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In our continuing celebration of the Lunar Year of the Horse, here’s another example of Valerie Taylor’s Spirit of the Horse series (available as a lovely art card). Valerie’s been creating pieces for this collection her whole life. 

We’ve been tracking down some good sites offering ideas & patterns for card making. Here’s a few to check out: Card makingIris folding, Tea Bag Folding.

Have a look at all this incredible furniture made from recycled paper & newspaper.

Last but not least - five awesome sculptures made from books from an innovative



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Leapenhi Paper
Leapenhi Paper

February 2014

How to Do More Art This Year

Still trying to find time for your art? If you’re like many of us, it can be hard to do. Waiting for the perfect inspiration can take awhile. Your best bet is to bring out your calendar and commit. That’s right - schedule an actual date & time to do some art.
Now is a great time to give your artistic self the gift of creative opportunity. Pick the best time for yourself alone or check with your friends. There’s a good chance they’d love to do something fun and creative, too! Making an art date to get together once a week for an hour or two goes a long way in revving up your artistic engine. It’s more than the pleasure of time spent – you’ll find your mind turns on to art way more often the rest of the week, too.
But what to do on your art date? Whether your plan is to work by yourself or with friends, thanks to the Internet there are loads of exciting projects out there just waiting for you to discover. Since a picture is worth 1000 words, we suggest you search the Net for “Images of…” whatever kind of art you might like to try. Or visit Pinterest and look to be inspired. Many people post instructions along with their images.
If you prefer to learn new art techniques from an instructor, no matter where you live there are opportunities. Find a scheduled class and sign up. Or invite an artist to come right to your home for an art party with some of your friends. And even if they don’t officially offer classes, there are lots of artistic people around who’d love to share their skills with you – all you need to do is ask!
Still can’t see where you might find an hour or two? Consider taking up an art or craft where you can keep your supplies close at hand for those few quiet breaks. Traditional crafts like card making or paper quilling are good options or look at exciting new techniques like Zentangle® - all are creative & can be brought out and put away readily. 
So what do you think? Maybe 2014 is your year to take that first step & make time to make art!  

Create Eye-Popping Home Decor Using Specialty Papers

And guess what? It won’t cost you much in time or money either!
Available in an amazing range of colors, patterns & textures, specialty papers offer an exciting option when changing it up around your place. You’ve likely seen lampshades, lanterns & screens made with imported papers from places like Japan, Nepal & Thailand and they are pretty cool.
But have you ever considered using some of these very same papers to transform the look of your walls, cupboards, furniture, or…? Think about it.
As beautiful and unique as they can be, specialty papers are really quite inexpensive. In most situations, they are easily applied using a foam brush & diluted PVA (white) glue. Once dry, protective top coatings like acrylic medium or water-borne varnish can be applied if needed. And when the day comes when you want to switch things up again, you can peel off the top layer & use water and a sponge to soak it right off!
We use specialty papers extensively in our Downtown Courtenay store to create décor & display items like lamps, wall hangings and product stands. At home we are currently turning one of our bathrooms into a funky beach scene primarily using our favorite craft paper - the versatile family of silk & botanical mulberries. You can check out our progress & get a few tips as well! The adventure starts here or follow postings to #SHLeapenhibeachybath
To see more ideas from others on creating home décor using interesting optional materials, have a look at these inspiring photos for do-it-yourself decorating & collaging furniture (aka decoupage).

Winter Blues? Color is the Cure!

Need a shot of energy? Nothing boosts a dull day like a heart-stopping blast of colour.

Whether you create a vibrant art piece yourself or bring home someone else’s, try adding exciting shots of color to your environment. You might be surprised how uplifting it feels to surround yourself with your favourite hues. 

Find out more about how the colours in your home can affect how you feel.

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