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Three days to go !

Join us  at ISPCOP's 4th Annual Symposium


ISPCOP 2015: Frontiers in Anesthesia and Obesity - October 26, 2015, San Diego

 Please join us for discussion, fellowship and refreshments  at the  W San Diego, Grand Room,  Monday, October 26th, 2015 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm, parallel to the ASA Meeting

The top abstracts will be awarded podium presentations. Author of the best abstract will be invited to give an oral presentation of his or her work and receive the 2015 ISPCOP Research Award.

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ISPCOP is a Level 2 Partner and will be hosting a panel on Wednesday November 4th, 4:15-5:45 pm. 

  “Keep Your Patients Safe – Key Issues in Adult and Pediatric Bariatric Anesthesia” 

Three topics will be covered over 90 minutes,  scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th at 4:15pm: Non-invasive ventilation for patients with hypoventilation syndrome, asthma risks in obese children and perioperative opioid-sparing techniques. Our ISPCOP member speakers include Drs. Rainer Lenhardt, Olubukola (Bukky) Nafiu, and Cindy Ku.

New Bariatric Times Article

Pages 13-15 of the August 2015 issue of Bariatric Times features General Anesthesia for Vaginal Delivery of Twins in an Anticoagulated Obese Woman by Vilma E. Ortiz, MD.

We have an ongoing offer from Bariatric Times for anesthesia content. Take a look at the under the Publications tab for previously published articles. Specifications are 700-1000 words, plus figures/tables/photos.

 A great opportunity to educate your surgical and anesthesia colleagues on your area of interest. Please email your proposed topic to

120 min Obesity Panel 
25th  October 2015
 See Programme

Obesity Summit - Chicago

Dr. Stephanie Jones (President) and Dr. Rainer Lenhardt (Director) represented ISPCOP recently at the second annual Obesity Summit in Chicago, IL.  Organized by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), the summit brought together leadership from a wide variety of organizations representing the interests of patients with obesity.  The diverse group ranged from clinical societies such as The Obesity Society (TOS), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and the American Diabetes Association, to patient advocacy groups (Obesity Action Coalition, American Sleep Apnea Association) as well as insurers, industry, and others.  Dr. James Grant and Paul Pomerantz, Treasurer and Chief Executive Officer, respectively, of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) also attended, lending further credence to the importance of including anesthesiologists in the obesity conversation.  Lectures and panels throughout the day opened a dialogue among the participants that will hopefully result in increased collaborative education and research initiatives.  We look forward to participating in future summits

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Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to SOBA meetings in December 2015  at The Royal College of Physicians in London.
  • Dec 10th with another run of the Key Issues in Obesity Anaesthesia
  • Dec 11th will be the Scientific Annual meeting with hot debates, posters, abstracts (last submission 23rd Nov) and the AGM.
  • SOBA course attendance fees will be at three levels: Trainee / SOBA+ESPCOP / EarlyBird (before 1st Nov) / Standard

Please be aware that the on-line booking system is now live (using secure PayPal for individuals and for groups).


We have had so many advance notice enquiries that this looks to be a very fast selling event in this years calendar. In order to be fair we are going to on-line booking.


More details far below and the Programmes attached.

Please put up a flyer and tell your colleagues (after you have booked obviously)

Present your data, poster, abstract - even presentations.




We hope to see you in London this December.


The Organising Committee of SOBA

John Cousins

Day 1 Thursday 10th December
The Key Topics in Obesity and Bariatric Anaesthesia

Sees the return of the mini lecturettes series day at The Royal College of Physicians
A new variation will be a reduction in speaker content and more time for questioning and debate around the topics as most anaesthetists are becoming familiar with the background knowledge.

  • 20 short 10-15 minute focussed updates. 
  • Easy to understand and never boring
  • Allocated debate time from the audience
  • A new system allows you to download PDFs of the lectures after attendance.
  • Ever popular and this sells out very fast with those consultants seeking CEPD and trainees looking at ways of developing bariatric and obesity experience.
-download flyer-programme
Day 2 Friday 11th December
The Annual Scientific Meeting of SOBA
  • SOBA AGM at 830-9am main lecture room
  • Scientific Meeting Programme begins at 9am-5pm
  • Posters, Abstracts and Presentations for all grades
Over subscribed and hugely successful in feedback in 2014, this years programme is perfect.
We are going to:
  • Re-visit OSA issues we face and best practice
  • Patient outcome measures specific to obesity anaesthesia
  • Gut flora and Fauna up close - in a scary way
  • Are Opioids ok ?
  • Ventilating the obese lungs - the science and myths
  • Clotting and Bleeding dilemmas
  • Conspiracy theories on why our patients are becoming obese
  • Don't forget coming up in May 2016 we are running the Key Issues meeting the day before ESA in London...A truly brilliant international faculty for that one..
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Dear Colleague,

Do you want to know all the secrets about Opioid -Free Anaesthesia in morbidly obese patients ?

