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Another lovely spirited horse!

We promised to keep showing you artworks from Valerie Taylor's Spirit of the Horse series, so hope you enjoy this one!

Make a secret treasures book

Does that mysterious side of you yearn to have a secret hiding spot for your treasures? Maybe it's time to make a book safe!

Check this out for some great options.

Gardening is art, too!

Ever considered that developing a beautiful garden area is a lot like creating a painting? You need to work with shapes, colours & textures within a defined space to build something meaningful to others.

So next time you feel guilty about working in your yard instead of your studio, remember flowers, rocks, trees are just another
medium. It’s all art.


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The link to the Artsy Tipsheet archives given in the March 2014 issue was incorrect - sorry about that!

Click here for the real link to the Artsy Tipsheet archives.


Leapenhi Paper
Leapenhi Paper

Spring 2014

Imported Specialty Paper
Meets DIY Home Decor

When Valerie and I (Pam) took over Leapenhi Paper Design a few years ago, we were artists but not paper artists. Then suddenly we had access to this incredible array of imported handmade & specialty papers, new tools & craft supplies. What would you do when presented with an opportunity like that? Naturally we dove right into the wonderful world of paper art.

Now the term "paper art" covers a huge range of possibilities. Do a web search & you'll receive more than 1.6 billion results! Since we obviously couldn't try everything, Valerie & I decided to focus on exploring the materials we already in the store...

Creating mixed media fine art with specialty papers was a given and we both had fun getting great results in our painting, collage, printing and paper mache works. But beyond fine art, we discovered there are LOTS of other ways to use imported paper, especially in creating home decor. For example, if you are a
Do-It-Yourselfer, handmade & specialty papers offer an exciting range of colours, textures & patterns not available in other materials. Plus they tend to be quite inexpensive - depending on the project, of course!

We're still exploring the art of DIY home decor using imported papers. So far we've tried a variety of papers to recover numerous lamps & lampshades, refurbish furniture & display cabinets, create decorative wall hangings & floor displays and collage our bathroom ceiling and walls (we're still working on that project). We've been very happy with the results and the ideas just keep coming.

Every DIY concept can present a challenge or two, but overall we found working with these papers pretty straightforward. As most paper applies easily to a range of household surfaces, you can use it to transform furnishings, accessories & living spaces into truly unique items. Many situations don't even require cutting out a pattern - just tear the paper into pieces and glue it on, slightly overlapping the edges. You don't even need special adhesive - diluted standard white glue works well in most cases - and that's also inexpensive, easy to use and clean up.

If you're concerned about using paper in humid places like kitchens & bathrooms, we've found a topcoat of waterproof varnish offers good protection. Best of all, when the day comes that you want to remove the paper, it tends to come off easily with minimal damage to the underlying surface - much easier than removing a coat of paint or stain.

So next time you start planning a DIY project to fix up those cupboards, doors, walls, furniture, picture frames, light fixtures, lamp shades, whatever..., why not think beyond the usual paint, stain or standard wallpaper and consider using a beautiful specialty paper instead? With the amazing variety of colours, textures & patterns available, you can probably find the perfect paper to enhance almost any DIY home decor project you can imagine. 

Pssst! There's a book in your kitchen drawer...

And it's not a recipe collection. If you have 3 paper lunch bags then you have the start of a very attractive, easy-to-make organizer for collecting & displaying small memorabilia - the paper bag book!


Lightweight, compact & easy to find almost anywhere, paper lunch bags are filled with useable spaces. Fold one in half & have a look - they are designed with folds & pockets ideal for creating nooks & crannies. Bind three together & you can make lots of little places to tuck in notes, photos, ticket stubs & sm
all souvenirs.On their sides, the fold bottoms become exciting little doors to hide things behind.
Putting one together is entertaining & fun. Choose a theme & a few colors to go with it, then gather together a variety of papers, pictures, trims, embellishments for creating the pages. Using glue, tape or even staples, places can be made to hold many small items. You'll probably be surprised at how many things 3 paper lunch bags can contain.
Take the makings of one with next time you go on vacation & add to the pages during the slow periods every day. By the time you get back from your trip, you'll have many of your memories captured in a unique, creative format. Build one for someone special to celebrate an important day. They also make a great rainy day project to entertain visitors of all ages.
We recently posted paper bag book instructions on our website. But if you'd like the convenience of a ready-made kit, we've also put together some Paper Bag Book kits to get you started. Available in a range of color combinations, each contains 3 kraft lunch bags, fasteners, instructions plus an exciting selection of specialty papers, trims & embellishments.

So whether you decide to gather all the makings yourself or go ahead with a Leapenhi Creative Kit, you might find making paper bag books has become your new favorite artsy activity! 


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