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For the BRAND NEW MUM, or for the NEWLY-MADE-MOTHER in your life, this newsletter edition is just for YOU. Resources curated to keep, share, and change lives plus some special discount! We welcome you and your new bundle. If that new baby stage is over for you, scroll down to our contribution from our sister sites that have nothing to do with babies and infant feeding for recipes, relationship stories, and reviews.
Peace, Milk, Newborn Snuggles,
-TLB Team
Dear Leakies,

How will parenting change you? Let me count the ways. We'll start with 4 for now though.

Whether everything went according to the serene picture in your head or nothing like it at all, becoming a new parent is an experience like no other. Largely because all the preparation in the world doesn't really prepare you and before you know it, parenting is sink or swim.

So you start swimming. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep SWIIIIIIIIIIIIIMING!

The reality is no matter how much you envisioned being a perfect parent, you will fail. I know, not very encouraging. But the sooner you accept that, the better it will be, you are not going to ever be a perfect parent. Parenting will change you and though you won't be a perfect parent, you ARE the perfect parent for your child(ren). Flaws and all. There are glorious, amazing moments in parenting that will take your breath away. There are sweet, tender moments in parenting that will make you smile and treasure the little things. And yes, there are horrible, nightmarish moments in parenting that will cause you to question what you were thinking getting into this gig in the first place. All of the moments need the other moments.

Three ways parenting will change you:

You will redefine a good night's sleep. And you'll be amazed at how little can feel so good. Four months into parenting our second daughter, who had a personal vendetta against sleep, we had our first night with 4 hours in a row. Plus another 2 after that. It was amazing. I celebrated. Never mind that a year before a good night was 10 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

Clean takes on a new meaning too. So just how much like sour milk does that shirt you wore yesterday smell? On a scale of 1-10 if it's a 7 it may likely pass as wearable.

You will need more storage on your phone. Sure, it's popular to be annoyed with your friends posting pictures and videos of their kids all the time on social media but, OMG, you should have seen the way she discovered her fingers! You're going to need more room on your phone.

Patience for yourself. At least I hope parenting changes you this way. If you are a perfectionist, this is particularly hard. In the end though, if you wouldn't want someone treating your child the way you treat yourself, then you're going to need to model that with how you treat yourself. Patience is key.

You've got this. You will keep swimming.

And for some of the more fun parts of parenting a newborn, see these 12 signs that you're breastfeeding a newborn here.

Scroll down for more support for new parents, a great coupon code (20% off!) for a top that will convert all your shirts into breastfeeding tops, and for topics well beyond those baby days, see the sections from our sister sites and

Happy Parenting!


Jessica Martin-Weber


This Week On TLB 

More Than Mommy Exhaustion: How I Recovered My Energy and Health

You wonder if maybe you’re missing something but chalk it up to this season in life where sleep is scarce, demands are abundant, and time for self-care is at a high premium. Of course you’re depleted. Who wouldn’t be?

A few months ago, I brought up my debilitating exhaustion to my doctor. Being a mom herself, she’s familiar with all that goes along with it. She encouraged me to see if there might be an underlying problem in addition to this season of life...

Read more about what Carrie discovered here.

Baby Explains- Normal Newborn Behavior

Dear Mommy, 
I know that right now, you feel like your friends who aren’t breastfeeding their babies seem to have an easier time of things. READ MORE

Lucky Mother, I
~A Breastfeeding Poem~

Though our own past as a family has shown me I can’t protect them completely from everything forever, I can do this. READ HERE

Pump Like a Pro – Bring on the Dirty Clothes

There’s nothing quite like that indescribable mini-rush you get from catching a deep whiff of baby smell.  Well it turns out that unlike the stuff they spray inside of new cars, new baby smell has a serious purpose — a biological one!
Picking up on your baby’s unique smell can actually help you let down and get that mama milk flowing! READ MORE 

Grilled Summer Salad


  • 2 hearts of romaine, sliced length-wise
  • 4 campari tomatoes, chopped (trust me, they’re worth the money!)
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • olive oil spray
  • dried Italian herbs
  • dressing of your choice, though I prefer something creamy like organic Goddess dressing with extra white wine vinegar for some pucker


  1. Mist romaine halves and whole green onions with olive oil.
  2. Place romaine halves flat side down on the grill, and allow to char a bit.  Flip over and allow the rounded sides of the romaine to wilt and brown up.
  3. While lettuce is grilling and wilting, char green onions on the grill.
  4. When lettuce is charred and wilted, remove from grill and sprinkle with herbs, salt, pepper, dressing. Top with green onions and tomatoes.

Prepare to have a new favorite summertime dish!  You’ll need a fork and knife for this salad and it is well worth it.  Even veggie-hating littles will love this.

What lights your fire?

Ask The Expert

Your questions asked. The Experts answer!

Traumatic Birth: Resources for Healing and Protecting Breastfeeding

Having intrusive thoughts about your birth?  Flashbacks?  Feeling disconnected from your baby?  Do you steer clear of hospitals, or try to avoid talking about your birth?

Many women experience trauma related to childbirth, and estimates range from 18% to as high as 34%.  One third of women who experience traumatic births go on to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Yet despite its widespread nature, the experience of birth-related trauma can be an isolating one, as mothers are encouraged to focus on their babies and quickly “get over” their birth experience.  Trauma can affect a mother – and a partner’s – ability to connect with their baby, carry out normal activities, and can also impair breastfeeding. GET MORE HERE

Ask Your Question for an Expert Here!

