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Spring 2014

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What's New
So much has been happening!  (including a computer crash, where I lost everything from the beginning of 2014...oh joy!)   This will be a big issue, but with lots of images to tempt. I hope you enjoy reading and looking!

The BIG NEWS is that Will you join in the Cosmic Dance? was selected by three judges to win the  $17500 acquisitive KENILWORTH PAINTING PRIZE 2014.  Such a lovely surprise...and the funds will come in handy too! 

Will you join in the Cosmic Dance?  acrylic and crayon on canvas

Another Way was the winner of the CONTEMPORARY section at the KENILWORTH ART FESTIVAL.

Another Way, oils, wax and crayon on panel
I entered the nationally acclaimed $20,000 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award for the first time this year and was thrilled to be selected a FINALIST with my 3 Dimensional drawing/artist book, Memoirs of a Lost Landscape.  The exhibition will be touring to 8 galleries during 2015/2016.

Memoirs of a Lost Landscape, charcoal, ink and wax

Also selected as a FINALIST in the Flying Arts Regional Art Awards  was my wax and mixed media piece I Thirst, I Forget. The finalists will be travelling to approx 6 regional galleries throughout 2015.

I Thirst, I Forget, wax and mixed media on panel

Other winners, at GYMPIE GOLD RUSH ART COMPETITION  were Memoirs of a Lost Landscape 2 (works on paper)  and Songs of the Night (oils/acrylics).

Songs of the Night acrylic on canvas

Moi, with Memoirs of a Lost Landscape 2
In the Studio
There's been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing from here so not a lot of consistent work going on.  And we all know that we need good stretches of time and focus to build up momentum.  I've managed to find a few days here and there to make a few marks and slap on a bit of paint...but there's one painting that remains stagnant.... a large acrylic and crayon on canvas.... what to do?? Not sure yet.

Here's a few oils, wax and mixed media pieces in progress.  New colours emerging ...

I was fortunate to be given RADF funding to be a student myself! We travelled to Grafton in October to attend the 2014 JADA DRAWING SYMPOSIUM 'Drawing the Future'A fantastic two days discussing contemporary drawing with artists whose practice explores innovative and exciting approaches to mark-making.  Right up my alley! I really enjoyed the PERFORMANCE DRAWING.

PERFORMANCE DRAWING with Kellie O'Dempsey and Todd Fuller

One of my charcoal drawings, responding to various digital sounds during workshop by Nicci Haynes

Here's a few shots of my recent MAKE YOUR MARK WAX WORKSHOPS ... at Gympie Regional Gallery, and Coolum Beach.
student works, wax and charcoal on paper

student works, oils, wax and mixed media on panel

I am planning on developing these INTRODUCTORY MAKE YOUR MARK WAX WORKSHOPS further next year, from THE EDGE STUDIO (ie home studio at Chatsworth), so keep a look out in future newsletters for dates etc.
Some images from my August/September exhibition wax and wabi sabi at Gympie Regional Gallery.
Installation day

Opening Night
My paintings helped to provide a pleasant ambience at Eudlo Hall in October.


It's not all about me ...

Year 2D, ONE MILE STATE SCHOOL created a gorgeous artwork, The Artists' Garden

and LILLY HELLMUTH  won a prize at Gympie Gold Rush Art Competition with her painting on canvas.
  "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"
Pablo Picasso
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