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Pregnant bellies everywhere! Whether you're pregnant, your best friend is, your spouse, or your seems everyone has an opinion on birth and babies. So, since it's national coffee day-pull up a chair, grab your phone, and read our best resources on all things pregnancy this week! 
-TLB Team

Dear Leakies,

Have you found confidence in yourself through the challenges you've faced in your parenting journey? Has feeding your baby taught you something about yourself? You're not alone and we want to hear all about it, email your story to us at content@theleakyboob with the subject #ConfidentMoms.

The first time I drove after finding out I was pregnant I discovered 5 things:
  1. I had no confidence and was suddenly nervous about driving because my baby was an extra person to take care of and
  2. Driving safely was challenging with constantly needing to vomit.
  3. Safety was more important to me than it ever had been before.
  4. Keeping our babies safe starts before they're even born. 
  5. Everyone else in the whole world drives like they just don't have they're in a clown show! (I'm working on letting go of this one.)
It can be hard to tell what's really a safety concern and what's an old wives' tale when you're pregnant and so many well intended people will hurry to dispense even more confusing information that could just be a myth and not information at all. What practices are dangerous? What food should you really avoid and why? Are there any chemicals you should be worried about? Is your shampoo ok? What about your hair dye? Face wash? Sleeping on your back, yes or no? Is that thing about raising your arms about your head just something silly or is it a real thing? How to tell?

No really, how do you tell?

Four ways to figure out if the pregnancy warnings are real:
  • Talk to your health care provider. They've heard it all and if they don't already know the answer, they know how to find the answer from a reliable, evidence based source. And if you aren't sure about their answer, get a second opinion and of course...
  • Talk to your family and friends. We're not alone in this life for a reason. Feel out your friends, ask their experience, and ask around. The answers may be diverse but that's not a bad thing as you...
  • Do your own research. Use the CRAAP test to be sure the source and the information provided is something you should trust. But in the end...
  • Listen to your gut. If you can clear the noise around you, take some deep breaths, and just listen to yourself, that mom-sense is probably already starting to heighten. Listen to it. And don't do something that makes you uncomfortable.
You've got this Leakies. You can keep your little ones safe when they're inside and out.

#TLBsafeKids is coming to a close, we hope the information and support has been helpful to you. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a clek car seat, Newton Crib Mattress, Crane humidifier, California Baby gift set, CatBird baby carrier, and Rhoost home safety items.

Happy Parenting Leakies!


Jessica Martin-Weber

We have a clek Fllo for one of our readers but first, what do you check for on your child's harness every time you buckle them in? Do you know what to look for? These tips from TLB Safe Kids sponsor, clek, are helpful information to help you keep your kiddos safe in when you're on the road. Make sure everyone who helps transport your child knows these guidelines.

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This Week On TLB 

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy AKA Why Does It Feel Like My Nipples Are Falling Off


Tone, Filters, and Information

Whenever I see articles talking about the importance of nutrition in pregnancy I get a little tense.  When recent articles came out about research findings that moms that eat a diverse diet of healthy foods during pregnancy expose their babies to flavors that can help them to be less picky and eat a wide range of healthy foods later, I had a momentary twinge of guilt.  With articles like that I find myself thinking “I guess I screwed up” and then “actually, they eat pretty darn well, thank you.  They turned out fine.”

I eat like crap when I’m pregnant. READ MORE

Say WHAT?! Stupid things Said to Pregnant Moms

Women have been getting pregnant, having babies, and breastfeeding for a long time.  Since, well, the dawn of time.  One would think all the stupid comments about these facts of life would have been said enough already that everyone would understand to never say them again.  Yet, according to this thread with Leakies on Facebook, that is hardly the case.  Stupidity still predictably spews forth from the mouths of strangers, friends, coworkers, and family members alike onto nauseated, bloated mothers-to-be everywhere.  Here’s a collection of some of our favorite and in case you were wondering, this would be a list of what NOT to say to a pregnant woman.  Ever.  Particularly if you value your life. READ MORE


by Carrie Saum
We're celebrating National Coffee Day with this fantastic (and good for you!) recipe for one of our favorite nourishing ways to prepare our favorite brew. READ MORE on why these fats are good for you!


  • 12oz of freshly brewed coffee
  • 1 Tbsp Kerrygold butter
  • 1 Tbsp organic coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp Great Lakes gelatin
  • Sweetener (optional)


  1. In a blender or Magic Bullet, add coffee, coconut oil, butter and sweetener.  Add gelatin just before you blend.
  2. Blend on high for 5 seconds. That’s all it takes to become emulsified and frothy and magical.
  3. Drink immediately.

Boobs and Bottles Around the Web

Researchers propose 'breastsleeping' as a new word and concept

We're teaming up with Euphoric Herbals 
to offer our readers an exclusive discount online! Euphoric Herbals uses certified organic and ethically-cultivated herbs and natural ingredients in all of their products to meet the diverse needs of every customer. Needing to boost milk supply? Searching for a perfect way to relax those tired mama muscles? Euphoric Herbals is here to support you in your journey of holistic living.
33 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

#LeakyLooks: Milk-friendly Fashion For All Moms!

