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Up for Discussion: Crowdsourcing

Should criminal lawyers engage in crowdsourcing criminal investigations? Stanford Law School scholars weigh in on the legal implications of having "citizen investigators."

Jennifer Granick on Net Security

Jennifer Granick, CIS Director of Civil Liberties, shares her thoughts on three new cybersecurity bills proposed by the White House and suggests issues that should be prioritized to achieve a more secure Internet.

Faculty on Point: Digital Privacy

Professor Jeffrey L. Fisher, lead counsel in Riley v. California, discusses the work he did with Stanford Supreme Court Litigation Clinic students to prepare for this important digital privacy case. He also discusses the implications of this landmark Supreme Court decision.

Gould on Federal Baseball Holding

Professor William B. Gould IV proposes the need for a Supreme Court revision of the antitrust exemption held by baseball. Unlike other sports, baseball is not subject to business antitrust laws.
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March 9: Corporate Spinoffs and Splits: Governance Considerations for the Board
March 19: Lost in Translation: Directors & Cyber-Risks

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