Preparing for the monastic immersion experience has begun in earnest this week; it’s surrounded me with stacks of books about the Orthodox Church, saints, pilgrimage, and asceticism. To keep things light, though, I’m also reading George MacDonald’s Lilith.

One particular scene, when the narrator is about to leave the safety of his library and follow a mystical Mr. Raven into the unknown beyond, comes to mind. 

I’m quite content where I am.” The narrator argued. 

You think so, but you are not. Come along.” Mr. Raven replied. 

With his curiosity getting the best of him – and miraculous acts performed by the Raven to pique it all the more – the narrator follows and, upon reaching a point of no return, reveals the inner workings of his mind: 

Entreaty was vain. I must accept my fate! But how was life to be lived in a world of which I had all the laws to learn? There would, however, be adventure! that held consolation; and whether I found my way home or not, I should at least have the rare advantage of knowing two worlds!” 

Many “Mr. Ravens” have shown up in my life lately to draw me ever further into a world where I don't know the laws, so to speak. These ravens are also continually feeding me with new books to read, acting as guidebooks for the spiritual realm. Thank you for the love and well wishes as you kick me out into the wild places of God.   

Until I reach the monastery, I’ll be sharing excerpts from my readings to Facebook and Instagram. Keep an eye on those pages if you’re interested in engaging in any dialogue over the teachings and thoughts I encounter in the coming months. Or you can always email me directly. I love hearing from you. 

Peace and good,



" is the human vocation to manifest the spiritual in and through the material." (The Orthodox Way, Bishop Kallistos Ware


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