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It's time to head outside with #TLBMoves and  this summer! You'll love what we've got to share with you this week! Ready to be inspired by the great outdoors and get moving with your family? Read on!
-The TLB Team
Hey Leakies,

First, don't forget, Milk: An Infant Feeding Conference is coming up and it's not too late to get your tickets, plus I have a discount code for 20% off for you: theleakyboob.

Are you having a great summer?!  We are, we're getting out and moving as a family. It's been great too, not as hard as I expected and has had a powerful influence on me and my kidlets. We're getting strong and learning to love our bodies together with #TLBmoves.

I had written something else for this week's newsletter but what feels appropriate is sharing what is coming from our community efforts together. Because whether we're talking about feeding our babies, sleep, getting healthy, preparing for childbirth, relationships, or really any other aspect of life, these ideas still ring true. This collection comes from our #TLBmoves community members.

A lesson for me... and for my children:

A reminder when I'm not sure I want to keep going:

A collage from a community remember that inspires:

Encouragement, for when my efforts seem small:

And this video that hits right in the feels.

We all need encouragement along the way and together we are stronger. Inspired by our children, we are pursuing wholeness for ourselves and society. Just like there are certain things I want my children to know about motherhood and feeding babies, so there are things I want them to know about their bodies, their strength, and their health. We can start by modeling it. They are watching.

Happy moving and happy feeding!


Jessica Martin-Weber

This Week On TLB 

Pump Like a Pro – Double Up

by Wendy Bell, CLE

Have you heard moms complain that they just don’t let down for the pump? Or they do, but they don’t get as much milk as they think they should? These are pretty common complaints! Never fear, we’ve got you covered!

First, if your instinct tells you that there’s something bigger at play, connect with someone trained in breastfeeding support. (This starts at the grassroots with organizations like Breastfeeding USA and La Leche League, which offer trained volunteer peer counselors, then escalates to moderately trained pros like CLCs, CLEs, etc-, and the very best, top-notch support you can get comes from an IBCLC. Asking your OB, midwife, or any other provider may leave you with dated or incorrect info, so try and connect with someone who’s got breastfeeding-specific training.)

Next…if you feel like you’re doing ok with breastfeeding in general, but you’re just not getting along with your pump, you’ve got options! Check out our other tips! READ MORE

#TLBMoves: Kelsey’s Story-Changing Her Life to Inspire Others

"When I became a mom I devoted 100% of my time into taking care of my three little boys.
I completely forgot to take care of myself.

What I Want My Daughters To Know About Motherhood- Feeding Babies

"Like precious family heirlooms, from time to time I reverently unpack the memories...some of those cherished mental keepsakes have little barbs on them. They sting when I unpack them, no matter how careful I am."   

Hemp Heart Crusted Zucchini Fries {Vegan, Paleo}


  • 1 large (ish) zucchini, cut into sticks
  • 1/2 cup hemp hearts
  • 2-3 Tbsp arrow root powder or tapioca flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp tumeric (optional)
  • dash of paprika
  • small bowl of water
  • Coconut oil for cooking


  1. In a medium frying pan, heat 1/4 inch of coconut oil until hot. (Typically medium+ setting, but don’t let it smoke.)
  2. Combine hemp hearts, arrow root, and spices and blend throughly.
  3. Take a piece of zucchini and dip it in the water. Remove and lightly shake excess water off.
  4. Press each flat side firmly in the flour mixture and then place into hot oil, flat side down.
  5. Rotate the zucchini to get both flat sides nice and brown (2-3 min each side). Be careful not to burn them!
  6. Place on paper towel lined plate to drain off excess oil.

Eat as soon as they are cool!  These stay fresh and delicious for a good 30 minutes after cooking.

Boobs and Bottles Around the Web

Why does the Internet freak out when we encourage body autonomy for our kids? READ MORE
Breastfeeding: Why we should all make a tit of ourselves in public READ MORE

Leaky to Leaky Tips: 

How do YOU get motivated to get outside and get moving? Here are our Leakies with the latest!
"It gets stupid hot here in the summer, so I try to shoot for a great nature walk in the morning with my littles! It makes for better moods all day and the motivation to NOT walk in 100 degree weather later in the day is motivating!" -Heather

"We always like to check out the local splash pads around Portland. There are so many! Motivation to keep cool AND get to chill out and play is our motivation!" -Anne

"Write out a list that your whole family contributes to. Stuff you like to do that's outside. Walk to a park. Swim in a lake. Birdwatching. Hide and go seek. You name it!" -Ashley


#LeakyLooks: Milk-friendly Fashion For All Moms!

What happens when you cross #TLBMoves with the breastfeeding mama? #TLBMovesFashion! We've got our latest picks to inspire the mom on-the-move whether it's the gym, her living room, the campsite, or anywhere in between! Pin more of our newest looks here!

Need support? Longing for community? Need a breast question answered? Find out why our Leakies are joining HERE.

Hemp Heart Crusted Zucchini Fries {Vegan, Paleo}

I know.  You just read “hemp” in the title and immediately assumed it was about marijuana.  I GET IT.  I live in Oregon, where it is now legal to smoke, grow, and posses these controversial little plants. 
But that’s not what this post is about.  Because I’m not about to touch that conversation with a 10 ft bong pole. READ MORE

This Week On Our Stable Table  

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

This Week On Beyond Moi

Circumnavigating the Media Black Hole as Parents: Part (4)

A very effective approach to setting media limits in our family is asking our children how long they think they should engage with screens at a given time. It empowers them by giving them a sense of authority in their own lives, something we want them to have in the long term and need to develop along the way. READ MORE

Join The Conversation!

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