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Number 2263

February 16 2015

Weekly meetings @ Athelstone Football Club, 150 George Street, Paradise,
Monday 6-6.30pm

President Frank Orlando0412 236 503

Secretary Jane Gascoigne: 0419 829 976

Apologies and guestsLee Aldenhoven 
0412 716 289

Shed Contact:  Arrange Pick-ups: 8337 3377

Newsletter Editor:
President Frank welcomed many special guests on the club’s 49th Birthday and congratulated founding members on 49 years of community service.  Guests were the DG’s wife Briony Casburn (pictured with President Frank on the left), Charter member Barry Donaldson, and his wife Pat, deceased Charter member Richard Fereday’s wife Glenys, deceased Charter member Theo Inkenharg’s daughter Tieneke, President of RC Glenelg Allan Scott, MP Vincent Tarzia, Lin and Lyn Green from RC Onkaparinga, Eric Webb’s guest Joyce Balwin from Western Australia, Mary Lynch’s guest Ilaria from Rome, and all the member’s partners who help to make our club so successful.
Celebrating each birthday is important.  It shows the club’s durability and growth.  In 1965 District Governor Lionel Catt asked the DG’s special representative and Past President of the Rotary Club of St. Peters, Fred Stewart, to investigate the forming of a new club. The Rotary club of Campbelltown was formed in October 1965 and was chartered on February 16 1966.  Fred Stewart is always looked upon as the father of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown. Tonight we have three of the Charter members with us; they are Barry Donaldson, Reg Neale and Eric Webb and we also have the wife of Richard Fereday and the daughter of Theo Inkenharg Tieneke, (two deceased Charter members).   These are the people who laid the foundations for this club. At the Charter night, in front of 380 invited guests, 25 Charter members were inducted.  The regular meeting of the club for the first three years were held in the Payneham Civic Centre, then it moved to the Reservoir Hotel Paradise, and now we meet here at the Athelstone Football Club.  We have had three District Governors from our club Kevin Parkinson in 1985-86, John Thomas in 1993-94 and Bob Northcote in 2006-07, all have now passed away.  In 1989 the Council of Legislation voted to include females in their membership. The first Female member of the Club was Rosalind Bond was inducted on December 5 1994 with the classification of active Minister of Religion.  She resigned due to leaving the Campbelltown area.  Sandy Sumsion was the first female sergeant (2000), secretary (2002, 2006) and Art show director.  She resigned to move to Roxby Downs and became the Inaugural president of the Roxby Downs Rotary Club.  Margaret Northcote was the first female president in 2004-05.  In June 1975 The Rotary Club of Tea Tree Gully was sponsored as our first daughter club, on November 3 1984 our second daughter club the Rotary Club of Morialta was chartered. In June 2003 the club formed a sister club relationship with the Rotary club of Ipoh Malaysia signing a Certificate of International Friendship.  Since its inception the club has been involved in a wide array of Rotary activities.  Many of these contributed directly to the enhancement of the lives of people and organisations that we still serve today. It could be in the street next to us, in the outback or overseas we have bought many smiles to the faces of many people.  We have imprinted the meaning of Rotary into so many people’s lives that we can stand tall and be proud of our club’s achievements over the past 49 years.  The Charter members can tell us how difficult it was all those years ago to raise a dollar.  It is because of those members who were persistent in their endeavours that this club shares their mentality today, to go forward and continue the work that began with our Charter members.  We have made a different in the lives of people who thought it wasn’t possible.
President Frank thanked Paul Eliseo fellowship committee and especially Stan McPhee for organising a great Birthday evening.
President’s thought of the week: A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun: enjoy the ride
Glenys Fereday and Tieneke Inkenharg cutting the Birthday cake, watched by Charter members Barry Donaldson, Eric Webb and Reg Neale

Secretary Jane Gascoigne provided apologies for several people who were unable to attend tonight’s festivities. Fred and Yvonne Stewart, Keith and Jean Arthur and DG Jerry Casburn.
She reminded us that the RC of Burnside is running a fundraising night at the movies on March 7 – see Diary Dates for more details.
The Speakers for the Interactive meeting with the Athelstone Lions club on February 25 is Mary-Jo Fisher, an Ambassador for beyond blue, GP Dr Luke Billingsley, and Psychologist Mr Simon Andrews.  Club members are invited to attend.  The meeting will be held in meeting rooms 1 and 2 at the Campbelltown Library, 171 Montacute Road Newton.  Phone 0417 879 013, John Hefferman for more details.

