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Hey there, Leaky! This week we're talking about Nurturing the Nurturer. YOU. Taking care of yourself so that you can thrive in this season of your life! We have some fantastic interactive links and articles designed to encourage you in self-care and celebrate in anticipation of Mother's Day on May 10th! Keep scrolling for some YUMMY recipes, new Leaky Comic, our upcoming MILK conference, and our LAST giveaway for TLB's Birthday celebration. You don't want to miss out! 

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Happy Nurturing!
xoxo TLB Team

Dear Leakies,

When was the last time you did something for you, truly for you? For many parents, particularly mothers, doing something for ourselves can be very difficult. It feels selfish, wasteful, extravagant, unnecessary, and laden with guilt. If we can pass it off as being for the whole family, such as a family vacation, then it is ok, but when taking care of ourselves really is just for ourself it can get much, much more difficult.

On commercial passenger airplanes, safety instructions are given each flight before take off on what to do in the case of an emergency. Flight attendants (or a video) explain that in the case of pressure changes, oxygen masks should drop down and passengers should place them over their mouth and nose and breathe normally. For those flying with small children or someone that would need assistance, instructions are given to secure your own mask before helping someone else with theirs. The reason for this instruction isn’t given but should you help someone else before securing your own mask, it is very possible that you could end up deprived of the oxygen your brain needs and pass out before your own mask is in place. Should that happen, you wouldn’t be able to help take care of anyone and worse, would be at even more risk.

Are you breathing normally?


Do you know where your oxygen mask is?


Parenting requires sacrifice, it’s true. We give up a lot for our children, getting in exchange such beauty and joy. But are we really able to care for our children if we can’t breathe normally ourselves? If we lose our selves? For a long time I believed that being a good mother required not only sacrifice but a sort of martyrdom, losing one’s self to build up one’s children. That was what I saw modeled for me in my own mother and what I thought I would need to do as well. Some women are able to do this and find it quite fulfilling, maybe even more in touch with who they really are. I was not one of those women. Losing myself, sacrificing so much I didn’t even know who I was any more, being constantly burnt out, led me into a deep and dark depression and instead of being a good mother, I was too lost to care for my children.


I needed an oxygen mask.


I needed to be able to breathe.

I needed to nurture the nurturer


As admirable as it is that my mother gave up so much for her children, the truth is to this day I don’t really know her. What I know is the woman who loves me and did her best to care for me as a child even when she was constantly depleted of much needed air herself. As depleted as she was, she gave so much but often it wasn't what my siblings and I really needed as much as it was what she thought we needed. She was too spent to asses what care was actually required. Our family suffered. Realizing I was headed down the same path, I knew something needed to change.

I share that journey and the 4 steps I had to take to make that change here.

Now, with my children, I teach them the importance of self care as well because there are times when everyone needs their own oxygen mask.


There is no one-size-fits all and what you may need during one season of parenting may change in the next season. Find what works for you and consider how you can be in community with others and help them find their’s as well. There is no firm how to use it or what it looks like for you, what’s important is just that you use it. For some it will be simple couch dates with their partner or even just by themselves with a good book or favorite TV show like we share here. (More on connecting with your partner here.) For others it may be in structuring their day to include quite time, holding space for even the littlest to be alone. (Ideas on how to make that happen, see this.) For others it may involve someone gifting you the opportunity which can take on so many different forms and you can read more (and use this to drop subtle hints) here. For many of us, it will be a combination of methods or some of these 22 ideas to nurture the nurturer.

However you do it, finding that oxygen mask and actually using it is important. Your children will thank you one day and will know you not only as their loving, sacrificing mother, but as the thriving individual of value that you are.

Through out this issue of the Leaky Times, we have many links and content with more info on the importance of nurturing the nurturer and of course giveaways, recipes, and so much more. As we go into Mother's Day this week, it is my wish for all of you to find that space, breathe deep, and confidently enjoy the journey of motherhood as your whole self with your children.