Join us in Brugge, Belgium, 18-19 December 2015 at:

6th ESPCOP meeting

December 19th 2015
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Bruges, Belgium 

Why, how and when do we use low-opioid or opioid -free anaesthesia combined with post-operative multimodal analgesia in morbidly obese patients?

Many questions regarding Opioid- Free Anaesthesia (OFA) in morbidly obese patients remain to be answered. It needs one more or one less!

  • Why reduce opioids in morbidly obese patients?
  • How can we give general anaesthesia without opioids?
  • Drug combinations in opioid free anesthesia.
  • Which drugs can we use in opioid free anesthesia?
  • Opioid reduction in non-morbidly obese patients.
  • Common practice and protocols used in opioid and opioid free anaesthesia.

Online Early Bird Registration for the 6th ESPCOP meeting closes on November 1st.



Live Opioid-Free Anaesthesia

Friday, December 18th 2015,  Hospital AZ Sint-Jan AV, Bruges, Belgium 

This year there is the opportunity for a limited group to follow Opioid-Free Anaesthesia at the hospital AZ Sint-Jan AV. This separate program is on Friday 18th, the day before the ESPCOP meeting, and requires separate registration.

Spaces are limited- Register now to secure your seat !

View the programme !

Call for Abstracts !

The 6th ESPCOP meeting organizing Committee welcomes scientific papers related to obesity and anaesthesia or intensive care presented for the first time within the last year. Abstract submission opens now and closes November 30th. All selected abstracts will be presented as posters, and the best five will be selected for oral presentation. There will be prizes of 250, 500 and 1000 Euro for the best three presentations.

Submit your abstract before midnight on the  November 30th 2015 !

We look forward to seeing you in Brugge this December.
The Organising Committee of 6th ESPCOP meeting

An outstanding anaesthetic premiere at IFSO15!
"The 20th World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) and Metabolic Disorders was held in Vienna, Austria from August 26th – 29th, 2015.  For the first time, a separate full-day section was devoted to anesthesiologists.  An international group of specialists lectured on important topics in the anesthetic management of the morbidly obese patient.  The Society of Bariatric Anaesthetists (SOBA), and both the International and European Societies for the Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient (ISPCOP, ESPCOP) were also represented. The audience was mainly composed of anesthesiologists, but many surgeons and other medical professionals were present.  A half-day workshop on airway management in obesity was also held the following morning. More than 50 people registered to attend the lectures and the workshop.  Since anesthesia is so important in the overall successful management of the obese surgical patient, we hope similar sections devoted to anesthesia will be held at future IFSO and other surgical meetings."
Prof Jay Brodsky- Stanford University, Course Director Airway Workshop
"The IFSO meeting in Vienna gave ESPCOP/SOBA/ISPCOP the opportunity to come in contact with local bariatric anaesthesiologists, offering us the chance of exchanging/discussing expert opinions. Our presence at IFSO reflects the position of the anaesthesiologists in a multidisciplinary team. The success of the airway workshop did not go unnoticed to the organizers.
Implementation of accreditation programs will urge the MDT to develop standardised anaesthetic care and this is where we can be useful at future IFSO meetings."

Prof. Luc de Baerdemaeker-ESPCOP President, University of Gent
Course Director Key Issues in Obesity Peri-operative Care

Prof de Baerdemaeker explaining how to use in videolaryngoscopy a surgical instrument the Goldfinger
With Claire Nightingale and Sunita Goel
"The event was a unique opportunity to exchange with experts in bariatric anesthesia from all over the world in my hometown Vienna.
Besides serving as an instructor, it was great to be an attendee as well
gaining a lot of new insights.
More importantly this meeting of anesthesiologists was successfully held at a large surgical conference.
Also surgeons at my institution became aware of the commitment of
organizers and anesthesiologists to share their experience and thus
fundamentally contributing to patient¹s safety and outcomes."