Fellowship Director Paul Eliseo: The cemetery walk will now be on Thursday March5 at 6 for 6.30 pm with Chairman Jim Everett taking us around, and finishing at 7.30 pm  – There are a limited number of places, only 50 people, so book early.  We are going to have a meal at the cemetery for $22 per person.
The Progressive dinner is on Saturday March 14, 6 for 6.30 pm entrée at Paradise Motors, the main will be at the Norwood/Morialta High School about 8pm and desert will be at P & D Exports, 356 Payneham Road, Payneham about 9 pm. BYO wine.
Art Show Convenor Elizabeth Gagliardi needs volunteers for the Art Show mail-out on Thursday March 5 at 9.30 am at the Campbelltown Council Chambers.  Check in at the front reception desk.
Steph Martin, the Director of the International Committee announced exciting news.  They are holding a High tea at the Stamford Grand Hotel in Glenelg on March 8 at 2 pm for International Women’s day. – cost $37.  See Diary dates for more details.
Shed Convenor Brian Stevens:  This Saturday we are going to a steel run down to Paramount Browns.  Eric will have his truck there for loading at 7.30 am.  He is looking for volunteers to load up the truck and the van to go down and make a few dollars.
John Schubert, on behalf of the membership committee called members’ attention to a membership brochure that has been put out.  It is not intended to be a report of the club.  It is meant to be a carrot to hang in front of people.  Mainly he wanted to thank David Fenton for the enormous amount of work he did and David Munroe.
Vince Belperio from the Carnevale committee gave a preliminary report.  The weekend was quite warm so we were against the weather on Saturday.  Numbers of people were low but picked up Saturday evening and we were flat out all day on Sunday.  The preliminary figures indicate a profit of about $12,000 and the Porchetta night raised $5,000 which means the Carnevale committee have raised about $17,000.  Special thanks have to go to the setup crew David Fenton, Geoff Brett, Bryan Schell, and the people who took everything away again Ralph Holmes, Garth Holmes, Geoff Brett, Eric Webb and his Friend Joyce and Bryan Schell.  Vince also thanked the Carnevale committee and their wives.

The DG’s Representative Briony Casburn: Briony mentioned meeting Barry and Pat Donaldson in Barmera and discovering the Pat did the flowers for her mother’s wedding. On a Rotary Club’s birthdays it is time to reflect on the individuals who with blood, sweat and tears have kept the show on the road, to change lives for the good as well as their own, who year after year have put in the effort to shape and mould and sometimes push the club where it is today.  We are the ones who also have the responsibility to not only look where the club is now but sometimes to self-sacrifice and put plans in motion to fulfil the expectations of the future members.  New ideas and changes are sometimes hard to move.  So to be a Rotarian it is Service above self and maybe clubs above self will carry all Rotary clubs to their next birthday.
She also encouraged us to attend the 101 year anniversary on Sunday February 22 and to make it a family picnic.  There will be food there on site which will be looked after by the Rotaract members.  The governor of South Australia will be there.  There are 110 balloons that will be let loose.  The Adelaide Oval will be lit up in Rotary Colours.  There will be bagpipers to take us on to the bridge.  You can buy a light up Rotary candle for a coin donation.   It starts at 6pm and we will be meeting at Pinky Flat.
Almoner Ian Reddy:  Paul Trotta has recovered and is now back as sergeant and ready to rip the dollars of us.  Gina Holmes is in the Ashford Hospital and will undergo Heart surgery tomorrow morning (February 17) and our thoughts and prayers are with Gina and Garth and their family.
Attendance Officer Lee Aldenhoven reported 86.1% attendance.
The Gold Pot raised $78.60
Recognition of Service to the Club - Paul Harris Fellowship awards.
Paul Harris awards were presented to Rotarian Chris Gascoigne, and partners Eddie Gagliardi, Meryl Fleming and Janette Lewis.  Chris was awarded with a Paul Harris for the work he has put in with our club over the past 13 years.  Eddie, Meryl and Janette were recognised for the support they give to their Rotarian partners.
Scott Nicholls was awarded a Sapphire Pin for his work with our club and with District.
District 9520 Rotary Foundation awarded Kevin and Wendy Parken for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation
Guest Speaker Anthony Kittel with Chairman Dean Crook
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony for the past 30 years. Anthony is Suzanne's nephew. He was born and raised in Port Augusta.  He was an excellent student and a very good sportsman.  He started work at BPH in Whyalla, and after completing his engineering qualifications he went on to do a MBA degree.  He was the manager for a large manufacturing firm before he purchased his own company Redarc in 1997.  In 2014 he won the Telstra South Australian Business Award.  Anthony has always been a hard working and energetic.  He is on a number of boards in Adelaide.  Anthony is married to Michelle and has four children,  three daughters and a son." He is here talking about his recipe for success.

