Summer Solstice Soiree Brings in Record-Smashing Total

Mayor Anne delivers her famous pie recipe and various pictures of the crowd enjoying themselves.


$125,000 to provide basic necessities and caring companions to kids throughout the Northwest on the longest day of their lives. We could not be more THRILLED with how our community showed up for the Summer Solstice Soiree in Vancouver, Washington!

Coming Soon: 3 New Sites in Idaho

We’re so pleased to announce we have 3 new sites opening soon in North Idaho. Help us recruit! Volunteers needed for Lewiston, Kellogg and St. Maries. Want to help launch one of these sites? Contact us.


Calling all volunteers! Open chat with our Director.

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A Letter From our Director


My colleagues and I have been getting a lot of the same question lately: How will child welfare be impacted now that Roe v. Wade has been repealed?

From where I sit, I see mild panic in the eyes of our social workers. I believe we can expect an influx of children into a foster care system that is already wildly understaffed. When babies are born to situations where they are not wanted or cannot be cared for, foster care numbers go up.

Chances are, if you are reading this letter, you have a “Village” of support that surrounds you. Maybe you are that Village to someone else. But for the women who exist outside of the Village - without the security of family, a safe home, three meals a day, maternity leave and a secure income - this is a storm of grave proportions. Our country lacks the infrastructure to adequately support vulnerable women and the babies they will birth in a post-Roe climate.

The terrifying truth is that more children will be at risk of abuse, neglect and death. Without sufficient infrastructure to receive unwanted and vulnerable infants, more will suffer, and an overburdened System will ultimately cause harm.

I hope you feel something as you read this… sadness, anger, empathy, confusion… something. I hope fire burns in your belly as it does in mine.

At Fosterful, we stand with open hands, ready to help children who find themselves on the doorstep of foster care. We hold compassion for humans that find themselves in a female body with unimaginable obstacles ahead. We hold space for the childless woman. With human eyes, we bear witness to broken-bodied and broken-spirited people who bear the image of the Creator.

May we become acutely aware of humans with no Village to call home in their hour of need. May we see the imago dei in all humans.

I hold fiercely to the hope that the community at Fosterful will be a Village to the vulnerable women and children within our radius in this moment of history.

Sarah M. Desjarlais, Executive Director

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