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Addressing Vaccine Program’s Failures

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a safety net that Congress created to protect children who suffer from vaccine injury, is not working as intended, according to research by Prof. Nora Freeman Engstrom.

Faculty Weigh In on SCOTUS Term

Stanford Law School faculty weigh in on key decisions from the last Supreme Court term. Read faculty opinions from newspapers, magazines, Twitter, blogs, and more.

Post-9/11 Civil Liberties

Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, Anthony Romero, JD '90, and Prof. Deborah Rhode discuss the state of civil liberties in America today and Romero's career path to the top of the iconic civil liberties group. 

SLS Faculty Summer Reading List

Looking for a good book or two to dig into this summer? Stanford Law School faculty offer up some of their favorites.
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 Faculty in the News

Upcoming Events @ SLS

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