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 Is focusing on how babies are fed getting it wrong? #FEDisBest. Always. In celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, let's support each other. Every mother and child deserves the love, support and value of a united community-no matter her feeding choices. Because The Leaky Boob isn't just about a Leaky Boob, it's about inspiring all mothers to feed their babies in the way that is best for THEM. Let us support well. Let us love well. WE are TLB. 
Dear Leakies,

I've pondered what to write here got World Breastfeeding Week but the truth is for TLB every single day is World Breastfeeding Day so I find myself coming up with all the same things to say. Not to mention that after Milk last week (a huge success!) I'm exhausted and focusing on my family. But every year as World Breastfeeding Week rolls around I find myself wondering if we're getting it all wrong? Are we asking the wrong questions? Speaking (YELLING?) at the wrong people? Considering the wrong issues?

This year it seems like maybe not, we're talking about breastfeeding and the work place, important matters to discuss. But who is doing the talking?

But my family needs me and so does yours.

So I don't have much to say. It really just boils down to these bullet points:

Feed your baby.
Shut out the haters.
Push for positive change including work place policies.
Cheer on companies that support breastfeeding and go against the grain.
Spread love, grace, and understanding. 
People before feeding methodology.
Feed your baby.

Read these posts for inspiration: breastfeeding friendly work place; breastfeeding passion and TLB mission; and the breastfeeding family. Scroll down through the newsletter for more on how we maybe need to change the conversation.

Happy Breastfeeding! Happy Bottle-feeding too.


Jessica Martin-Weber

This Week On TLB 

TLB Reviews: A Virtual Bra Fitting-by A Mother's Boutique

Our Leakies reviewed the Virtual Bra Fitting by Judy Masucci, (aka "The Bra Whisperer"!) owner of A Mother's Boutique! Get the results from our Leaky's experiences and why YOU should experience a Virtual Bra Fitting before your next nursing bra purchase.

From Facebook:
Something I Need To Say....

I get that World Breastfeeding Week is difficult for some people that didn't meet their own breastfeeding goals or were treated poorly for not breastfeeding. I sympathize.
This year's theme is *incredibly* important, though. "Breastfeeding and Work: Let's Make it Work!" is important, at least in a U.S. context. Because teachers and other salaried employees have no federal right to pump at work. Because my patients call me in tears asking me how to dry up because it's implied that taking pumping breaks will get them fired. READ MORE

Dark Chocolate Lactation Granola Bark

Carrie Saum-Our Stable Table

Ingredients for Granola Bark:

  • 1 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp  vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp melted butter
  • 1 Tbsp molasses (optional, but adds depth of flavor)
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seed butter or peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup honey

Ingredients for Chocolate Layer:

  1. 6 oz 90% cacao chocolate
  2. 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  3. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  4. 1 Tbsp raw honey

Directions for Granola Bark

  1. Combine all dry ingredients, and mix throughly.
  2. Combine all wet ingredients and add to dry ingredients.
  3. Spread granola mixture in a 7×12 inch parchment-lined dish.  Pack it down hard, leaving no breathing room.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes.  Allow to cool completely in the pan.

Directions for Chocolate Layer

  1. Melt chocolate and coconut oil in your home-made double boiler
  2. Add vanilla and stevia
  3. Once melted and stirred well, pour into the pan of chilled nut butter mixture (Optional and delicious step: Spread a thin layer of peanut butter or sunbutter over the granola first, then pour your chocolate over it.)
  4. Allow to harden in the refrigerator for an hour, then break into pieces.  Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

For an extra milky boost you can add 2 tablespoons brewer’s yeast and/or 2 tablespoons flaxseed meal to the granola bark. Be warned that some tummies don’t respond well to the brewer’s yeast so if you or your baby tend to have sensitive stomachs, it may be best to skip it.
*Note: These do NOT keep at room temperature because of the coconut oil the chocolate layer. If you want the chocolate to keep at room temperature, consider using (sustainably and humanely harvested) palm oil instead of coconut oil.
You will be impressed with yourself when you make these.  Better yet, make these for a friend who just had a baby and she will be forever grateful.

Barking up the Lactation Tree,

If you love this smoothie recipe, you might like this recipe for Paleo Chocolate Chip Granola or these Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake on Our Stable Table

Ask The Expert

Your questions asked. The Experts answer!
Dear Kathleen, I’m on the verge of tears, disappointed in myself.  My little guy is 4 months old and I returned to work last month, we are exclusively breastfeeding and I pump when I’m at work.  This month my monthly cycle returned and I’m experiencing a drop in my milk supply with it.  Is this normal?  Why is this happening?  I feel so bad, I can’t pump nearly as much as I could before and sometimes he seems very frustrated at the breast.  Will my supply come back up when my period ends?  Is there anything I can do?  I’m having to use the milk I have stored and I’m afraid that if my supply doesn’t come back up I won’t be able to keep up with my son’s needs. Even if it does come back up after my period, if it’s going to be like this every month I’m really concerned that I won’t have enough of my milk when I’m at work and that he’s going to wean early if he’s frustrated even at the breast.  Please help!

