August Newsletter

August at A3


Fri 1 Aug 6pm - 8pm & Sat 2 Aug 1pm - 4pm

Guerilla Civic / Redhawk Logistica
Rob Hewitt of Redhawk Logistica has been roaming public areas of Digbeth creating discrete interventions and will share his research in the project space. Join Rob on 1 & 2 Aug to make your own Public Information Notice to be left on the wall at A3 or to take away with you. 

Sat 16 Aug, 11am - 3pm
A3 at Phoenix Hall 
A3 will be taking part in the community Funday event at Phoenix Community Centre in Bordesley. Sellotape Cinema and Chris Paul Daniels will be running workshops as part of their projects.

Backstitch / Jo Roberts 
In August Jo Roberts commences a series of journeys in which she will 'backstitch' her way around Digbeth and Bordesley. Using A3 as a base Jo will explore the area and her interactions will be translated into personal maps that she will make in simple backstitch. 



4 – 6 September
S Mark Gubb & Gordon Dalton
Nowhere Bar 

S Mark Gubb & Gordon Dalton welcome you to Nowhere Bar.  Leave your pretensions at home and wear your heart on your sleeve. Sprain your mind. Have a good time all of the time. Everyone knows this is nowhere.



2 - 4 October
Delineator curated by Cathy Wade

Cathy Wade will launch a publication designed in collaboration with Keith Dodds, with contributions from invited artists. 



11 October
Jo Roberts

Join Jo Roberts to help stitch together an embroidered artwork about her journeys around Digbeth and Bordesley.



17 – 18 October
Sellotape Cinema
Flicker Skitter Stumble 

Sellotape Cinema, artists Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain, will create a series of exquisite collisions with the residence of Digbeth and Bordesley.



31 October
Marlene Smith
Dressing Up and Going Out with Miss Pearl & Miss Mac
Taking an image from her family album as a talking point, Marlene Smith will engage people in conversations about friendship, fashion and getting your hair done - culminating in an at A3.



7 – 8 November
Chris Paul Daniels
L I n e a g e

Chris Paul Daniels will gather interviews with residents regarding their specific and singular experiences of the place they live - Digbeth itself or Birmingham as it has changed within their lifetimes. The final outcomes will feed directly an exhibition at A3. 





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