Autumn Pregnancy Edition!

I can still remember vividly the first time my partner and I were expecting. We were working 3 jobs between the 2 of us and lived near Seattle. He suprised me with a day trip and took me to my favorite store downtown and had me pick out a capsule maternity wardrobe. Some of those pieces I picked out survived 5 pregnancies and 4 loan-outs to dear friends. Talk about good choices! (Thank you, babe!)

Here are some of my favorite Autumn picks for all of my pregnant Leaky friends! I hope they give you some great ideas while you show off that beautiful pregnant body of yours. Because you ARE beautiful. You are exquisite. And you should feel it from the inside out<3 SEE MORE

We have an amazing online community we'd love for you to join! Needing positive support in your feeding journey? Have questions about weaning? Supplementing? Breast Pain? We're here to help! Click on our logo to get added or Join The Leaky Boob Community HERE.

Tips From Leakies on PREGNANCY

  • I always had my phone with me and charged. I was pregnant in winter so I made sure to wear shoes that wouldn't slip on the ice. Always wearing a seat belt (which I do anyway). I chose to follow the dietary recommendations (no sushi, lunch meats or undercooked red meat). -Heather
  • I put a chux pad under my bum whenever i drove at the end! Just in case my water broke in the car :) -Kileah
  • Less is more. You don't need a ton of stuff:) -Kari
  • Get some meals planned out, ask around, get some great recipes and a plan in place for when you're recovering! Even how the house will get clean. -Jessie
  • Don't underestimate the power of rest. It's more important than just about anything else. -Emily

Leaky Chronicles: Real Stories For Real Life

Breastfeeding Back to Work; a #MyStoryMatters Leaky Share

I was attending the Naval Postgraduate School when I had my first daughter. Luckily, I had her at the end of a quarter, and got to take an entire 3 months off school before going back. The Department Lead of my curriculum has also breastfed all her children and was very supportive.  READ MORE

Only 24 more hours to use the secret code KEEPSAFE for an extra entry in this giveaway valued at over $900!! 

Feeding Echo and Finding Purpose – Our Life with FPIES

A few weeks ago, our local news station asked our family to do a news segment on FPIES.  We talk about FPIES almost weekly here in an effort to raise awareness around food allergies, and I’m all about raising awareness wherever and whenever I can. So, of course we said yes.
{Watch our story here.}
I love the story, I love how well they captured the sweetness of my boy, his gentle, joyful spirit, and most of all his interaction with his dad. The news got about 85% of the story right, and I’m grateful for that.  But they missed a few details, and one major detail that I want to express:
Echo’s illness changed everything.
From the ashes of that first year, a new life was born. READ MORE

This Week On Our Stable Table  

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

This Week On Beyond Moi

Beyond Our Culture’s Nipple Confusion

A high school girl decides to show up at school without a bra and gets pulled out of class by security and reprimanded. Why?

I used to think that bras were primarily made to support breasts. And secondly to optionally look sexy.

How naïve of me.

It is obvious to me now that their primary purpose is to hide nipples. Female nipples. Why else would girls in middle school get teased into wearing a bra? Why else would teenage girls who have very little breast tissue have parents who insist that they put on a bra before leaving the house? “I would never allow my daughter to leave the house without a bra.”(as seen in the comment section of the above link)

Clearly it’s not about the support. It’s about the way female chests look without a bra. Meaning, it’s about noticing their nipples through their clothes. But why? What is the fear that motivates mothers to force bras on their daughters?

Here are my thoughts as to what those fears might be: READ MORE

Join The Conversation!

HG Awareness Day

Jessica wants to rip HG’s head off.  I want to beat the crap out of HG, beat it to a pulp, until it’s an unrecognizable mangled mess on the floor.  But we can’t.  This oppressor has no face, no body, nothing to target.  No sniper can take it down, we can’t fight it with our buying power, we can’t legislate it out of our lives, or use political influence to pressure it into reform. READ MORE


How A Tattoo Helped Me Heal My Mothering Spirit

My pregnancy with our youngest, now 2 year old Sugarbaby, was my best pregnancy in large part because I agreed to a PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line at 16 weeks gestation.  Inserted in my right arm just above my elbow crease on my inner arm, I had a tube that snaked through a peripheral vein to my heart to daily administer fluids for hydration, medicine, and vitamins.  While this wasn’t my first PICC, it was my longest lasting one from 16-34 weeks gestation.  Not surprisingly, the insertion site scarred and though the scar was subtle on the inside of my arm and almost nobody could see it, when I looked down at my arm the scar reminded me of an angry face.  I had a love/hate relationship with my PICC, I hated that I needed it but I loved that it helped me grow my baby.  READ MORE

TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth


"Preschool Boob Art"

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