Happy Mother's Day.


Jessica Martin-Weber

The Leaky Boob, MommyCon, and ErgoBaby have teamed up to create MiLK, a bridge building conference focusing on infant feeding for health care providers, advocates, and families. MiLK is making it's debut this summer in Los Angeles, CA. Featuring a selection of speakers presenting seminars and workshops as well as a vendor space and hands-on-learning experiences, MiLK values all feeding journeys with open and honest dialogue and a belief that with respect we can learn from each other to strengthen women, families, and children for a more confident, healthy society. For a chance to win a ticket to this two day event, click here.

Ask The Expert!

Got a question? Weaning? Sleep? Feeding? The experts are here to help! is adding a weekly article featuring different experts including a pediatrician, infant feeding consultant, IBCLC, sleep consultant, infant and child development specialist, fitness coach, and CPST. To send in your questions for an upcoming article, see the button below.

Dear CPST,

With warm weather just around the corner it seems like every year there are horrifying news reports about children being left in the car and forgotten in the heat. That scares me more than I can say and I know it can happen to anyone. I work outside of the home and we have a schedule that is different nearly every day with grandparents, my husband, and myself taking turns doing the pick up and drop off for childcare. Everything I’ve read says that changes in the routine can contribute greatly to this tragic accident occurring. How can I help all of us who drive my daughter be sure not to make this mistake? It hasn’t happened yet but I don’t want to be overly confident that it won’t.

Thank you so much.

Sweating It

Dear Sweating It,

Heatstroke for children in cars is sadly more common than many people realize. It is also not just a concern during the summer months, though that is typically when we see the majority of cases. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in a matter of 10 minutes, so on a 70 degree day you can have deadly temperatures within your parked vehicle in a short period of time.

There are several things that can be done to prevent a child from being left in a vehicle accidentally. Read More!

Ask Your Question for an Expert Here!

Our BEST articles and advice on taking care of YOU:

22 Ways To Nurture The Nurturer

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So how to find the time to nurture yourself?  You have to start with recognizing that it actually IS important.  It’s like the safety instructions on airplanes: secure your own oxygen mask before helping children with theirs.  In other words, you won’t be any good to anyone if you pass out, so take care of yourself.  Because, let’s face it, burnt out people aren’t fun to be around. Read More
Mother, Nuture Thyself:
Self nurture to nurture others. Read Here
The Red-Eyed Breastfeeding Monster
Read More
Tension and Breastfeeding: 
How Relaxing Saved Her Breastfeeding Relationship
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"One of the best pieces of advice I received in my breastfeeding journey, was that it was important to minimize stress as much as possible. When moms are stressed, their breast milk supply usually decreases dramatically." Read More

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Come join our private community group and get real time support and encouragement. Get your questions answered and build relationship in one of the most encouraging and supportive groups on the web! Join Here

Leaky To Leaky Tips: Self-nurture. How do YOU take care of yourself?

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"Dates with my favorite person<3" -Ann

"Silly. But I make my hubs watch the kiddo so I can paint my nails and toenails. It's the simple things!" -Leah

"I go to PWOC once a week, it's a women's Bible study/fellowship time with free on site childcare. It's a few hours of chatting with other ladies and I know that if my kids need me, I'm not far!" -Diana

 "A hot shower. A glass of wine. A good book. A family "pack" walk around the park. Just being in sunshine does wonders for my spirit...A cup of tea, and time to myself to just sit and breath and stretch, even if it's just 10 minutes... I wouldn't consider myself a yogi, but I've fallen in love with Yoga over the years and more recently, PiYo. I was taking a kick boxing class 3 times a week for awhile, but that's likely not something I'll be able to do again for a little while, but it was a great stress reliever. If I had the proper space. I'd have a boxing bag in the basement." -Ashley

