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Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

We are delighted to inform you that Health Campaigns Together’s - of which the NHA is a member – demonstration in support and celebration of 70 years of the NHS was a resounding success. The event was organised in partnership with the Peoples Assembly, TUC and other health unions. It had a huge turnout from the general public, those working in the NHS, and the wider labour movement.

Jeremy Corbyn addressed the crowd at the march and drew attention to the continued and concerted attempts of this and past Tory governments to undermine the NHS.

The demonstration drew widespread media coverage and brought the issue of NHS funding back to the forefront of the news cycle in the run-up to the NHS’s 70th birthday.

You can find photos of the event below.

Lets honour the NHS by ending outsourcing  

The NHS’s 70th birthday is of course a day for celebration. However, it has also provided the NHA with an opportune moment to spread the message on a number of key issues that are having a seriously detrimental impact upon the service.

Kane Shaw, Press and Media Officer to the NHA, has recently striven to do this in an article written for Red Pepper - which you can read here - which draws attention to the parasitic activities of outsourcing companies in the NHS, explains why they have to go and how the roll out of ACOs could spell the end of the NHS.

Which brings us on to our next topic…


The group, JR4NHS, originally led by the late Professor Stephen Hawking, recently brought a judicial review against NHS England and the government on the issue of ACOs. They have now received a response.

The judicial review asked the Court to decide whether the issue of an ACO contract would put a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in the position of unlawfully delegating many of its statutory functions to new bodies that have not been established by statute. With such bodies also being either partly or wholly private companies able to outsource all of their services if they wished.

Unfortunately, the ruling stated that a CCG could award a contract to an ACO under the scope of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. However, it was not all bad news. The review brought to light a serious contradiction between the government’s pre-consultation vision for ACOs and their vision for ACOs as set out in their defence. In short, the government has failed to show how ACOs will achieve their stated function of ending the purchaser-provider split in the NHS. And as a result of the review they have been forced to engage in a nation wide consultation process. 

The information from the review is now on record, and the Judge has also stated he expects this information to form the basis of the forthcoming consultation.

In light of these successes JR4NHS have decided not to challenge the ruling, but to prep for the consultation phase and to work with Member's of Parliament in attempting to pass the NHS reinstatement bill. 

You can read JR4NHS's statement on the findings here

In short, onward and upward, we haven’t lost the battle yet.  

Dismantling the government's falsehoods on NHS funding 

The government’s recent announcement that the NHS can expect a year on year increase in funding of 3.3% caused a huge stir. As did the PM’s claim that a part of the funding would come from a Brexit windfall. But, as with all major announcements by the Tories, we found that the devil was in the detail.

During an interview with Sky news - which you can watch here - Dr Louise Irvine pointed out that the increase really stands at around 3%. This is as a result of the funding not going towards key areas such capital expenditure, training for nurses and doctors, public health initiatives and social care.

Dr Irvine also pointed out that whilst the NHA welcome any increase in funding for the NHS, we also have to remember that 4% is the average increase per year that similarly developed nations spend on healthcare. Independent commentators, such as the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Office for Budget Responsibility, the Kings Fund and Nuffield Trust all agree that the NHS needs a minimum of a 4% increase per year. This would be in part to cope with increased demand and rising costs of treatment. But also, to begin to repair the damage that austerity has inflicted upon the service.

In an article written for the Huffington Post, Dr Irvine also made the point that the political imagination – from both the Left and Right – is increasingly stunted when it comes to ideas of how to fund the NHS without resorting to hypothecated taxation. In the article Dr Irvine sets out a series of alternative measures that could be taken to fund the NHS in a more socially just fashion.  

Call to action! Support the NHS reinstatement bill

We’re ending this newsletter with another call to action.
On the 11th of July Labour MP Eleanor Smith will be putting forward the NHS Reinstatement Bill via a Ten-Minute Rule Bill.

The brilliant Keep Our NHS Public have organised a rally in support of the bill. The rally will be taking place from 12.30pm to 14.00pm opposite parliament on Abingdon Street.

KONP are expecting fellow MPs to speak out in support of the bill.

If you can make it, we highly recommend that you go and show your support!

Thank you for your support

Another reminder of our new mailing address: National Health Action, PO Box 802, Rotherham S60 9LU.

With best wishes as always,
Dr Alex Ashman, on behalf of the NHA Team.
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