Anthony Kittel started out in Port Augusta.  He spent my first 17 years of life there and pretty much those first years were all about school, sport and getting out with your mates.  His Mum was a hair-dresser and his Dad was a fitter and turner and foreman at the Power Station. He received a cadetship in mechanical engineering in Whyalla, and BHP funded his study.  He spent the next five years working part time and studying in the evenings.  Other than that it was all about football, cricket and golf. He worked for an engineer there for a few years after he graduated and decided that engineering was not the long term career that he wanted.  He asked the General Manager if he study a Master of Business Administration in Adelaide and continue his employment with BHP. Education is something very important to him and something he values in his staff members.   After completing a three year course and gaining an MBA at Harvard University in Boston he went back to BHP but they were downsizing.  His manager told him if he could get a better job to take it.  He started as a project manager and then was promoted to General Manager within five years at ROH Wheels but was keen for more independence. When the opportunity to buy a small, struggling electronics business arose in 1997, he pounced. Another reason that he wanted to stay in Adelaide was that he met his wife Michelle. He started out with 8 employees and inherited lot of problems when he bought the business. He now has 105 people working for him.  Investing in research and development, REDARC has developed a range of electronic accessories, power sources and battery management systems to make camping and touring safer. With a number of patents, core products include battery charging, portable solar, electronic safety and control systems and voltage converters. Based in Lonsdale, its products are used in the 4x4, mining, industrial, agriculture, marine and commercial trucking industries and by roadside assistance bodies and emergency services. Key clients include Volvo and Club Assist and its customer base extends to New Zealand, France and North America.
His company motto is if it’s a moving vehicle and it’s got a battery then it is a potential customer.
In the year 2000 after consultation with staff we developed the company values. 1. Innovation. They knew if they wanted to stay ahead of their competition they needed innovative products.  He needed to have smart people, designing new products and making the product stand out from the competition from the rest of the world.  2. Customer Satisfaction.  He knew from an early encounter with a dissatisfied Auto Electrician in Fyshwick in the ACT that he certainly need customer satisfaction. If the customer has a problem with the product they get a new product to replace it. 3. Teamwork.  It is about having people work together coming up with ideas and really turning them into world’s best products. 4. Integrity.  We do what we say we are going to do. 5. Quality Products.  They go for the best quality they can achieve.  Their aim is that their product is the benchmark that all other competitors are measured against.
They wanted to create a family culture where employees were happy to come to work.  They are customer centric and value the feedback they get.  A lot of their new products come from listening to what the customer wants. They believe they have to keep developing our staff.  We have fantastic universities and TAFE colleges. We have to educate our people to be the very best that they can possibly be.  He said people in Thailand are paid $4.50 per hour, in the USA it is $12 per hour but here on the same level it is $23 per hour.  So it is hard for manufacturing to survive in these circumstances, so what they need to do is design their products so smart that when we are manufacturing them we have limited touch by our staff members. When we are designing a new product we often invite a group of people to come into the Company and we will sit them and we’ll share the idea with them and see if it is what they are looking for in that particular application.  For example if it is a new product for a caravan then we will get people from the caravan business in to look at the product.
One thing that really differentiates our company is that we invest a significant amount of money into our manufacturing equipment.  About every 5 years we are replacing our equipment and going to the next level of equipment.  We need to be at our very best because some of the factories he walked through in China had state of the art equipment. We have what we call a clean room and that is where all of our electronics are loaded.  It has double doors so it is dust free, the temperature is monitored and the humidity so it is constant so it looks after the electronics when it is being loaded on to the circuit. We are only one of the few companies that do that and we do that here in Lonsdale.
Every Australian Police vehicle has one of their products in it.  There is a Redarc product in there charging the second battery that runs all the electrical systems.  The booze bus is also using Redarc products to charge their batteries.  Speed camera are multi-headed and they have a Redarc product charging those batteries.
One of the new innovations that has come into his company is three D printing.  3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. They are able to print shaped parts from plastic resin.  These were previously taken to the local tool maker with a drawing, and ask how much and how long will it take to make that particular item.  Normally they would say five or six week $5,000 or and $10,000 to make the tool up.  Their young third year engineering student at Flinders University designed that in less than a week, produced it overnight at a cost of about $250.
They have an innovation day where they get at least half of their staff off site, divide them into groups where they will brainstorm their ideas.  It may not just be about products it can be about human resource management or it could be about technology or new markets that they want to try.  You come away from that day with more ideas than you know what to do with and you have to prioritise and target which ones you want to look at for the next few years.  They also spend quite a bit of money on universities, working with PHD students and professors and research looking at what the company should be designing 4 – 5 years into the future.
Another product is the new Tow-Pro electronic brake controller that offers motorists the choice of engaging either inertia sensing or user controlled braking on trailers through the simple turn of a dial inside the towing vehicle. 
Roughly half of their staff work in manufacturing, that’s in the electronic section  of the business, over the next few years that will slowly reduce as they design more smarter products but their company workforce overall will grow as the front end of their business increases in sales and marketing. 
They treat Education very importantly in their business. They fund any of their staff members who undertake personal development and give them time of work to do it, because we want to encourage their people to get to the highest level they can.  He says if he doesn’t train them and they stay they are worse off than taking the chance on training them and they leave. We do a number of things to motivate and to get the maximum effort from their staff in terms of their contribution to the company every day. They have communication sessions and making sure all of the employees understand which direction they are going, so when they go back to their work stations they know the key priorities of the business.  Employees give presentations on successful work and this helps motivate others.  They have a bonus scheme where employees share in a percentage of the profits.  They get the same bonus no matter what position they hold because he believes in equity among the staff.  He also believes in treating people with respect.  He makes sure he knows every employees name.
The Company is now turning over $30 million dollars a year with a target of $50 million in 2017, not only in Australia but in the USA and Europe.
Anthony donated the Tow-pro for auction and Mal Hansen bought it.  He gave away three DVDs on 4WD in Western Australia for the best questions:  They went to Linton Nicholas, Peter Allen and Peter Rumbelow.
Anniversaries to Feb 23 2015 

