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It seems like mother nature is irritable and erratic this time of year!

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this is when people have a tendency to get sick. We refer to the alternating temperatures like we've been having this Spring, as "Shao Yang," 

The Shao Yang refers to a set of channels called the San Jiao and Gallbladder channels, and also to one of the "Six Stages." The Six Stages designate how deep a pathogen is, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine classic called the "Shang Han Lun."

The six stages are:

  • Tai Yang or Greater Yang
  • Yang Ming or Bright Yang
  • Shao Yang or Lesser Yang
  • Tai Yin or Greater Yin
  • Shao Yin or Lesser Yin
  • Jue Yin or Terminal Yin
At the Shao Yang phase a pathogen is considered to be not fully exterior or fully interior. It is a transitional phase. Symptoms commonly include: Alternating chills and fever, bitter taste in the mouth, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, bloating, poor appetite, stomach ache, pain in the costal (hypochondriac) region, and irritability.

Another way to view the common cold according to TCM is Wind Cold, Wind Damp, or Wind Heat. The common denominator here is the Wind.

It is believed that Wind can "invade" the body primarily via the Bladder meridian on the neck and back. This is why after being outside in the cold and wind you may have neck or back tightness.

One way to view these concepts, and take into account pathogens like viruses and bacteria, is to consider how the wind and alternating temperatures can cause your immune system to dip. The dip in the immune system could make it easier for pathogens to take hold.

Below are some blog articles that we hope will help you through this year's Spring Cold Season. And of course, reach out if you would like additional guidance for addressing any symptoms you might be having, or perhaps a virtual herbal consultation.
For an overview on how TCM understands and treats colds and similar ailments:

The Common Cold --

To learn how to boost the immune system and fight early stages of illness:

Self-Massage for Sinus Congestion -- DIY for alleviating the symptoms of clogged sinuses.

NAET Immune System Boosting Protocol -- A step-by-step guide for boosting your immune system and intervening in the early stages of illness

Benefits of Saline Solution for Nasal Congestion and Sore Throat -- An old-school DIY for clearing out nasal congestion and alleviating a scratchy throat using salt in water.

We hope you find this information helpful!

In an effort to help prevent the spread of illness through CCHW we ask that if you are sick to please reschedule your in-office appointment. Prevention is always key. However, if you find yourself needing to reschedule, please  keep in mind that we offer distance Reiki and virtual herbal consultations. 

Best Wishes & Good Health,
Teri Calandra, L.Ac.

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Weather Policy

Your safety is important to us. Keep an eye on the weather. If there is a weather advisory the day of your appointment, please consider your safety as well as travel times. Try to let us know 24 hours prior. We do understand that weather in Chicagoland can change quickly. If this happens and you need to cancel, you will not incur the 24 hour late cancellation fee.

Note: Teri travels from the northwest suburbs to the office in all weather conditions. Unless you are otherwise notified, she will be at the office for your scheduled appointment.
Illness Reminder

If you are sick or starting to feel sick, please reschedule your appointment. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, please let us know and reschedule your appointment. Late cancellation fees will not be incurred for such cancellations.

There are a number of low immune patients in our practice, as well as others at increased risk for severe illness with COVID-19. We strive to minimize exposure for all, and thank you for your consideration.

Please note the following dates and plan accordingly

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Now you can get all your supplements through our online dispensaries

CCHW is now working with two online supplement dispensaries to give you access to high quality, easily absorbable nutritional supplements, delivered to your door.

These dispensaries require a practitioner’s recommendation, so please reach out to us for more information. We’re always happy to assist you in finding the best supplements for you, based on our understanding of your health needs and preferences.

Or, consider scheduling an online herbal consultation with herbal medicine specialist Ja’Nelle Jefferson for a custom-designed herbal formula.
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Teri is licensed by the state of Illinois in acupuncture (L.Ac.), and is board certified through the NCCAOM. She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and herbology. She is a licensed massage therapist, certified through the NCBTMB, and a Reiki Teacher.