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Fetterman Campaign Points: Election Day Vote Count Expectations

  • We are feeling good. We are waiting for every vote to be counted. 
  • Let’s be very clear: The 2020 election was safe and secure. And the 2022 election will be safe and secure, too. 
  • Republicans have spent weeks laying the groundwork to potentially spread false conspiracy theories about the likely “red mirage” of ballot processing in Pennsylvania. 
  • But the explanation is simple: Pennsylvania law means that in-person votes, which skew Republican, tend to be counted and reported before mail-in votes, which skew Democratic. 
  • The reason for the delay in reporting mail-in ballots is actually a GOP bill designed to sow doubt in our elections. Pennsylvania is one of only eight states that bans pre-processing of early mail-in ballots. 
  • For that reason, we expect to see a GOP lead on election night. For context, the morning after the election, Trump was leading by 11% with 75% of the vote in.
  • In 2020, it took four days to call Pennsylvania. 
  • Republicans will sow doubt. They already started. Trump did it at his PA rally. Fox hosts have been doing it nearly every night. 
  • More than 1.4 million mail ballots were requested in PA this year. We have to wait for every eligible vote to be counted. 
  • This race will be close. We should all be prepared for a process that takes several days before all eligible votes are properly counted and the results are clear.

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