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The weeks get long and schedules can become very hectic.  All that daily chaos can reek havoc on our Momma nerves; but the whole family suffers, including our kids big and small.  One of the best choices we can make as a family is to gather together for our meals spent together.  We can finally slow down, look each other in the eye, and reconnect.  Even better, get the kids involved in the preparation!  Food is by nature a social event so what a better time to bond with our children.  We have some great recipes to share as well as ideas for helping your children make healthier choices.  So, latch on Leaky, and dive in as you prepare to gather around the table with your family this week!  
-TLB Team
Dear Leakies, 

It has been said that the way our babies come to us shapes who we are as parents, that we birth ourselves as mothers just as our children are born into our hearts and arms. I've seen that to be true with both adoption and childbirth.

And so I would say, our journey in feeding our children as infants feeds our mothering soul and confidence. The obstacles we encounter and how close we are to meeting our goals can directly impact how we view our own parenting competency.

This is a big part of why we still need infant feeding and parenting advocacy and why will continue doing so. It matters, not just for that moment, but for the long haul too. Sharing our feeding stories in all their diversity, from rainbows and butterflies to steep mountain and lakes of lava, matters. We can normalize just how varied it can be. And down with shame surrounding infant feeding.

It was with this in mind that the idea for a children's book that celebrates feeding babies and toddlers was born. In conversation with my own children about the different ways babies are fed when they saw a baby with a stomach tube, they observed that the baby's mom loved him very much. We began looking for images of babies and toddlers being fed with love. Together we wove a story of love in the various ways parents feed their children. Breast, bottle, cup, tube, spoon, syringe... What Love Tastes Like.

We're looking forward to making our book available with stunning illustrations done by Joni Rae Latham through self-publishing. We're going to need your help and we'll be sharing even more about that soon. For now, join us on the What Love Tastes Like Facebook page and Instagram for a sneak peak at the book and a place to share our fed with love experiences plus recipes and tips.

Every day on TLB's social media we celebrate fed with love and honor the varied paths parents find themselves on in their infant feeding journeys. This month with #TLBloves, we are taking a look at how it extends beyond feeding and into our relationships.

Join us on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter as we share our connection stories with #TLBloves. So grateful for the sponsors we have who believe such connections are important; MilkMakers, Earth Mama Angel Baby, fair trade Pebble Toys, Chompy Chic chewable jewelry, Bamboobies, and Baby K'Tan baby carriers.

Feed with love,

Jessica Martin-Weber


This Week On TLB 

The Mom That Needs to be Cared For: How About VIP MommyCon Tickets and Earth Mama Angel Baby Swag?


 When we’re lonely, exhausted, and confused, parenting gets harder. When we’re sore, conflicted, and struggling, despair can creep in. So can resentment and anger and doubt. Burn out.

And when feeding our baby isn’t as natural as we thought it would be, our confidence can erode. Not just in the short term, it can leave a quiet burning question in our core than leads to us feeling unworthy every step of our parenting journey.

You guys, parenting is a long road.

Our children deserve to have parents that are supported, parents that are connected, parents that are healing, parents that are growing. READ MORE

Ask The Expert- Rebecca Michi- Night Weaning, Co-Sleeping, and Crib Training- Sleep in Arm's Reach


 We asked sleep consultant Rebecca Michi to come help us all get some more sleep and we asked the Leakiaes to share there current sleep struggles. Here are a few of the responses followed by Rebecca’s support. READ MORE


#TLBloves Giveaway- Share The Love


Humans have a deep need to connect with each other, forming bonds and experiencing love. But it isn’t always easy and sometimes it is downright confusing to be in relationship with others. With #TLBloves, we aim to provide families with community support through information sharing, narrative, and personal challenges, all free of judgment.
#TLBloves Giveaway Bundle includes items from Chompy Chic, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Kahiniwalla, Bamboobies, Milk Makers, and Baby K’tan!! 

Call for Speakers- MILK: An Infant Feeding Conference, 2016


Parenting and Feeding Around the Web

Drained But Full...
We have an amazing online community we'd love for you to join! Needing positive support in your feeding journey? Have questions about weaning? Supplementing? Breast Pain? We're here to help! Click on our logo to get added or Join The Leaky Boob Community HERE.

[Video] 10 Things Kids From Big Families Are Tired of Hearing

Find out what 10 things kids from big families are just so tired of hearing. 
Are you from a big family? What are you tired of hearing? Or are you curious about life in a big family and have some questions you'd like to ask?  READ MORE

5 Tips From Scientist That Instantly Had My Kids Eating Healthy


There are some really great tips in here to inspire your kiddos to make healthier food choices!

"So, when my son would be given the choice, I would ask him to think for a moment which one Spider-Man would eat. I made sure to keep that question light and fun. And lo and behold, it worked! Practically every time he would go for the healthier choice." READ MORE

A Mermaid PDF Coloring Book by Artist Joni Rae Latham


YOU GUYS! Breastfeeding pregnant mermaid COLORING PAGE!
Who is into adult coloring here? Loves mermaids? Is a fan of breastfeeding? Is excited to see body diversity and age diversity in art? I just looked through this digital down load of a new adult coloring book and I'm in love! The whole thing is gorgeous. 

My coloring is still a new thing. I work on it slowly because of the number of interruptions and things I have to do, but I find it relaxing and fun. I think I need this one. 

The book is a PDF download for instant gratification coloring purposes and is only 4.99! You can print as many copies for your personal use as you like.
This book features mermaids of all shapes. Some nudity, so review before giving it to your kids, if that kind of thing bothers you.  


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life. family. love.

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Dad's Guide For Cooking For Kids

The idea that men can’t cook for the family seems archaic and ridiculous, particularly since there’s a long-standing flip side of that sexism where the top chefs in the world have been men – since the beginning of Top Chef-dom. They can’t cook at home but they can dominate the commercial kitchen? That’s just silly.  READ MORE

How Our Family Started Eating Healthy-ish

It all started when the 4 year old that had been enthusiastic about going to her little Waldorf Kindergarten class 3 days a week suddenly became reluctant and difficult, often refusing to go into her classroom.  We tried everything, being gentle and listening to her, being firm but lovingly telling her that she was going to school, giving her space, going in with her, giving her kisses in her hand to hold for later, letting her bring something special from home to encourage her through her day, and even leaving her crying with her teacher twice.  Nothing worked.  READ MORE


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You Won't Be Able to Get These Slave-Made Items in the U.S. Anymore

85 years of knowingly importing goods produced by forced or slave labor is a long and shameful time. I'm glad that we're taking a stand against it now. The link to the list of "136 goods from 74 countries" that will no longer be imported is in the article below. 

~ Jeremy


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