"Sex, that's always rejuvenating to me!" -Skye

"Time out with my girlies. Games. I LOVE games. So cards or board games after my Hobbits are in bed." -Kimmie

"TEA!" -Phoebe

"Slowing down and sitting with another person, face to face in an environment that fosters intentionally thoughtful conversation and bonding. " -Hannah

Leaky Looks: Working, Pumping, Outing Edition
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So this week, I got sucked into “Omg…can I BUY all of these? PLEASE?!” land. Because seriously…did you KNOW of the infinite wardrobe possibilities that are out there for the working mom? Or for the pumping mom? Mom who wants to go on a date or needs to go to a work meeting? It was HARD to narrow these down to only 3 looks. (seriously. it’s like putting together collages of  “want all of the breast things.” yes. pun intended :D) Here you go, Leakies. My favorites!  Get your latest looks HERE

Leaky Chronicles: Stories Featuring Leakies!

Leaky Monica shares her story of loss and renewal with the death of her baby daughter Molly and how she's caring for others as a result. Read this moving and inspiring story HERE. #MyStoryMatters #TLBsupportForward

Love For My 20-Something, Do-Gooder Self

"...I was SAVING THE WORLD, you guys.  And I sucked at it. And not just a little suck, but super duper Hoover Power Shop Vac suck..." Read More

Banana Cashew Icecream

{Vegan and Paleo}

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Pizzelles are a big thing around our house.  
My husband has some fairly strong Sicilian roots, and he takes his Italian desserts seriously.  One of his favorites?
Star Anise Pizzelles.  
We don’t eat them often because 1) we rarely eat wheat and 2) we eat them ALL in one day because we have no “off” switch with these tasty discs. 
I made gluten-free pizelles earlier this week, (my husband and son ate them all in less than an hour), and formed miniature waffle cones.  
Then I asked you to help me fill them.  You came up with some amazing suggestions.  Here’s a sample of some of the suggestions...Read More HERE

Featured Recipe of the Week!

Smokey Bacon Jalapeño Carbonara
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by Carrie Saum


12 ounces of pasta (I used Cappello’s paleo fettucini noodles)
8 pieces thick cut bacon, diced
1/2 medium onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 whole eggs
3/4 cups very finely grated parmesan cheese (if you want to be totally paleo here, skip this and add 1-2 extra egg yolks)
salt and black pepper
2 medium jalapeños
4 fresh basil leaves, ribboned


  1. Fry the bacon until just barely crisp. Remove from the pan and set aside.  Drain most of the grease, but leave a little for frying the onions and garlic.
  2. Return the pan to stove. Cook onions and garlic on medium heat until golden brown, and set aside.
  3. While the onions and garlic are cooking, roast the jalapeños under the broiler, turning often until soft and slightly blistered.  De-stem and scrape out seeds (unless you want more spice, then leave some seeds in) and dice the roasted jalapeño.
  4. In a bowl, mix together eggs, parmesan, and salt and pepper until incorporated.
  5. Take freshly cooked pasta (still piping hot) and place in a large bowl.  While pasta is still steaming hot, slowly pour in the egg mixture while continuously stirring the pasta. The sauce will thicken up (the eggs are cooking!) and coat the pasta. If it gets too thick, pour a little pasta water into the bowl until you reach the desired consistency.
  6. Halfway through drizzling in the egg mixture, add all the other ingredients.  Bacon, jalapeño, garlic, onions, salt and pepper. Continue mixing and adding the egg mixture.
  7. Top with fresh basil, lots of fresh cracked pepper and serve immediately.

Only one day left to enter to win a package of Cappello's Paleo Fettucini noodles! Enter HERE

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TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth


"Entire Areola"

by Jennie Bernstein
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*Disclaimer: the more areola a baby can take in their mouth when latched, usually the better. However, every baby and ever mother is different, if there isn’t pain and if baby is growing, There’s no need to stress about the latch. For more on what makes for a good latch and when to see a health care professional, please see this resource.
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