Dr.Barbara Kabon-Medical University of Vienna, Lecturer and Instructor at Anaesthesia sessions at IFSO 2015

"Educating Surgeons and Anaesthetists together has many advantages. Especially when amongst the chandeliers of the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna. This was the first year that IFSO had an anaesthetic programme. Doctors Daniela Godoroja, Luc De Baerdemaker and Mike Margarson successfully organized 14 international speakers to give 20 short talks covering the important aspects of anaesthetising obese patients. Topics covered included epidemiology, obesity disordered breathing, metabolic syndrome, pharmacology, multidisciplinary meetings and suitable techniques. Each session encouraged audience participation and we had some interesting discussion, highlighting the differences in available drugs and equipment in our different countries. We hope that an anaesthetic presence will be a feature of future IFSO meetings!"
Dr. Claire Nightingale,Founder member of SOBA
Lecturer and Instructor at Anaesthesia  Sessions at IFSO 2015

"IFSO meeting in Viena was the first meeting where anaesthesiologists and surgeons could meet during the perioperative care session to discuss issues on management of perioperative care on obese
patient. The cooperation between anaesthesiologists and surgeons is crucial for the safety of patients. This event should be continued in the future meeting of IFSO for the better cooperation and increase of
safety of patients undergoing bariatric surgery."

Prof. Tomasz Gaszynski-University of Lodz-Lecturer and Instructor at Anaesthesia  Sessions -IFSO 2015
" The IFSO Anesthesia workshop was a wonderful, power packed , enlightening event, it highlighted the clinical implications of Obesity and anaesthesia.  I think this course should be held not only for anaesthetists but surgeons and all associated with the care in the Obese, to deal with the high risk obese patient. This course will be the future and every meeting should dedicate a day for this course ... obesity is the next epidemic and we should be prepared for it."
Dr.Sunita Goel, Mumbai, Lecturer and Instructor at Anaesthesia Sessions at IFSO 2015
"The increasing collaboration and visibility of anesthesiologists at IFSO portends a rising trend among the two specialities, surgery and anesthesia, the ones most impacting the outcomes in these challenging patients. Having been invited to IFSO for the last eight years, this year was unique in terms of awareness among surgeons, about both, the presentation session as well as the difficult airway workshop, with some surgeons even attending the presentations. I hope to see this continue in the future."
Dr. Ashish Sinha-Past President ISPCOP-Lecturer and  Instructor at Anaesthesia Sessions at IFSO 2015

 "All’s well that ends well - Being part of the organising team for this unique event was as challenging as giving anaesthesia to the  morbidly obese but finally more rewarding ! Not only because of its success and visibility amongst the surgeons but because it gave to all, faculties and delegates, the chance to form a team...a team that has shown the commitment in what we believe."
Dr.Daniela Godoroja, ESPCOP Secretary, Assistant Professor University of Bucharest, Course Director Airway Workshop


Pearls of Wisdom and Hired Guns..

"This August in Vienna a joint SOBA and ESPCOP initiative took place at the Wold Congress of Bariatric Surgery, (IFSO). An international faculty of fourteen experts in anaesthesia for the morbidly obese met for the first time, to deliver a one-day course on the Key Issues of Obesity Anaesthesia - followed the next day by a four-hour workshop on difficult airway techniques for the Obese. 


For a first ever full-day course on anaesthesia and peri-operative care of the bariatric patient, it was a great success. Feedback from members of the surgical scientific and organising committee was  very positive, and it looks as if this will become a regular feature at future IFSO meetings.
The delivery of the short and sharp mini-lectures by such an international group was always going to be tricky, as nine of the fourteen faculty members had never before taken part in this study day. Yet with some basic guidance all speakers gave excellent talks that dovetailed beautifully - a joy to behold. Many vital learning points - our little pearls of wisdom - were cast before our surgical and other colleagues, and clear solid advice from real experts was freely distributed and debated.

The model of the Key Issues course, which is still run twice a year in London (, seems to travel well. So if there are other groups interested in hosting and jointly running these meetings in Europe or beyond, we would be happy to explore this, and there are some funds available to help support such future events. Please get in contact via the ESPCOP or SOBA websites to find out more."

Dr.Mike Margarson,Chichester,UK,Vice-president ESPCOP,Vice-chairman SOBA,

Course Director Key Issues in Obesity Peri-operative Care

Good bye Vienna !

See you at XXI IFSO World Congress in Rio de Janeiro in 2016!


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