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December 2020, Issue #5
The world has faced profound losses this year, a great many of which have fallen, as always, on our most essential and vulnerable: health care professionals, educators, families and children. Even as we mourn our losses, we’ll use them to propel us with greater urgency to strengthen our commitment to #EarlyLearning, brain building and community building.
The new year holds great promise. In this beautiful TED Talk video, designer Debbie Millman, explores what she holds dear. What do you hold dear? Join us! There’s strength in unity and it’ll be much more fun to explore together in 2021.

  • The City of St. Louis got it DONE on Election Day! The first and only public funding of #childcare and #preK was accomplished via a Proposition R ballot initiative. Bryce Covert reports on how a strong coalition of unlikely partners made it happen.
  • One of the most under-reported pieces of the #childcarecrisis is a desperate lack of staff, fueled by a dizzying array of factors. Elliot Haspel goes deep to look at the crunch, and what to do about it.
  • An Electoral Children’s Wave. "From Pensacola to Portland, we saw voters show up and say they were willing to pay a little bit more in taxes to support their community’s children.” Elliot Haspel discusses the wave with Elizabeth Gaines, founder and director of the Children’s Funding Project.
  • Did you know that Alabama “First Class Pre-K" has been setting the standard nationally for 14 years? KC Compton shows how they do it.
Hot takes!
Because we can’t take our Early Learning Nation Studio on the road during this time, we’re offering takeaways from important conversations, town halls, webinars and virtual events. Written by Mark Swartz, recent Takeaways cover what political newcomers need to know, racism in the child-care industry, the Playful Learning Landscapes Playbook and lots more.
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The holidays offer a huge opportunity to slow down and celebrate family and friends, especially with food. Claire Raffel gathered tips, recipes and heartwarming, love-filled stories from experts.
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Mark Swartz meditates on Mindfulness for Young Children and KC Compton steals our hearts with Albany-based Jazzy Sun Birthdays, a group of volunteers that brings all the goodies to celebrate birthdays for homeless and low-income kids.
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What we’re listening to:
When was the last time you danced? It’s been so long you don’t remember? Try this remedy: grab your favorite dancer partner and sway to some old-school sexy soul with John Legend singing “Ooh Laa.”  More, please, for 2021!
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