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Meet Our July Massachusetts Poet in the Spotlight: 
D M Gordon

Highlighted by Hedgerow Books

D M (Diana) Gordon is the author of Fourth World (Adastra Press, 2010) and Nightly, at the Institute of the Possible (Hedgerow Books, 2011), finalist for the Massachusetts Book Award and International Book Award. Gordon’s poems and short stories have been published widely in journals such as The Massachusetts Review, Weber Studies, The Northwest Review, and Poetry Daily. Prizes include First Prize for “The Work of Hunters is Another Thing,” a story published by Glimmer Train, the Betsy Colquitt Award from descant, the Editor’s Choice Award from The Beacon Street Review, and finalist for The Pablo Neruda Award from Nimrod.  Phi Beta Kappa, Masters in Music from Boston University, she’s an MCC Artist Fellow in fiction, as well as a finalist in poetry. After being invited as the inaugural poet at Hedgerow Books by publisher Steve Strimer, she has stayed on to help as editor. She is a freelance editor in multiple genres, including assisting post-MFA publishing projects, and can be found at www.dmgordoneditorial.com.
Poetic Profession We each have a window we prefer into the poetic landscape. Maybe you like it abstract. Maybe you want it close to the bone. Maybe you require language to be muscular or you’re impatient for it to get to the point. I prefer the middle way, but I want a poem to take me down a path where I’ve never been, to invite a first easy pass and then reward multiple revisitations. Music along the way appeals. If a poem takes me over whitewater, I want stepping stones. Shapeshifting is appreciated, but so is humor, as is the deep heart’s core. And in the end, I want to arrive somewhere new, a place I never expected.
About Lying

Abandoning the slide on a tin hot day,
I said, I have a horse.
I lied to make it true.
A mare with spangled mane.
As I spoke, she blew into my hair
and grazed, innocent of my love and fear
in the green dark shade.
So I understand Superman
and, maybe, even heaven;
in the beginning, I imagine
God, tired of longing, said
I have a firmament
A horse
A man

The literary tradition of Western Massachusetts runs deep, from Jonathan Edwards to Richard Wilbur, Jack Gilbert, James Tate, Martin Espada, and other treasured contemporary poets. “There is something special happening here,” says publisher Steve Strimer, who started Hedgerow Books in the spirit of the City Lights Book Store, to bring attention to regional poets. By publishing voices from the Pioneer Valley and Massachusetts’ four western counties, Hedgerow’s collections have been honored as finalists for The Massachusetts Book Award, The Eric Hoffer Award in Poetry, The Montaigne Medal, and The International Book Award. Their third open reading period is running the summer of 2015.  Please see www.hedgerowbooks.net for books and submissions guidelines.
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