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It's summertime! The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and the kids are out of school. What a better time than now to get out with the family and get moving. This week we are starting our #TLBmoves campaign and we have some great articles in this week's edition of our newsletter to help you do just that. Have a great week!
Hey Leakies,

Last month we nourished, this month we're MOVING! 

We're not looking to "get our body back" after having a baby, we're just looking for activity that helps us and our family be healthy. #TLBmoves is all about inspiration to figure out and share what that means for your family.

Want to know more about the campaign and how you can participate? Read more about #TLBmoves here.

We've teamed up with 3 brands to help support us all in that journey including title sponsor ThinkBaby ThinkSport with safe sunblock for the whole family and double insulated water bottles (that don't have a metallic taste- yay!), Belabumbum's maternity and breastfeeding activewear, and Tula Baby Carriers. With education and information sharing, we're working together to bring us all in community without judgement but with loads of support. Starting with a giveaway!

So how do you get the whole family on the move? It depends on the age of your kiddos but here are some tips to get you started.
  • DRINK! Lots. Low energy is common in parenting, could be for a number of reasons but did you know dehydration can contribute? Drink up to help reduce fatigue and to have energy for getting moving.
  • #TLBmoves ambassador Brittany showed us her postpartum start to moving with her baby supervising in the living room, here using the hashtag #TLBmoves.
  • Get outside and play- and after you've played with the kids, try a quick work out while they play independently with these simple playground do-able exercises.
  • Try breastfeeding in the carrier and getting some walking in like #TLBmoves ambassador Hannah showed us here.
For more tips and judgment-free support, find us in our closed #TLBmoves group dedicated just community around getting active together!

Let's get moving!

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, theleakyboob

We’re not going anywhere in particular but we are journeying toward health, activity, and awareness. Not as isolated individuals, but as a family, a community. With each other and with our kids, we’re taking steps to get more movement in our lives. That movement may be a dance party in the living room, a daily babywearing walk at the park, hitting the gym, taking a Zumba class, playing Pokemon Go, including more veggies, setting up the blender for more healthy homemade smoothies, you name it, you define what #TLBmoves looks like for you.



Babyweight Workout


Jennifer from Fit For Expecting has offered up a workout to help make it easier to find some time to take care of you.  Check out this Baby Weight Workout that you can enjoy WITH your baby.  I think it’s a great springboard for customizing and creating your own workout that fits your family’s unique makeup.


Fitness and Breastfeeding

Moms can burn 500 calories a day while breastfeeding.  So that’s all you have to do, right?  Just breastfeed?  And the weight will all magically fall off and you will look like Giselle?

Breastfeeding can absolutely help you to lose weight, but many moms find that they need to embark on a plan of diet and exercise, too.  (And, just for good measure, please let me remind you not to begin a diet/exercise plan without consulting a medical professional and all that jazz.  Also, don’t rush into physical activity right after having a baby, take the time you need to really heal and adjust to having a new baby, pushing your body too soon could lead to further health issues.  Most moms find they need to wait at least 6 weeks, often closer to 12 weeks postpartum before they start exercising.)


Ask the Sleep Expert- Rebecca Michi- Sleeping Transitions for your Baby- Sleep In Arm's Reach 


We asked sleep consultant Rebecca Michi to come help us all get some more sleep and we asked the Leakies to share their current sleep struggles. Here are a few of the responses, followed by Rebecca’s support.


The Serious Injury No One is Talking about: Diastasis Recti


It’s about being healthy.

And not “healthy” in a way that has been co-opted by people meaning “stop eating junk food you fatty!” Healthy in way that allows people to live their lives in a manner they choose. Healthy in a way that allows you to lift babies and chase toddlers and carry laundry wherever you need to carry your laundry. Healthy in a way that makes you feel confident, that lets you sleep well and go about your life.

What happens when you’re injured…and you don’t even know it?  READ MORE

#TLBmoves Kelsey's Story- Changing Her Life to Inspire Others


When I became a mom, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. But to be honest, I kind of lost myself.

I devoted 100% of my time into taking care of my three little boys.

I completely forgot to take care of myself.



Making the Mothering Season Matter: Summer Edition


The last two summers have absolutely sucked. I mean that literally and figuratively. I pumped exclusively for my baby for 21 months, spanning the length of two summers. Lugging around the breast pump and a newborn and then a toddler made it tricky to do activities on my own with my son. I still did it, but we stuck closer to home and the mental/emotional/physical/logistical effort was just TOO MUCH.

But this summer? This summer has been redemption.


Parenting and Feeding Around the Web

We have an amazing online community we'd love for you to join! Needing positive support in your feeding journey? Have questions about weaning? Supplementing? Breast Pain? We're here to help! Click on our logo to get added or Join The Leaky Boob Community or click HERE.

Butter's Officially Good Now, But As Far As I'm Concerned, It's Always Been Good


Yesterday, the big news in food science was that BUTTER ISN’T BAD FOR YOU AFTER ALL! It turns out that butter, like other saturated fats, isn’t the health demon-food that we were once told it was. I think now we’re supposed to do Kermit-arms and dance around rejoicing that we can butter our toast with impunity.

Or we can just butter our toast because butter tastes good on toast and also on vegetables and you can roast apples in butter and brown sugar and OMG so good. And we can all just agree that butter is food and we eat food.

Can we do that? Please?  READ MORE

Mission Impossible: Feeding Toddlers a Balanced Diet


Feeding your child can feel a lot like an Olympic sporting event. You do your best to set up a successful meal. You have your gold, silver, and bronzemedal winning toddler-friendly foods. You create an inviting environment, complete with flameless candles and They Must Be Giants jamming out softly in the background. You buzz the spoon like an airplane. You do your best Mr. Miyagi impersonation. You pull out your old cheerleading uniform from high school (just kidding…that thing will never fit the same way again). You pretend to sneeze bites of perfectly steamed carrots into your baby’s mouth. You flawlessly execute a backflip-roundoff-triple-sow-cow whilst holding a spoonful of organic basil butternut squash soup clenched between your teeth. But your wee one looks past you, focused on the bag of snacks you forgot to hide. The one thing you did not prepare.  READ MORE

Recipes for Leakies and Littles

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

Yoga Pants: Every Man's Kryptonite


The old debate of what is appropriate for women to wear around men has once again been making waves on social media; questions of modesty and protecting men from their own uncontrollable thoughts, that whole ball of yarn, all because of the popularity of what may be the most comfortable article of clothing known to man – I mean, woman – namely: yoga pants. READ MORE

25 Things We've Learned From Using Public Transportation


This is the first year that we have decided that riding public transportation to school makes the most sense for our family. Our car needs to be replaced in a big way, and while we’re saving up to do so, riding the train seems a lot safer than driving the old clunker every day. Now that we have gotten a feel for the morning commute, it is highly unlikely that we would get to school any faster in a car than taking the train anyway (other commuters have told us the same)–even if we had a dependable vehicle. Plus, we had been wondering what we would do for exercise once school started, and committing to the mile and a half walk each day has at least given us a good starting place! So we have been taking our 3 youngest to school and back for a few weeks now and it has overall been a great experience. I decided to jot down a few things that we have learned from it, and was surprised to have come up with 25! Here they are, in no particular order:  READ MORE

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Let Your Children Decide What Happens to Their Own Body


One of the first conflicts we had with my parents over our parenting was when we didn't make our daughter give them a hug and a kiss when they said they wanted one from her. It led to an argument and me holding my daughter and walking away from them. It wasn't pretty.   READ MORE

TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth

TLB Comic: A Mother's Intuition & A Bonus Feature!

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