Boobs and Bottles Around the Web

It’s hard to get pumped (pun intended) about balancing breastfeeding and work. If the time commitment and isolating nursing room experience weren’t challenging enough, mothers find themselves stuck between non-existent policies and a push to pump.
Read here.
In a group of 21 species of non-human primates (monkeys and apes) studied by Holly Smith, she found that the offspring were weaned at the same time they were getting their first permanent molars. In humans, that would be: 5.5-6.0 years. Read here.
Instead of talking about the systemic issues that create a cycle of guilt, fear, and competition, we were once again dragging the conversation down into the mommy-war gutter, pitting woman against woman, and continuing the seemingly endless divide between breastfeeding and formula feeding moms.
Read here.

Leaky to Leaky Tips: 

"Don't worry about what other people think about you. You do YOU. What works for YOU." Ana

"Be kind to yourself. You just did the biggest work of your LIFE. So much grace, mama." -Gillian

"Find your tribe. Find your people. Find what supports and gives you life the most. We need all the love and support we can get!" -Lauren

"Love FIRST. Talk later. New mamas need YOU, not your opinions." -Meaghann

#LeakyLooks: Milk-friendly Fashion For All Moms!

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Month 2015!
It’s the end of summer! We can all feel it. The anticipation of cooler days, school supplies, hot tea, and ALL OF THE FLANNEL (okok. I’m from Portland. Like THAT wasn’t obvious! Ha.). But – it’s August. Which means, for a lot of us, it’s still fairly warm and dry outside. We’re getting some of our older kids ready for a new school year, all of the extra errands we’re running to sign our kids up for fall sports, physicals, music lessons, end-of-summer-getaways, considering more versatile clothing to facilitate pumping at work….August fills up pretty fast when you think about it! Want to see more of our looks? Check them out HERE!

We all need community. We all need support. Why not find yours now? Join us HERE.

Leaky Chronicles: Real Stories For Real Life

Ten Signs That Your Newborn is Super Smart

1. She wants to ditch the pretty crib with the adorable bedding set and prefers to sleep as close to you as possible.  On your chest, snuggled by your side, in a carrier, where ever as long as she’s touching you.  Food, warmth, help regulating her breathing and heart rate, and you’re right there to snatch her to safety should a lion show up looking for a tasty baby snack.  Hey, you never know!

Read more

I’m A Shi**y Friend. {A Letter From An Overwhelmed Mama}

For 33 years, I showed up. I checked in when we missed connecting for too long. I saved  hard earned pennies to go to music festivals, embark on international adventures, and attend weddings, funerals, and graduations. Sometimes, I  hopped in my car and drove all night just to hang out with you because I missed you and I could. We cracked jokes. We talked deep for hours. We threw parties and planned adventures and surprises. We walked every step of our treacherous, joyful, fearful, conflicted, soul-seeking journey together. We shared sacred space in our hearts. Even when distance and difficulties stretched out between us, we always made our way back to each other. READ MORE

This Week On Our Stable Table  

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

This Week On Beyond Moi

My Perfect Stepford Family, or Why I Don’t Control My Children

Even our older kids rise up against the power that we have over them as parents. They’re just less obvious about it. “Putting something away” in their room for 15 minutes when we’re all picking up our community space (the parts of our house that we share) together for 20 minutes, for example, when in reality they would rather just read a book on their bed – a preference that they carry out, until they get discovered. Family rules regarding electronics only matter if they get caught breaking them, and then they get to act offended when they get called on it. They are hurt. Deeply wounded. And the injustice is just really hard to cope with.

How dare we, as parents, try to control our children?


Sex After Baby- 16 Points About Sex Beyond Baby


Sex after baby.  Everybody wants it, many fear it’s a lost cause, some dread it, others predict doom and gloom, afair share are too exhausted to consider it, a few hop right to it, plenty think about it nervously, untold numbers want to figure out how to get more of it or how to want to want it at all.  Talk swirls around of lack of sex killing a relationship, a partner’s sexual needs, pressures of duty and obligation, what a woman wants, what a man needs, and how it seems like babies have an internal radar as to when their parents are getting it on no matter how strategic the timing.  That last one is probably true. READ MORE

Making room for dads at the changing table

Several months ago, my husband, the dedicated and involved father of my children, went to take then 18 month old Sugarbaby to the bathroom to change her diaper. But there wasn’t a changing area in the men’s room. READ MORE

How a tattoo helped me heal my mothering spirit

Ever since I was a child I have admired tattoos while finding them scary and thinking the people sporting such body art were a combination of confident bad-asses who were insecure about their body and felt the need to modify it.  It was confusing.  For a long time I thought only a certain type of person would do that to their body and it wasn’t a “good” kind of person either.

Join The Conversation!

Target To Stop Separating 'Girl' And 'Boy' Toys, Some People Are PISSED

Hold up! Are the people that are angry about this change at Target forgetting that they come from a generation where toys weren't so segregated based on the genitalia of the child that would theoretically play with them? Good grief. My brother had a pink bike, A PINK BIKE, by his choice (because, hello, children of the 80s) and he's as masculine as they come. Pink doesn't have a vagina and blue doesn't have a penis. Grow up, grown ups. Target changing their signs and no longer segregating toys based on marketing agendas to sell more by generating OBJECTS isn't going to undo the fabric of anything. Most of us adults are proof that pink and blue signs and designated toys don't mean anything as to our sexual identity. It isn't "traditional" to market toys based on gender, that's fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. READ MORE

TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth


"Am I Wearing Pants?!"

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