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They say that taking care of our bodies is 1/4 physical and 3/4 mental.  Sometimes it's the mental and emotional walls in our lives that stand between us and our wellness goals no matter how hard we try to make changes in our diets and physical activity.  So Leakies, dive in to this week's newsletter for some great articles on self-love and mental health and how they relate to fitness. Start here: go stand in the mirror and repeat after me, "I AM ENOUGH!"  Then find the giveaway info, that can be quite the inspiration too!
Hey Leakies,

The Olympics are over, we have enjoyed 2 weeks of sitting on our couches watching other people accomplish impressive physical feats. Now it's time to get moving with our families.

July was #TLBmoves, a campaign all about inspiration to figure out and share what it looks like to get moving with our families but that isn't just a one month goal, it's a lifestyle. My kids are inspired by the Olympic athletes they watched and their enthusiasm is contagious. Now, more than ever, we're all inspired to get moving.

Want to know more about the campaign and how you can participate? Read more about #TLBmoves here and  find us in our closed #TLBmoves group dedicated just to community around getting active together!

We've teamed up with 3 brands to help support us all in that journey including title sponsor ThinkBaby ThinkSport with safe sunblock for the whole family and double insulated water bottles (that don't have a metallic taste- yay!), Belabumbum's maternity and breastfeeding activewear, and Tula Baby Carriers. With education and information sharing, we're working together to bring us all in community without judgement but with loads of support. Starting with a giveaway!

Let's get moving!

Jessica Martin-Weber
Founder, theleakyboob

We’re not going anywhere in particular but we are journeying toward health, activity, and awareness. Not as isolated individuals, but as a family, a community. With each other and with our kids, we’re taking steps to get more movement in our lives. That movement may be a dance party in the living room, a daily babywearing walk at the park, hitting the gym, taking a Zumba class, playing Pokemon Go, including more veggies, setting up the blender for more healthy homemade smoothies, you name it, you define what #TLBmoves looks like for you.



Babyweight Workout


Jennifer from Fit For Expecting has offered up a workout to help make it easier to find some time to take care of you.  Check out this Baby Weight Workout that you can enjoy WITH your baby. I think it’s a great springboard for customizing and creating your own workout that fits your family’s unique makeup. READ MORE

10 Reasons to Love Your Body Right Now

It seems of all the things we love, it’s hardest to love ourselves. Maybe it’s the ideal we are being sold by the media. Maybe it’s borne out of comparison. Maybe there’s no real explanation at all. I’m not really certain, though I suspect it’s a bit of all of those. We love our partners, our children, even our dogs (even though they chew on things and poop on things). But at the end of the day, we look in the mirror, we poke, we pull, we loathe. Many of us do it. Most of us do it.  

Pro Tip! Water Consumption and Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding tips! Share the tips that you have found to be the most helpful.Today our tip is to drink lots of water and have water on hand every time you breastfeed.

Our bodies are amazing! That our bodies can grow a whole other person (or two or three!) and then sustain them with a customized food just for them is truly incredible. It isn't always easy and for some, it may not work out (and for those that experience this, your bodies are amazing too - something not working out doesn't diminish our value) but the system is pretty awesome.  READ MORE

10 Ways to Love Yourself, Love Your Life, and Not Lose Your Mind


The alarm rings, I jump up, get dressed, run to the kitchen, make coffee and breakfast, wake the kids, prepare their lunch, pick out their clothes, and send them off to school. In the midst of the morning madness, I make sure my husband doesn’t forget the leftovers from the night before, and a hot cup of coffee to go. That is just a glimpse to the start of my day. The chaos continues throughout the day with feedings, diapering, meal prep, clean up, dinner time and baths. As moms our jobs are never done and with hectic schedules it is easy to forget one very important thing. Ourselves!!!   READ MORE


More Than Mommy Exhaustion: How I recovered my energy and health


You pour another cup of coffee at noon, after reheating your first cup approximately six times in the microwave. You try an energy drink mix that your friend is selling. And still, you are so worn out, you can barely string five words together to create a coherent thought.

You resolve to take walks, get outside, or try that pilates DVD you’ve had for ages. You feel good about your choice, but you are wiped out for the rest of the afternoon, trying to recover your shaking muscles and push through the exhaustion until you can climb into bed.

You resolve to eat better, cut out the junk and convenience foods, and maybe that will help you feel more energetic, too. After a few weeks, you see a marginal improvement, but it’s not enough of a pay-off for the sacrifice you are making.

And let’s not even talk about the weight gain.  READ MORE

Parenting and Feeding Around the Web

We have an amazing online community we'd love for you to join! Needing positive support in your feeding journey? Have questions about weaning? Supplementing? Breast Pain? We're here to help! Click on our logo to get added or Join The Leaky Boob Community or click HERE.

Beyond Breast and Bottle- Talking About Solids with Innobaby!


Introducing solids is an exciting new development for your baby and can be a fun shared experience. Two little girls join us here sharing some of our favorite baby and toddler feeding tips and preparing food together with Innobaby.

Recipes for Leakies and Littles

Beyond Moi

life. family. love.

What is More Important Than Cupcakes?


Two or three years ago, our daughter, Squigglebug (now 8) blew us away with her understanding of relationships and what’s important in life. She entered a phase marked by these kinds of questions:

“You know what’s more important than cupcakes?”

“What is?” I would reply.



World Sleep Day 2016, or Why Did I Get Up Today?


Apparently it’s World Sleep Day, which I knew nothing about until I was checking out the news this morning.

World Sleep Day is funny. It sounds like we should all sleep the day away. But then the whole thing wouldn’t get much traction if it was called World Sleep Night. Then again, the information would reach all the right people: those struggling with sleep and turning to the internet for answers…

Oh my, the fact that I find that funny indicates that I need more sleep – by which I mean coffee. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Sometimes I Regret Becoming A Mother


Ever feel like you want to give up and walk away from this whole parenting thing? 

I do. 

The feeling comes and goes. For me it's typically a sign that I need a break, a little time away from the constant responsibility of feeding the bottomless pits of my offspring and helping them through conflict without a. yelling at them, b. giving up and letting them beat each other up. 

It usually comes when I have a creative blockage caused by "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Whine, whine, scream, cry, scream, cry, "DADDY!!!" and I feel like someone pulled the plug on my creativity and it has completely drained out of me, leaving me to blubber incomplete semi-coherent partial sentences. 

It's not all the time, and I often go for quite some time before it hits me again, but it does happen; sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without kids. Sometimes I want to quit. 

And it's ok. 

Like Joni, who wrote this honest article, I won't quit. But it's ok to admit that we really like the thought from time to time. 

~ Jeremy


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