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Hosler to attack Klingenschmitt's prayers "in Jesus' name"

I am told that tomorrow 11 Feb at Coronado High School my opponent Josh Hosler has hired a former Naval Officer to come defame me publicly during speeches at the Republican meeting.

He may actually give the microphone to my rapist, a man who essentially raped my religious freedom 11 years ago, I believe, none other than Chaplain CAPT (ret.) Norm Holcomb, who once was caught on tape threatening me with these words: 

"Chaplain Klingenschmitt, will you go pray at this?  Yes.  Are you going to pray in Jesus' name?  Yes.  You can't go.  If you do go, and you pray in Jesus' name, you can be punished, because it is the C.O.'s call." 

I did pray in Jesus' name in uniform.  And I was punished.  It's well documented below.

But I was also vindicated by Congress who forced the Navy to reverse their anti-Jesus prayer policy.  Other Chaplains now have freedom because I took a stand.

Watch the video here of former Chaplain Holcomb telling Chaplain Klingenschmitt in 2006 that I'd be punished if he prayed "in Jesus' name"-->

Holcomb was explaining the bad Navy prayer policy 1730.7C, which has since been rescinded by Congress and the Navy because I took a stand for liberty.

See documented proof below.
The Gazette has confirmed I am telling the truth, full story here.

What would you do in my shoes, if the U.S. government threatened to punish you for praying "in Jesus' name" in uniform outside of chapel?  

I took a stand against 1730.7C.  I stood in front of the White House in uniform and prayed in Jesus' name on national television.  I violated the policy and demanded my own misdemeanor court-martial.  I put up no defense and was found "guilty" of worshipping in public in uniform.  I was honorably discharged, but lost a 16 year officer career and a million dollar pension.

I'm not ashamed of this. For 10 years I've published the documents as a badge of honor.

SEVEN ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS:  Although Holcomb will lie about this tomorrow, he cannot refute the original evidence in Navy records:

1)  I obtained from my commander prior written permission to wear my uniform at the event in question, because he conceded Naval Uniform Regulations expressly permit Chaplains may wear the uniform during prayers.  Proof document here.

2)  TV news eyewitnesses confirm all I did was read a prayer in uniform, as I was permitted in writing to do.  Proof here.

3)  In the misdemeanor trial I demanded, the Navy Judge ignored my written permission and instead enforced the new prayer policy 1730.7C against me (p.3) as the only policy behind the "lawfulness" of the order I supposedly violated.   He literally ruled that "public worship" was protected but "worshipping in public" was a crime.  Proof document here.

Because he ruled my prayer was "not a religious observance" then the bad prayer policy said it could be punished as disobedience to a "lawful" order based on 1730.7C.

4)  Hundreds of thousands of Americans, 29 groups and 70+ Congressmen petitioned the President on my behalf.  Proof document here.

5)  That same week, after I personally met with his chief of staff, Senator John Warner made a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate against 1730.7C defending Chaplains' rights.  Proof document here.

6)  I was vindicated by Congress who ordered the Navy to rescind the same policy that was enforced in my trial.  Proof document here.

7)  The Navy Secretary himself repented and rescinded the bad prayer policy 1730.7C.  Proof document here.

WE WON!   Notice the exact same policy enforced in my trail 1730.7C was rescinded by the Secretary of the Navy, because Congress agreed with me (not Holcomb) and ordered freedom restored.  Because I gave up a million dollar pension, other Chaplains can pray "in Jesus' name." 

QUESTION:  IF THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY REPENTED and reversed the bad policy, why does one liberal anti-Jesus former Chaplain, who told me to deny Christ, and still hounds me today, and attacks me for exercising MY FIRST-AMENDMENT RIGHT TO PRAY IN JESUS' NAME? 

And why does Josh Hosler plan to stand with Holcomb against my religious freedom?

On Feb 11th, the Choice is Clear:
Vote for Gordon Klingenschmitt
the conservative, experienced, unifying Vice-Chair.

Where and When:
Organizational Meeting (check in between 7 and 8:30 am) on Saturday 11 Feb 2017, at Coronado High School, 1590 W Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

God Bless you! 

Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD
Gordon For Colorado
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