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During the last week we have heard the news that the only specialised children's hospital in East Aleppo has been bombed and that it looks increasingly difficult to recreate another from the ruins, as has been managed before in this dreadful siege. It does not seem right or moral to fight for our own health service and stay quiet about such atrocities.
The arguments about who is responsible and which factions are aligned with whom is not our focus. What is happening to the people of Aleppo is our concern and especially what is happening to medical and academic staff who are being targeted in a way which sets new lows for the conduct of war. 
We must remember that although setting rules for the conduct of war in the Geneva Convention may sometimes seem irrelevant it does make a difference. And when those rules are flouted the world becomes a worse place. 
Funds are always needed to carry out humanitarian work in war zones. There is a lack of medicine, equipment, everything. We recommend donating to Medecins Sans Frontieres. 

And in the week that Fidel Castro died, it is worth mentioning the one thing that Cuba has justifiably earned high praise for internationally - its contribution to health care in crisis zones and across the developing world as you can read in this article from 2010. "Cubans came to the UK after the revolution to see how the NHS worked. They took back what they saw, refined it and developed it further; meanwhile we are moving towards the US model." 

Thank you

Deborah & Jessica

NHA Campaign Team
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