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Dr Phil Hammond joins the NHA to take on Jacob Rees-Mogg

We are delighted to announce that Dr Phil Hammond will be standing as a parliamentary candidate for the National Health Action Party at the next general election. Dr Hammond will be running against Conservative MP, and Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg in the seat of North East Somerset.

The seat voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. However, the constituency feels strongly that its concerns are being ignored by Mr Rees-Mogg. The NHA believes that Dr Phil Hammond has a strong chance to win the seat if other progressive parties put aside their tribal loyalties and create a Progressive Alliance.

However, Dr Phil Hammond has also made it clear that if a stronger candidate for such an alliance comes forward, he will of course step down.

You can read Dr Phil Hammond’s reasons for standing for the NHA here.

We cannot allow a no-deal Brexit to go ahead

The likelihood of a no-deal Brexit is increasing by the day. Theresa May has continued to insist that her Chequers plan remains on the table. But this ignores the fact that the EU, and the hard-Brexiteer wing of the Conservative party, have stated that they find the proposals unacceptable.

At the same time, there has also been no progress made on the issue of the Irish border. Some of the more ardent Brexiteers in the Conservatives are beginning to push for a hard-border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Something which could seriously undermine the current peace.  

With public confidence in the government’s ability to negotiate Brexit plummeting, we have recently seen the government release 25 papers outlining how businesses and citizens can act to avoid “short term” disruption caused by a no-deal Brexit.  

However, this PR exercise was undermined when a letter was leaked letter from the chief executive of NHS Providers, Chris Hopson, to NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens. In this letter Mr Hopson stated that the NHS was not prepared for a no-deal Brexit.   

The NHA is of the opinion that the best outcome for the NHS would be to hold a final vote on Brexit which would include the option of remaining in the EU.

That is why our Party Secretary, Dr Louise Irvine, has recently written an article for Left Foot Forward in which Dr Irvine spells out in detail the dangers that a no-deal Brexit would pose to the NHS.

You can read that article here.

Matt Hancock needs to obsess less over apps and focus on the basics 

Dr Alex Ashman, NHA Leader, recently took new Health Secretary Matt Hancock, to task for promoting clinically unproven apps as quick fixes for the NHS.

Writing in the pages of Public Sector Focus, Dr Ashman makes the case that whilst the NHS does need investment in its ageing IT infrastructure, the Health Secretary shouldn’t be promoting apps – such as Babylon Health – which are either of dubious clinical value, and in some cases a danger to patient safety.

You can read the full article here.

Virgin Care’s ascendency shouldn’t have been a surprise to the media or the public

This month saw Virgin Care thrust into the spotlight after an investigation revealed the company had managed to amass up to £2bn in NHS contracts since 2013. The investigation showed that half of that amount was accrued in 2017 alone and that Virgin Care now held up to 400 contracts with CCGs across England.

But, as worrying as this development is, it was hardly surprising to those of us who have been campaigning against the privatisation of the NHS for some time. Virgin Care’s ascendancy within the NHS is the symptom of a much larger problem that resides in the heart of Westminster.

You can read our take on the Virgin Care story here.

The Conservatives wont end rough sleeping by 2027 because they’re wedded to the policies that cause it

The government’s ambitious announcement that it would end rough sleeping in England by 2027 comprised part of the Rough Sleeping Strategy which generated a lot of media attention this month.

The aim is undoubtedly one that those from all sides of the political spectrum can agree on. The real question is how we get there – and this is where the government’s problems begin.

In an article written on the NHA website, Kane Shaw, NHA Press Officer, makes the case that the Conservatives need to take a long-term, holistic and preventative to homelessness. But, that this will require the Conservatives to rethink their wider approach to the issues public service funding, provision and and the role of the State in the delivery of care.

Something that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

You can read the full article here.

A date for your diary 

The NHA Party's AGM and annual conference will be taking place on Saturday 10 November at the Camden Irish Centre, London.

Dr Phil Hammond, who has been endorsed by the NHA to stand against Jacob Rees-Mogg in North East Somerset will be speaking.

More details to follow.

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Another reminder of our new mailing address: National Health Action, PO Box 802, Rotherham S60 9LU.

With best wishes as always,
Dr Alex Ashman, on behalf of the NHA Team.
The PM is sacrificing the NHS to placate the hardline Brexiteers in the Tory Party
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