Chris Gascoigne - Feb 18 - 13 years
Jane Gascoigne - Feb 18 - 13 years
Elizabeth Gagliardi - Feb 18 - 7 yrs
Birthdays till Feb 23 2015

Marian Eddowes - Feb 17
Gaetano Ceravolo - Feb 17
Jenny Holmes - Feb 23
Leave of Absences
Rick W – Sept 25 2014 – March 31 2015         Tony L – Nov 1 2014 to May 1 2015
Duties Roster

Feb 23 Mar 2 Mar 9 Mar 16
Speaker Frank Orlando No speaker Adelaide Cup Megan Weber and Naomi Schell
Program Rotarian behind the badge Committee Meetings No Meeting – Public Holiday Can Do for Kids
Chair Jeff Blanco President Frank   Bryan Schell
Fellowship Fred Cetta Tony Eddowes   Joe Hudspith
Plaques Fee Chin Duncan Elsdon   Milton Lewis
Cashier 1 Bret Coombs David Fenton   Garth Holmes
Cashier 2 Bruce Davis Elizabeth Gagliardi   Haran Howard
Steward 1 Michael Dilena Mal Hansen   Mary Lynch
Steward 2 Ian Dunlop Dean Fleming   Don Marcoionni
Time 6 for 6.30 pm 6 for 6.30 pm   6 for 6.30 pm
High Tea at the Stamford Grand - March 8 at 2 pm
The International Committee is organising a High Tea at the Stamford Grand Glenelg on March 8 at 2 pm to mark International Women's Day.  Cost is $37 per person and tables of 8 or 10 are available to groups if preferred.
The Menu for this event includes:
  • Assorted afternoon tea sandwiches
  • Scones with raspberry jam, apricot jam and freshly whipped cream
  • Stamford curry puffs and mini quiche
  • Belgian chocolate tears
  • Raspberry and lime Fresh Fruit tartlets
  • Coffee and tea
The guest speaker will be Miriam Silva, who is Chief Operating Officer of Fleet Partners.  she has had an impressive career across multiple industries and is a high achiever by any standard.  A most appropriate speaker
book by contacting Stephany Martin or John Bennett
Ballarat District Conference

