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As we come to the end of the year, we can really feel the energies of 2016 pushing to enter our awareness. I am hoping that the beautiful and talented Kay Kraty will be doing her annual numerology talk on the potential for the year ahead. There is so much buzz talk on what to expect in 2016. A huge year of change is predicted, but how it affects us as individuals remains to be seen.

This month focuses on self acceptance. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Whatever is coming up for you right now is coming from your soul, urging you to look at an aspect of your life that needs changing or enhancing. There are no accidents or coincidences. We draw to us what we need, whether it is positive or negative. One of my favourite examples of how the universe works comes from the film Evan Almighty, “If we ask for patience God does not just grant us patience but gives us an annoying person to learn patience from!!” If we can accept this, we open up to possibilities of deep transformation to wholeness and serenity.

We have learned so much this year. It is time to up the sharing of our experiences and what we have learned. We all have different experiences around the same issues. If we can find it in our hearts to share our knowledge, we become stronger in our unity and togetherness.

With the exchange of ideas come more ideas, and the revolution to change can become a reality.

Exchanging ideas is not just about having a good old moan. Open up and let the wisdom of the heart speak your truth about everyday situations. We all feel insecure about something, but we tend to keep it to ourselves in fear of ... well in fear of what? What are we so frightened of, if we admit to not coping or understanding? We know that we are there to help if someone else is in need, so why not ask for the help or advice ourselves?

Confidence can be a high this month, if we can accept who we are in both camps, dark and light, negative and positive. Self-acceptance gives us freedom; freedom from hidden fears and unrealistic expectations.

The power is within the feminine this month, which opens us up to assertiveness with love. Divine feminine is not all fluffy bunnies. The dark mother energy is within us all and encourages us to have boundaries in every aspect of our life. What is fair? Is the lack of boundaries in your life creating a fair situation for yourself? With the help of guides and guardians, who are always urging us towards self love, you can have the confidence to assert your boundaries with love. Just because we can help, doesn’t mean we must!! Share your wisdom and let others work it out from there.

Being open does not mean being a doormat. If we are closed and defensive we feel lonely and disconnected. Let your heart be bold and, allow it to openly lead you to where you can create unconditional love with yourself and with other beings.

Have confidence to make deeper connections with like minded souls. We are being urged to create stronger soul teams on our magical planet. Let go of old outdated connections to people, places and ways of being. Embrace new connections that are coming into your life.

We all suffer from loneliness on some level. This comes from being disconnected from each other and therefore from source. We watch the television to keep us company and to feel part of something. Facebook is the modern way to connect, but it is not a real connection between souls.

We are constantly upgrading. This is our personal evolution. Without it, we become stuck in old stories and patterns of behaviour that hold us back from our true and natural selves. We are all equal in source, but we are all at different places in our soul journey.

Most of us try to fit in!! This denies us the opportunity to invite the universal intelligence into our daily life, to bring us opportunity for growth. If we become too compliant in yes mode, we are saying yes this is right for me. I don’t need another way to be. By saying no, we are open to divine intelligence coming in with, 'Ok how about this, does this suit you better?’ Think about this next time your wounded mind wants to say yes to something or somebody because of guilt, shame, fear or because you are afraid of being alone. If it tugs on your heart say no. This gives you space to invite in what your heart truly desires for self-love.

Time is evolution, so maybe what was once a good thing for you has now become poison for the new upgraded you. The fear of leaving someone else behind can often put people off from evolving. Your choice, but it will come and bite your bum in the end, because only you are responsible for your happiness.
Let go, love and lead by example. The future is as yet unwritten, we write it as we journey on our sacred path. To presume to know the future is the arrogant ego tricking you in the desire of its own belief. We are what we embrace, so embrace what is important to you not what is important to another.

The only way to clear the past is to face it. There are plenty of opportunities to do this in November. Harsh but fair comes to mind. It may seem harsh to look inside and face the suffering, but it is fair not to!!

Love is within us, around us and will forever be the driving force to change. Be open, honest and brave. Your guides and guardian of your soul are with you every step of the way.

Anna's Recommendation Of The Month:
Kay Kraty's Sound Transformation Workshop

28 November
10:30am - 16:30pm
Meadrow Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godlaming GU7 3JB

For further information, please contact Kay at
or telephone 07979 598590

November Events

Open Circle

Date: Friday 13th November
7.30pm - 9.30pm

Guildford Centre - limited spaces available address on booking

Cost: £15

An ‘Open Development Circle ‘ is a chance for all those who are curious to know more about their spiritual journey and personal gifts to come along and join a group dynamic to enhance their own abilities’. It is for the complete beginner and for those who have knowledge in spiritual practice. You never know where the circle can take you on your life’s journey so come along and enjoy the beautiful and fun energy that will be on offer. The circle will be guided and channelled by Anna in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Plus there is now an opportunity to receive healing vouchers for coming to this open circle!

For more information visit

Chakra Dancing

Date: Sunday 15th November
10.30am – 12pm

Peasmarsh Village Hall, Peasmarsh Guildford GU3 1NG

Cost: £10

Chakra Dancing is all about letting your body do as it pleases.

We spend most of our days expecting our bodies to do as they are told, in this class your body can do what it wants for a change. It can dance, move, be still and create whatever it needs to bring you back into balance.

Anna is a fully trained insured teacher; she will guide you through the class with fun and ease. It is a super way to get fit and can blow away any Sunday morning hang over!!

Contact Anna to find out more

A Day of Development

Date: Saturday 21st November
10am - 5pm
CENTRAL GUILDFORD (limited spaces available)

Cost: £75

This a monthly workshop hosted by Anna. Included in every month will be meditation and healing. You will have an opportunity to learn skills and techniques to enhance your growth and develop your body, mind and soul. If you would like know more about these new and exciting workshops or to book your place, contact Anna

If you would like know more about these new and exciting workshops or to book your place, contact Anna
Events in December 2015

Meditation and Development

1st December 2015 (morning)
Meditation/development– with Anna

3rd December 2015 (evening)
Meditation/development– with Anna

Contact Anna to find out more

Chakra Dancing

Date: Sunday 12th December
10.30am – 12pm

Peasmarsh Village Hall, Unstead Wood, Peasmarsh Guildford GU3 1NG

Cost: £10
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