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SLS Faculty on SCOTUS Rulings 

Prof. David Sklansky discusses the Confrontation Clause and the recent Supreme Court decision Ohio v. Clark, and Director of the Religious Liberty Clinic James Sonne weighs in on the law and culture of EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores.

Guns and Crime

Prof. John Donohue on guns in America, the implications of "right to carry" gun laws, the Supreme Court's Heller decision, and how the Court might support right to carry in the future

Corporate Governance Colloquium

Stanford Law School brought together top corporate governance scholars for the first ever global corporate governance colloquium. Read about the questions discussed by this interdisciplinary mix of business and law professors from around the globe.

2015 SLS Graduation Ceremony

On June 13, approximately 1,500 guests gathered in Canfield Courtyard to celebrate the graduating class of 2015. Read the report here.
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