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January 2021, Issue #6
Anyone else feeling hopeful these days? A new administration has proposed a robust plan to give families more options for quality, affordable and home-based care, and to create an adequately compensated professional workforce of caregivers. Vaccine distribution is ramping up and a new year has begun. There’s so much work yet to be done, but it feels as though we’re moving in a good direction. Read on.
January Highlights
  • Sleepless Nights? Tune into KC Compton’s “Infants the World Over Can Spot a Lullaby – in Any Language,” explore the research from Harvard U’s Music Lab and see if you can spot the lullabies in songs from 16 languages.
  • Universal Child Care. Did you know that universal child care in the U.S. was open to all and incredibly affordable during WWII? Neither a new idea nor unprecedented, universal child care was a huge benefit for parents and for the children who attended. Read more in Bryce Covert’s recent article.
  • The Era of Child Care Incrementalism is Over. Elliot Haspel shares how child care has become a top-tier, bipartisan issue.
Feeding Our Families in a Fast-Food World
Food writer Claire Raffel highlights how food and beverage companies spend $2 billion annually on advertising targeted directly to kids to foster their loyalty and “pester power” in an interview with author Bettina Elias Siegel.
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Reach Out and Read!
Mark Swartz speaks to pediatrician Dipesh Navsaria, who describes the use of books in his practice: “People think our program is about books but secretly, it’s also about parenting support.”
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New Mexico on the Verge
Read Bryce Covert’s “New Mexico on the Verge of Securing of Securing State Constitutional Change to Ensure Stable Funding for Children Zero to Five” to learn how a decade of organizing is making this happen.
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The Business Case for Early Learning
Bruno Navarro lays out the benefits of quality child care and preschool. And in this pandemic year, everyone now understands that child care is essential to working parents and a recovering economy.
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And much more:
Pacesetter Communities Race for Children’s Literacy in Florida, North Carolina and Iowa; Top Takeaways; Racism in the Child Care Industry; Asking Big Questions in Kansas; and the Long-Term Damage of Child Hunger.

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