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Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your Easter break. Here is our spring newsletter, with a few highlights and announcements. Please follow the links (or get in touch) to know more. We’d love to hear from you!
Sixth Annual Workers' Day Parade & Festival
For the 6th year in a row, domestic workers will be celebrating Worker’s Day in Lebanon along with civil society organizations, friends and supporters! Join us this year to demand the recognition of the Domestic Workers' Union in Lebanon! Until now, the Ministry of Labour refuses to recognize the union despite ongoing lobbying & advocacy efforts such as this statement issued by Human Rights Watch, signed by over 100 local and international organisations.

On Sunday May 3rd, 2015, hundreds of migrant workers, activists and supporters will take to the streets to demand recognition of the union! We hope to see you there!

Parade: from 11:30am to 1pm, gathering at 11:00am in Cola next to Zouheiri Petrol station.
Festival: from 1:00pm to 4pm, in the parking lot on Hamra main street facing Kababji. The festival will include music and performances, and MCC members will again organize a market featuring handmade and cultural items and delicious foods. 
Facebook event coming soon - be sure to check it out and invite your friends!
Anti-Racism Sessions in Schools
This year, our new year’s resolution was to visit schools all over Lebanon to organise sessions with students about racism and migrant domestic workers. So far, so good! We have already visited over 25 schools in Sour, Baalbeck, Tripoli, Bint Jbeil, Chouf, and Beirut.
The topics covered include racism, discrimination, diversity, struggles of migrant communities, refugees and domestic workers in Lebanon, and how the students can get involved. In the past year, thanks to our partnership with the ILO PROWD project, our school visits focused on materials developed by the ILO, namely the “Adam & Mimi” toolkit. This special toolkit on migrant domestic workers' rights is designed for children, and features two storybook characters and their imaginary trips to African and Asian countries, where they discover the beauty and heritage of the places that migrant domestic workers call home. These have so far been very successful, and leave the children curious to know more.
Help us connect with your school, whether you're a teacher, student, or even if you graduated years ago but are still in touch your old school. 
Indiegogo Fundraiser for MCC
As you may already know, we launched this online fundraiser to help support ARM’s largest project, the Migrant Community Center! It was a great chance for us to reach supporters from all over the world. So far we have raised $7,000, which we see as a huge success. Every dollar will help us to continue and re-launch all the wonderful activities at the community center! Thank you all so much for donating, supporting, spreading the word. And the media coverage was a huge help too - the fundraiser was featured on,  LBCI evening news, Agenda Cultureland Huffington PostThe fundraiser ends TOMORROW! So if you were planning to contribute but haven’t yet, now is the time :)
New ARM Coalition Created
Two weeks ago, a group of volunteers at MCC Gemmayze started meeting every Saturday at 6pm to discuss issues of racism and other problems faced by migrant communities, and to plan on-the-ground actions and advocacy against racism, abuse, and discrimination.

The group is open for anyone to join, email MCC if you're interested!
Updates from the Migrant Community Center
MCC has been buzzing with energy, with lots of new classes, and fun events every week. Here are a few highlights. Like the MCC Facebook page to stay posted (and join us) on future events!
Biking in Beirut!

At the request of MCC members, we have started organising biking activities! We rented some bicycles and had great day. More pics here and here.
Nepali Dinner at MCC

Back by popular demand, MCC members hosted yet another Nepalese dinner night, featuring the talented chef Laxmi and her friends! The delicious Momos once again took center stage (hugely popular Nepali food similar to dumplings). If you haven't tried them yet, join us next time! 
Farewell Party

Friends and family threw a farewell party for Awatef, an MCC member who finally got refugee resettlement to Canada after waiting for more than 20 years in Lebanon! More happy pics here.
Ethiopian Lent Gathering

Several migrant workers who are fasting for Lent organised a vegetarian Ethiopian lunch and coffee gathering at MCC. All MCC members to can book MCC for any occasion for free! Visit us to know more. More pics here.
MCC Schedule for April 2015
(opening hours in green)

*MCC Members only. Visit us to become a member!
All other classes and meetings are open to non-members too.
All the classes mentioned are free of charge for migrant workers, and taught by volunteers! Email MCC to book your seat!
Join us

We're always looking for new volunteers to join MCC! We're now looking for:
  • English language teachers for Sunday classes (12pm-2pm)
  • Dance, sports, acting, or music teachers
  • Arts, crafts, knitting teachers
If there are any other skills you’d like to share or teach, let us know!
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