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Hi Leakies! Adjusting to motherhood can be a lot, we're here to help. There are so many challenges we face but sometimes one of the biggest hurdles we have to face is that we're undernourished. It's good to know we don't have to go it alone. See what we have for you below, we hope you find it nourishing. Don't miss the huge giveaways too!
-TLB Team
Dear Leakies, 

Around TLB we talk a lot about the oxygen mask principle, that you can't help others if you haven't taken care of yourself because you're no good to anybody passed out. 

But that's often easier said than done. Our society has such high esteem for the boot strap mentality that self-care is interpreted as weakness when it is anything but.

Leakies, we need to be nourished though. Can we Let Love Flo for ourselves? Many of us are quite literally nourishing our children with our own bodies and coming from a place of being empty mentally, emotionally, and physically isn't healthy for anyone, including our children.

So what can we do?

We encourage you to consider what nourishes you. Nourishment doesn't have to be complicated, it may be something simple. We have ideas for you here, here, and here but we want to get you started with a few tips:

  1. It's good to prioritize yourself. It isn't selfish. Taking care of your child's caregiver is responsible. 
  2. Nourishment can be quick and easy, like eating an apple.
  3. But if you're especially depleted in any way, physically, emotionally, mentally, then you may need some intense "bolus" dose to get you started.
  4. Chances are you're not the only person you know in need of nourishment, consider helping each other with accountability and babysitting.
  5. Join us for #TLBnourish and share ideas for nourishing oneself even in the midst of nourishing our families.
  6. The journey may feel awkward to start, particularly if you've been pouring our of yourself without nourishment coming in. 

You deserve to be fed with love just as much as your children do. 

Peace and nourishment to you and yours,

Jessica Martin-Weber

P.S. There are two big giveaways happening right now (here and here), we hope they are nourishing too!

This Week On TLB 

We All Need To Be Nourished- #TLBnourish Connection


We move, we love, we do safe… now we’re going back to our roots and talking about feeding with #TLBnourish.

#TLBnourish is a time to celebrate nourishing our families, ourselves, and even our community. From sharing recipes to sharing stories to sharing our photos, #TLBnourish us about feeding our whole selves well.

Nourishment is so much more than just nutrition for our bodies; our spirits find nourishment in connection, our relationships find nourishment in each other, our children find nourishment in our arms, our minds are nourished through learning and conversation, and our hearts are nourished by being with the people we love.  READ MORE

Nourishing Gifts


 So much of our lives revolve around feeding our families and sometimes that is fun, sometimes it’s draining.

Seriously, how can they be hungry again!

But nourishment isn’t the same thing as just feeding. Related, but not the same.

Nourishment is so much more than just nutrition for our bodies; our spirits find nourishment in connection, our relationships find nourishment in each other, our children find nourishment in our arms, our minds are nourished through learning and conversation, and our hearts are nourished by being with the people we love.

Which is why we’re hoping to nourish you with a giveaway to compliment your nourishment journey wherever it takes you. #TLBnourish giveaway is all about supporting you as your nourish those you love.

#TLBnourish Giveaway Bundle includes items from Mommy MoosliBeliBeaEvenflo FeedingInnobaby5 Phases and Wean Green!!  READ MORE

Exploring the Potential Emotional Impact of the Prenatal Ultrasound


There is no denying that a pregnancy ultrasound will change your life.  While most women may check it off as just another day of pregnancy, even seeing a healthy little baby swim around should spark a light of life-changing emotions. The miracle of life is one our society tends to shrug off and sometimes the effects can cause us to become unaware of how we truly feel towards seeing this tiny human being on a screen.  READ MORE


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Report: Most Sunscreens are Bad, But These 7 Brands are the Worst

Pregnancy has Paved My Road to Self-Acceptance
Oh nothing, just pumping breastmilk and spending time with baby. All in a mom's day. 

Nourishing. TLBnourish.

This. This is so much of motherhood and so often we don't even see it. Like moms are invisible, even to themselves. Juggling, so much juggling. Baby, pumping, and she captured the moment in a selfie and we freaking love it. Because it is so real and we've sooooooooo been there. And sometimes it is nice to see and be seen. Even in those ordinary, every day, real moments. Maybe especially then.
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We have an amazing online community we'd love for you to join! Needing positive support in your feeding journey? Have questions about weaning? Supplementing? Breast Pain? We're here to help! Click on our logo to get added or Join The Leaky Boob Community HERE.

It's My Pregnancy, And I'll Carb Up if I Want To


“Are you eating a lot of carbs?”
This well-meaning query came from my obstetrician at my 32-week check-up about a week and a half ago, upon completing her estimation that I was carrying an (already!) 4-pound-13-ounce baby. 

She’s a lovely lady, and I like her a lot. But girlfriend is not afraid to be blunt.  READ MORE

Recipes for Leakies and Littles

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

***Content warning- sexual assault discussed in depth but without details.***

A few weeks ago our eldest attended a mandatory safety training that included, amongst other topics, how to avoid getting raped. It ended up triggering a PTSD episode and serious self blame about the abuse she experience 12 years ago. 

Focusing on how to avoid being a victim of sexual assault over how not to be the assailant is one of the most clear hallmarks of rape culture I can think of.

While we are all talking about pathetic sentencing for rapists, our 15yo had an important question: where are the workshops to train people how not to be rapists?


Finding Autonomy- of abuse, single parenting, and not believing you are enough.

"Despite the beautiful simplicity of the liturgy of my life, pain and anxiety began to cripple my every thought. Why? Because Mother’s Day is still a harsh reminder of how I got here – why I am now a single mom. And a reminder of that time I could have gotten out, but stayed, again."


How to Be a Supportive Partner

The single most desirable quality in a partner today is perhaps that they be a supportive one.  But who actually has such a gem?  Are they a myth?  After 18 years with the same partner and so many ups and downs with her and our now 6 children, I believe that having a supportive partner has been key to us staying in a happy relationship together.  Actually, it has taken two supportive partners.



Join The Conversation!

No Criminal Charges for Mother in Cincinnati Gorilla Death Case

"Good news: the mother of the 3 yr old boy who fell into the gorilla pit will not be charged for neglect, or anything else related to this event. 

“If anyone does not believe a 3-year-old can scamper off very quickly, they’ve never had kids,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters said at a news conference Monday. “Because they can and they do.”

It is a relief to hear that kids running off is not necessarily a sign of bad parenting. It's a sign of kids being kids. 

Perhaps your experience was/is different. Mine was a mix..."

~ Jeremy


TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth
 Lollipop, Catpoop, and Grandma

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