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Tax Policy and the Inequality Gap

Professor Bankman offers eight types of taxes that could address wealth inequality in the United States.

Why We Tolerate Biased Policing

Professor Ford explores racial prejudice in American policingand the broader society. 

Juelsgaard IP and Innovation Clinic

Learn about SLS's newest clinic in this Stanford Lawyer look at some of its first cases.

Serial: Advocacy in the Media

SLS recently hosted a discussion on the popular "Serial" podcast with attorney Rabia Chaudry, who brought the case of Adnan Syed to NPR.
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Upcoming Events @ SLS

February 6: Stanford Law Review Symposium and Festschrift in Honor of Richard Craswell
February 9: When Technology Outruns the Law: Understanding Corporate and Personal Risks
February 13: White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection
February 19: Legal Fictions: Scott Turow and Other Leading Legal Novelists in Conversation on Law, Practice, and Writing Fiction
February 23: Constitutional Conversation with Prof. Kurt Lash: "The Fourteenth Amendment and the Privileges and Immunities of American Citizenship"

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