KATHLEEN: I am so sorry that you are worried and upset!  Let’s see what we can do!
To read more, Click HERE

Kathleen Huggins RN IBCLC, has a Master’s Degree in Perinatal Nursing from U.C. San  Francisco, founded the Breastfeeding Warmline, opened one of the first breastfeeding clinics in  the United States, and has been helping breastfeeding mothers professionally for 33 years.  Kathleen  authored The Nursing Mother’s Companion in 1986 followed by The Nursing Mother’s Guide to Weaning.

Ask Your Question for an Expert Here!

Boobs and Bottles Around the Web

WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK (Coordinated by WABA)1-7 August 2015

Leaky to Leaky Tips: 

"Encourage them to thrive. That a healthy mama and healthy fed baby are what matters. Its ok to change things to fit what you both need the most!" -Jen
"Love first. Support first. Always." -Karen
"After feeling shame and defeat in the beginning over having to supplement, my sweet midwife said "He will be just as loved and just as cherished and bonded with because YOU are his mommy. You love him. And that is enough. I am here to support you two." -Kileah
"Baby and Mama ALWAYS come first. Not your opinion. What works for one may not be the best for another. Be sensitive and kind. Kindness goes a long way." -Mandy
"Dont be afraid to ask for help. Yes, breastfeeding is natural and normal, however there can and usually is a huge learning curve for both mother and baby." -Triana
"Support what THEY choose, not what YOU choose/think is best for them." -Signey

#LeakyLooks: Milk-friendly Fashion For All Moms!

Out and About With #TLBMoves

We just wrapped up a month of getting ACTIVE with #TLBMoves and #LeakyLooks and we thought we’d share one more collection of outfits that are boob-friendly, pumping friendly, and paired for YOUR lifestyle! We partnered with Tula, Eyla's, Thinkbaby, and Belabumbum to equip you with the essentials to get MOVING! Want to see more? Get all of the looks HERE!

Looking for community? Need non-judgmental support for YOUR feeding journey? Join The Leaky Boob Community and get help HERE.

Leaky Chronicles: Real Stories For Real Life

Breastfeeding after a breast reduction, what if there isn't enough?

Read Jenna's story here.
Should we vote on if it is ok for women to breastfeed in public?

Boozy Lamb Short Ribs

by Carrie 

You know how you have friends coming over and you want to cook for them, but lack the kitchen space, air conditioning, and energy to execute it?
Yeah.  Me, too.
Here’s The Thing, though.  I am fairly certain my love language is food. And I’m also fairly certain I have conditioned my family and friends to receive my love in this manner.  Food is NOT love, but food can be a loving gesture in a world of convenience and fast meals.  What’s better than sitting down with friends and sharing a great meal, enjoyable conversation, and choice adult beverage?  Not much.
Also, food is effing delicious, so there’s that. READ MORE

This Week On Our Stable Table  

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

This Week On Beyond Moi

How To Be A Supportive Partner

The single most desirable quality in a partner today is perhaps that they be a supportive one.  But who actually has such a gem?  Are they a myth?  After 18 years with the same partner and so many ups and downs with her and our now 6 children, I believe that having a supportive partner has been key to us staying in a happy relationship together.  Actually, it has taken two supportive partners.  In an age when men can be breadwinners and nurturers and women can be nurturers and breadwinners, each couple needs to determine their respective roles together and figure out how to best support one another. READ MORE

Join The Conversation!

I'm so glad that I got to attend 
Milk: An Infant Feeding Conference - it was Jessica's first time planning one and it was so good! Here she is, wearing The Leaky B@@b's colors at MiLK where she was the master of ceremonies. We weren't sure going into it if we would ever do this again. But the success of the event may have changed our minds...READ

I Went On Vacation And I Didn’t Miss My Kids. Am I A Horrible Person?

This post will probably rankle some feathers but I really, really appreciated this because sometimes I can relate. READ

Love Beyond Moi– 16 points about sex beyond baby

My sex life drastically improved after having children.

I don’t mean it’s always what I want it to be or always great but it is so much better than before we had kids.  So is my marriage in general.  Blaming having children for a couple’s sex life going down hill is missing reality: it’s not the baby’s fault.  It’s also not the fault of breastfeeding, where your baby sleeps (we have had our kids in their own beds and rooms and with us), or giving birth. READ MORE

TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth


"Babies Don't Judge"

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