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Cool links

Looking for colourful project ideas to brighten up your winter day? Check these out:
Quilling is a traditional craft dating back centuries. There’s LOTS of great tutorials & ideas on youtube and Pinterest. Here's some eye candy to get those creative juices flowing – be sure to scroll down to the Valentine heart!

Looking for more information on using silk mulberry paper in photographic prints? Just came across this excellent tutorial.

And for something truly wonderful, have a look at this amazing art project – “when paper under the microscope becomes incredible art’’.



Leapenhi Paper
Leapenhi Paper

January 2014

2014 - Year of the Horse

January 31st marks the start of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse. According to traditional belief, Buddha named a year for each of 12 loyal animals, which also represent the 12 cycles of the Chinese zodiac.
People are thought to have the characteristics of the animal representing the year of their birth. Horse-year people are said to be popular, cheerful and very skillful with money. They are also
quick-witted, talented and good with their hands.
In the Western zodiac, the sign of Sagittarius is associated with horses. Our own Valerie Taylor is a Sagittarian who has been working on an art series called “Spirit of the Horse” since she was a little girl. The beautiful black stallion charcoal and conte crayon drawing above was done by Valerie when she was only 8 years old (and was framed by her very proud father).

Want to make a simple origami horse? Here's a great link.


What is PVA glue anyway?

Ever come across the term PVA glue when sourcing out new ideas for arts and crafts? PVA glue is listed for numerous projects from bookbinding to mixed media and handicrafts. But what is this stuff anyway?
Turns out PVA glue is nothing fancy. You probably know it as “white” or sometimes, “school glue”. Appearing yellow or white depending on its intended use, PVA glue is extremely versatile and probably one of the most widely used glue types in the world.
In our studio, we use PVA glue in a wide range of applications from making sketchbooks and art sculptures to decoratively covering lampshades, furniture and walls. Plus it works like a magic ingredient in creating spectacular “bleeds” in collage laminations.
Here’s a good link showing ways you can use extra strong PVA glue available in your art and household projects.

Two quick updates...

Did you know our Downtown store is now closed Sundays? This also means Val’s scheduled card making demonstrations are on hold. But you can always drop in when Val's working on Mondays if you'd like an impromptu demo or just an artsy chat!
Have you visited our online store yet? While we’re still a bit behind in stocking our online shelves (due to a late launch and the Christmas rush), soon you’ll see many more items including new paper & craft supplies, fine art, Secret Treasures and fun kits!

And we now ship anywhere in the world, not just within Canada. 


New for 2014 - Creative Kits by Leapenhi

This year we’re branding and expanding our inhouse line of packaged projects. Each month for the next year, we’ll be adding fun new arts and crafts projects to our existing collection of blank greeting card, quilling & mini Colour Kits.
Labelled Creative Kits by Leapenhi Paper Design, these exciting ready-to-play kits are inspired by our favourite Leapenhi classes. 
In January, we'll be introducing our first three Collage Lamination Creative Kits - Floral Garden, Love Bouquet and Coastal Beach. Also look for Colour Greeting Card kits this month, plus Paper Bag Book kits coming in February and Mixed Media Mirrors in March.
PS. Like the colour strip photos? These are the silk mulberry paper combinations packed in our new Collage Lamination kits. Can you guess which strip goes with which kit?

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