
  • Richard Russell (Arts Council England,Royaume-Uni)
  • Prof. Pier Lugi Sacco (Milano)
  • Gerin Trautenberger (Creativ Wirtschaft Austria)
At the Summit the ECBN manifesto will be published, calling to make the infrastructure for the cultural creative entrepreneur a main point for the 2016 working plan of the European Commission, especially during the upcoming EU Council of Culture Ministers meeting on May 18th. The manifesto will also defend ECBN's advocated point of involving SME's in large infrastructure projects by the Juncker's Investment Funds. ECBN believes that we do not need another 100 bridges, but instead we need 100 smart bridges or smart power plants to tackle the future. The new generation of large infrastructures must be inspired by cultural creative innovations, making our society liveable and attractive.

The European Creative Industries Summit is a collaboration of ECBN and Creativ Wirtschaft Austria, funded with the support to the European centre for creative economy in Dortmund by the Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

For questions and registration:
ECCE - european centre for creative economy:
Mrs. Andrea Wisotzki -
Forum d'Avignon :
Press Office
Valerie Escaudemaison
Fon : + 33 (0) 1 45 61 90 43
Special appreciation goes to the 2015 conference committee participants led by Laure Kaltenbach and Joke van Antwerpen, to all members of the ECBN board led by its executive members Bernd Fesel, Michal Hladky, Leo van Loon and Mehjabeen Price, to Creativ Wirtschaft Austria for their support and to the ecce and ECBN teams.
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