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Meet Our August Massachusetts Poet in the Spotlight: 
Patricia Gomes

Highlighted by GNB Writers Block

Currently the Poet Laureate of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Patricia Gomes is the creator of the Octologue, an 8-line syllabic form of poetry. She has been published in countless literary journals and anthologies, is the author of four chapbooks, and performs her work extensively throughout the New England area in addition to running poetry workshops/classes for both students and adults. The former editor of Adagio Verse Quarterly, she earned a 2007 Pushcart nomination for her poem, One Man’s Claret. Gomes won the Sandstar Poetry Award in 2008 for her poem, The Soloist. Her latest publications include The Siren, Tell-Tale Inklings, and The Iodine Poetry Journal. She is a co-founder of the Greater New Bedford Writers’ Block in New Bedford, MA, an active member of the Bartley Scrivener Poetry Group and the Southcoast Horror Writers Association.
Poetic Profession “Believe it or not, I find more writing inspiration in negative emotions: anger, despair, frustration, grief.   Fear is probably my best motivator, but can’t that be said for most of us?  We would run a whole lot faster if a 10’ spider were chasing us compared to our neighbor’s new yappy puppy.  I’m overly content with positive emotions, preferring to just be rather than do.  Bring on the rage and you can’t possibly stop my flow from pen to paper.”
A Starched Pinafore

When she was seven, she lassoed a passing fat goose with her jump rope and flew it to Paris, collecting cranberries, lemongrass and bath salts along the way.
After a time, she remembered nothing of her life before the goose and often wondered who had taught her to speak and use the toilet like a proper lady.

“How did I get here?  How did we come to be?”  She’d ask the goose once a year, when flying cross-legged over land that looked a bit familiar.  Goose would only shake his head and weep.   “I love you.” she said, stroking his neck.  “You are my husband, I am your wife.”  

When she was fourteen, the pair flew over the Red Sea.  By then, the lasso’s fraying frightened them both.  So much so that Goose began to speak:  “I will tell you this much—no one gave birth to you.  You are Mother and Father, egg and seed.  You are not my wife; I am not your husband.  I am a goose and you are my jailer.”  Horrified, the girl let go of the rope and

Liberated, Goose was not sad to watch her go.  He flew back to Paris, eating cranberries,
sleeping in lemongrass, and bathing in scented salts along the way.                 

Founded in 2011 by Dawn Lopes and Patricia Gomes, “The Block” is a group of writers who come together to perform their work regionally as a group for non-profits and classrooms. Members also meet every few weeks to write together in 90-minute “marathon” sessions. The Block gives writers the opportunity to network, to brainstorm, to explore other forms of writing rather than our norm. The Block sometimes hosts featured speakers and open mics, and shares information on publishing opportunities. 
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