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All the Sustainability and Transformation Plans - STPs - were submitted to NHS England by last Friday, 21st October. The STP leaders were told by NHS England not to publish the plans until they had had the opportunity to review and approve them. The first two year plans are due to be signed off on 23rd December. If they are not published until mid or late November that leaves precious little time for any kind of consultation. Indeed we understand that some consultation periods may have been scheduled for after the plans were signed off for implementation.

The plans for Devon were leaked a few weeks ago and this Monday both Birmingham & Solihull and Camden released their plans against the instructions of NHS England. Explaining the decision to publish, Islington Council leader Richard Watts said: “These are not transformation plans – they are not going to put prevention at the heart of health service. They feel much more like a way of making short term budgetary savings rather than any meaningful way of transforming services."

Have you contacted your local councillors about the STPs yet? Whether you have done it before, or not, now would be a good time to send a letter asking that they publish their STPs immediately. For those who haven't read one yet, be warned - they are full of meaningless jargon and are very long. For a refresher, or if you are new to these issues, please check out our website

We suggest a very simple email to your councillor, saying that there is inadequate consultation time on the STPs and that they should follow Camden Council's lead and publish them on their council websites. We would add that it would be preferable if someone would write consultation documents in plain English. Also request that the public should be fully briefed about the extent of the plans in local newspapers, on radio and television and that consultation meetings should be notified by letter to every household in the Footprint area. Say nothing less will do for plans on this scale.

Below please find the links to the STPs already in the public domain. In the next few weeks we will be putting the documents together on our website. We would love to have a plain English precis for each one. if you are happy to volunteer to do that for us with your STP that would be very welcome. You can let us know at

Birmingham and Solihull


North Devon

This evening, as we write this email, Sutton Council in SW London has just published theirs citing concerns over consultation and transparency. Let's make sure they are all out in the public domain asap!

Thank you

Deborah and Jessica
NHA Campaign Team

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