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This fall at the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong there will be a joining of the  world Obesity Societies to deliver a tour de force performance in :


Obesity and Sleep Medicine Track Day

This is the combined efforts of:


Learn from the best teachers. Network with  experts in obesity anaesthesia & learn new skills ready to apply in your own practice !!!

A landmark Obesity and Sleep Medicine session in four chapters:

Charting the Preoperative Way
Explore the big picture of global obesity epidemic

Prepare for Departure
Pre-operative assessment & optimisation of the morbidly obese

The Eye of the Storm
Perfect intr-operative management

Finding the Safe Harbor  
Meet  the postoperative  challenges

Some journeys take us farther than we ever dreamed !

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the Society for Obesity & Bariatric Anaesthesia (SOBA) meeting on 2nd December 2016  at The Royal College of Physiciansin London,  UK.

This meeting will not only provide an update in peri-operative management of metabolic conditions for obesity surgery, but include medicolegal aspects of practice from both surgical and anaesthetic view points. There will of course be hot debates, posters, abstracts (last submission 23rd November) and 
the AGM. Plus other topics and of course the Special Guest lecture!

Meeting fees will be at the three previous levels: Trainee / SOBA+ESPCOP / EarlyBird (before 1st November) / Standard.

Please be aware that the on-line booking system is now live (using secure PayPal for individuals and for groups).


We have had many advance notice enquiries. So this looks to be a very popular event in this years calendar. 




We look forward to seeing you in London this December!


The Organising Committee of SOBA.


John Cousins & Chris Bouch

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ISPCOP up-date from the 2016 annual meeting of the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS), held in San Francisco, USA, May 21 – 24.

 This year ISPCOP participated at the IARS with 2 PBLDs and a 90-minute panel that received a ‘prime time’ 2:45 presentation slot on Sunday afternoon. This well attended panel entitled “Bariatric Anesthesia – Use of Evidence and Technology to Optimize Care” was moderated by Dr. Stephanie Jones, the immediate past president of ISPCOP. Dr. Michael Margarson from Chichester, UK started the event with a discussion of airway assessment and prediction in the bariatric patient. Airway management for our challenging population remains a topic of great interest for practitioners as indicated by the attendee questions at the end of the panel. (Read more)


Registration Now  Open for the:
 5th Annual ISPCOP Symposium 
October 24, 2016

  6:30pm-9:00pm  Chicago, IL
  InterContinental Chicago,
  King Arthur Court

Tipping the Scales in 2016:
A New Look at Regional Anesthesia, Neuromuscular Blockade and Opioids in the Patient with Obesity

Program information and registration available

View Program

The call for abstracts will be announced soon on the ISPCOP website. Abstracts submitted within the past year are eligible for ISPCOP symposium submission and will be entered for grading of the top 3 submissions that will win prizes.

Dr. Patrick Ziemann-Gimmel is chairing the program that includes:

  • BRAVO – Bariatric regional anesthesia for the very obese: Yan Lai, MD
  • Dosing and reversal of neuromuscular blockade in the patient with   obesity. Glenn S. Murphy, MD
  • Keynote: Opioid-free anesthesia in bariatric anesthesia and beyond. Jan Mulier, MD
  • Abstract and Poster presentations
ISPCOP - Level 2 partner at ObesityWeek 2016 
October 31 – November 4, 2016 in New Orleans, LA. 

Dr. Anu Wadhwa is the program director for ISPCOP as a Level 2 partner at this year’s multidisciplinary ObesityWeek meeting. The panel entitled:

“Keep your patients safe – Key issues in adult and pediatric bariatric anesthesia”

will be held on November 2 from 4.15 – 5.45 pm in the Morial Convention Center. Speakers and topics include:
Marc Michalski, MD-Up-date on adolescent bariatric surgery; Current outcomes, Institutional considerations and Best practices
Vidya Raman, MD-A little too much a little too soon; Perioperative concerns regarding postoperative analgesia in pediatric obesity and obstructive sleep apnea
Patrick Ziemann-Gimmel, MD-Advances in the perioperative care of the bariatric patient; Exparel and sugammadesx

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                   Dear Colleague,

     Join us at the international meeting on the peri-operative monitoring in obese patients, that will take place on Saturday December 17th 2016

7th ESPCOP meeting
GENT , Belgium

Topics include:

NMBA monitoring
Hemodynamic monitoring
Monitoring the respiratory system
How to monitor perioperative organ function
Monitoring DVT, Throboprophylaxis and Coagulation
OSAS/OHS: portable devices and Apps
Neuro-monitoring, pain/depth of anaesthesia monitors in the obese




Friday, December 16th 2016,  University Hospital, Gent, Belgium 

This year there is the opportunity for a limited group to follow Live Demonstration of Monitoring in  Opioid-Free Anaesthesia at the University  Hospital, Gent. This separate program is on Friday 16th, the day before the ESPCOP meeting, and requires separate registration.

Spaces are limited- Register now to secure your seat !

View the programme !

Call for Abstracts !

The 7th ESPCOP meeting organizing Committee welcomes scientific papers related to obesity and anaesthesia or intensive care presented for the first time within the last year. Abstract submission opens on September 30th and closes November 30th. All selected abstracts will be presented as posters, and the best five will be selected for oral presentation. There will be prizes of 250, 500 and 1000 Euro for the best three presentations.

Submit your abstract before midnight on the  November 30th 2016 !

We look forward to seeing you in Gent this December.

The Organising Committee of 7th ESPCOP meeting
Prof. Luc de Baerdemaeker
Prof. Jan Mulier

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