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June 2021, Issue #11
Summer’s back, with sunshine and light brightening those dark corners we’ve encountered during our pandemic year in captivity. As we move toward normalcy, many of us are planning a return to the office (Raise your hand if your “hard pants” still fit!). Kids are longing for more playtime with friends and some splashing in the nearest body of water. As temps rise across the nation, our ELN team is staying cool and focused on the latest in brain building and community building. There was so much terrific content in June. Let’s dive in.
K.C. Compton is a freak for brain science. Check out her contributions in June:
  • Beyond “Good Job.” Praise is a funny thing. Words of acknowledgment can be the water and sunshine that help children grow into sturdy, confident and capable adults or they can be the stifling hyperbole that set a child up to seek approval rather than true accomplishment. Ellen Galinsky, chief science officer at the Bezos Family Foundation, shares how to use praise to support a child’s growth and development.
  • Babies are Scientists! For years, it was thought that babies are born as a "blank slate" just waiting for life to fill in the empty spots. Turns out, babies are born tiny scientists with innate skills and curiosity, ready to investigate everything they encounter. Dr. Alison Gopnik, head of the Cognitive Development and Learning Lab at the University of California/Berkeley, explains.
  • Call it Baby Talk, Parentese or Infant-Directed Speech. Babies love that special way you talk to them, in any language. Read about the latest research results with principal investigator, Dr. Krista Byers-Heinlein, associate professor of psychology at Montreal’s Concordia University.
ELN covers early learning challenges and successes from across the nation. In June, Mark Swartz:
Would You Like Fries with That?
Dr. Dan Wuori takes no prisoners in this Opinion piece that articulates how low wages exploit America’s child care workforce and undermine it’s future.
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You Can’t Compare Apples and Pears.
Elliot Haspel, a top voice in early learning, offers a nuanced take of Quebec’s child care system. What has gone well and what has gone badly? What lessons are applicable to the States?
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What’s QRIS?
There’s a big idea behind the Quality Rating Improvement System: that by applying a publicly available star rating system to preschools, and offering supports and financial incentives for quality improvement, we can drive change at-scale. Quality matters, as Kendra Hurley reports.
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Catch up with articles about Strolling Thunder Advocacy: showing people the “why” of child care; a Top Takeaway from the Capita conversation: seeing cities through the eyes of a child to achieve better design; a new Community Cultivators column about Ping Chong, who works for a stronger and kinder culture, on stage and off; and a book review of Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski’s “When you Wonder, You're Learning.” It’s inspired by the remarkable and beloved Fred Rogers. Don't miss it.
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