We are One!  April 16th – 19th 2015    
More information:
Beautiful and historical Ballarat – with so much to see and do
 Registration Information: full Standard Registration paid by February 28th 2015  $245 per person
• Full Late Registration paid after February 28th 2015   $260 per person

Completed Registration Forms must be forwarded to the Conference Registrar:    Mrs. Melda Hammond,     8 Hall Crescent, Burton SA 5110
Phone: (08) 8280 6314 (with 101 messaging)
or Email to: 

Conference Activities:  
• Welcome Reception – kick off the conference activities at the Mechanics Institute, 117 Sturt Street, Ballarat.
• The Plenary Sessions – located 10 kilometres south of the city centre of Ballarat.  Federation University’s Mt. Helen campus is set on 110 hectares of natural bush land, which attracts colourful bird species as well as resident kangaroos and koalas.
• Cocktail Party – a casual Friday night of food and entertainment by the famous Fiddle Chicks, in a grand, historic building at Jacksons & Co on the corner of Lydiard and Mair Streets, Ballarat; it’s also the Rotary Club of Unley’s 80th birthday.
• Rotary Breakfast – learn about ‘Eureka’ at the Federation University, Mt. Helen campus
• Conference Dinner – a chance to chat, enjoy a tipple and tap your toes at the Ballarat and District Trotting Club, 703 Bell Street, Redan. • Celebration BBQ – relax and enjoy lunch prepared by local Rotarians after the last plenary session at the Federation University Mt. Helen campus.  

We have been booked into the Bell tower Inn

Photos below of Bell Tower Inn
Diary Dates

4 Mar – 6.30 for 7 am breakfast – National Wine Centre, Exhibition Hall – Celebrating Women in Rotary – Speaker Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare “Women of Courage”. $40 per person. Bookings International Women’s Day breakfast

Mar 4 – Capri Cinema – Fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Brownhill Creek and the Rotary Club of Glenelg – The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – 20 per person includes glass of wine and nibbles. Contact Maxine Spencer 8298 5435 or Bill Davies 0419 819 099

March 7 – Nibbles & a drink at 6 p.m.-Film beginning 7.00p.m. To be held at the Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Rd, Kensington Park. Funds raised will go to the Club’s Shelterbox and End Polio Now projects.
THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL” Cost is $20-00 including drink and nibbles. Contact Trevor Elburn at

Mar 8 – 2 pm – High Tea at the Stamford Grand to Celebrate International Women’s’ day – cost $37.00, Speaker Miriam Silva. contact Steph Martin at or John Bennett at

Mar 11 – 7 am – 7 15 am – Osmond Terrace Function Centre Norwood – RC Norwood - $30 per person – Managing Risk in Business- Speaker Andrew Andreyev (lawyer), Booking by March 5, http://e.mybooking

Mar 23 – 6.30 for 6.45 pm – Alma Hotel – RC McLaren Vale- Youth opportunities, Booking Bill Brown 8386 2975 

Mar 29 – District Assembly – for all incoming club officers and directors.

May 9 – noon – 5 pm – Rotary Race Day – more information on
Please see the Herald for Feb 15 – District is looking for people to home host – page 8

Make-up at any of the following Rotary Clubs
Mon    6:30 PM    Adelaide EDGE (D9500) Cathedral Hotel, 45 Kermode St, North Adelaide
Tues       6:45 for 7 AM - Magill Sunrise - Hectorville Sporting Club, 31 Fisher St, Magill ;  12.45 for 1 PM    Norwood - Don Pyatt Centre at the Norwood Town Hall.   12:30 for 1 PM- Adelaide East (D9500) Public Schools Club, 207 East Tce, Adelaide.     6 for 6:15 PM - Kent Town - Royal Hotel, 2 North Tce, Kent Town.     6 for 6.15 PM - St Peters - Kensington Hotel, 23 Regent Street, Kensington    7 pm - Golden Grove (9500) Sfera's, 191 Reservoir Rd, Modbury
 Wed    1:00 PM - Adelaide  (D9500) Bradman Room, Adelaide Oval     6 for 6:30 PM – Burnside -       Feathers Hotel, Glynburn Road, Burnside     6 for 6:30 PM - Morialta  -  Rezz: 21 Hamilton Tce Newton     6:15 for 6:45 PM - Tea Tree Gully (D9500) Tea Tree Gully Golf Club, Hamilton Rd, Fairview Pk
 Thurs    7:15 AM - Adelaide Light (D9500) Naval Military & Air Force Club, 111 Hutt Street