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Hi Leakies! This week during our #TLBnourish campaign we are talking about the challenges that sometimes accompany nourishing our babies.  Have you encountered feeding challenges? Food Allergies? We have some helpful resources in this edition of the TLB newsletter to help with these very challenges. As we approach the end of our #TLBnourish campaign, remember, Leakies: No matter what challenges you may face, FED IS BEST! Don't miss the huge giveaway too!
What do you do when feeding your baby makes them sick? When the very thing that they need to survive is hurting them, maybe even killing them?

Food sensitivities can be a huge challenge. Food allergies can be deadly. All of it can directly undermine a parent's confidence, not to mention make every day life scary.

There are no easy answers but there are people who've been there.

Leaky, RN, and TLBC Facebook group admin Heather Mackles, shares her journey with us and some info on what parents need to be aware of as possible signs of allergies.

Read more here of her journey and information and support for others.

All of us are simply seeking to nourish our families fully.

Join us on this journey, allergies or not, check out our Instagram for real life inspiration through #TLBnourish. Also, find a coupon code there for a Beliebea hands-free-pumping and nursing bra there.

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Peace and nourishment to you and yours,

Jessica Martin-Weber


This Week On TLB 

What I Want You To Know About Why My Son Can’t Eat- FPIES


Shortly after birth, my sweet little boy, Echo, had a stroke. We struggled to breastfeed and I ended up exclusively pumping for him. But that was hardly the extent of his feeding difficulties. You see, my son can’t eat. For a while there he couldn’t eat anything. Now he has a few safe foods. But he still really can’t eat. He’s 16 months old.

My son’s name is Echo and he has FPIES.


5 Ways to Deal with Food Boundaries, Kids, and Relatives


In spite of everyone’s best intentions and total agreement to make the holiday and visit safe for E, he still managed to find the chinks in our armor. He wasn’t being naughty, and my brother wasn’t being negligent. It's just part of navigating life and holidays with kids who require extra care. In our case, this is really important, and for some children it is a life and death concern.  READ MORE HERE!

Ask the IBCLC Breastfeeding Help: Relactating, Back to Breast After Bottle, Once Low Supply Always Low Supply, and More


We’ve asked Shari Criso to share her answers to Leakies' questions about feeding their babies. If you have any questions you’d like to ask Shari, leave a comment at the end of the article!



43 Photos That Prove Dads are Parents, Not Babysitters


Dads aren't babysitters, they're parents!

Yesterday we were too busy hanging out with the dads in our lives to post here but we still wanted to shout out to dads. This collection of photos that shows that dads are way more than babysitters made us smile. 

If you are partnered up with the father of your children or a man that has stepped in as the father of your children, how does he parent as more than a babysitter?


Parenting and Feeding Around the Web

We have an amazing online community we'd love for you to join! Needing positive support in your feeding journey? Have questions about weaning? Supplementing? Breast Pain? We're here to help! Click on our logo to get added or Join The Leaky Boob Community or click HERE.

Kids Living with Food Allergies


Is your little one struggling with a food allergy? Not sure? Where do you start and what are you supposed to feed them now? This website is chock full of great information, how to read labels, and some great recipes that are allergy-friendly.  READ MORE

Recipes for Leakies and Littles

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

Children Must Break Their Parents

Every parent faces the reality that their children have a will of their own, which I think most would agree is a good thing in and of itself. But parents also face huge external pressure to control their children; the way your child behaves is after all a direct reflection of how good ofa parent you are, right? 

Welcoming the Whole Child

When parents welcome a baby into their lives, it can take them a long, long time to recognize that they haven’t just welcomed a cute little bundle of needs and smiles into their lives; they have allowed a whole other person to be a part of their daily lives. READ MORE


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Join The Conversation!

4 Ways Men Are Taught to Objectify Women From Birth

In reality, it’s due to our culture reinforcing damaging stereotypes that hurt everybody in the end."

There are a few points that I felt the compulsion to argue with in this article, but overall I thought it was well worth my time and thought, and has further challenged how I view and talk about people. I hope it challenges you to be more empathetic as well. 

~ Jeremy


TLB Comics: Isn't It the Leaky Truth

Safely Express and Store Your Baby's Breastmilk

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