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November 2020, Issue #4
Phew! We’ve made it through the election. Now, take some deep, deep breaths and enjoy new reading about #EarlyLearning successes.

  • Parenting brain? Parents are made, not born. KC Compton’s piece about this exciting research shows that the act of caregiving creates ‘Parenting Brain’ in all primary caregivers, including non-biological parents and child-care educators. Important new report by Drs. Pilyoung Kim and Sarah Watamura of the University of Denver. 
  • Mind Field. We’ve launched a new series: 1 topic/6 top experts, in fewer than 200 words. First topic? PLAY, featuring:
    • Researchers Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff (Playful Learning Landscapes)
    • NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer (Playground Deserts)
    • Researcher Geetha Ramani (Play Counts in Math Learning,)
    • Outreach and Education Specialist, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) Marley Jarvis (Brain Building through Play)
    • LEGO Foundation’s Kasper Ottosson Kanstrup (Learning Through Play)
    • Author/co-founder of the Children & Nature Network Richard Louv (Play as a Form of Enchantment)
  • Preschool for All: It’s a Movement. Achieving tuition-free seems like a Herculean— or Sisyphean— task. But take heart! Elliot Haspel explores how this smart, motivated region of Multnomah County, Oregon galvanized broad support and broke the rules for a universal preschool campaign. Hot-off-the-presses update? The measure just passed in Portland and Multnomah County.
Mighty, Mighty Bosses
Learn how Florida execs are applying peer pressure to advance Early Childhood learning in this piece from contributor Mark Swartz.
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With Childcare in Crisis, Innovation is Surging
Read how business, nonprofits and Chambers of Commerce are building effective coalitions. Many great best practices here.
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Lifetime Achievement Award
ZERO TO THREE presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Alicia Lieberman in recognition of her “significant and enduring contributions to improving the lives of babies, toddlers and their families.” Brava (and thank you)!
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5 Questions for the Governor
Looking for a state that’s led in #EarlyLearning rankings for 14 years? Look no further than Alabama.
Meet Governor Kay Ivey
Top Takeaways
So many great online events, so little time! We've got the highlights from the best #EarlyLearning happenings.
Explore them all
Community Cultivators
We love #brainbuilding leaders! Check out NASA astronaut Jessica Meir’s Five Rules for being a good earthling.
Reach for the stars
What we’re reading:
Explore the power of unplugging with Tiffany Shlain’s award-winning book 24/6: Giving Up Screens One Day a Week to Get More Time, Creativity and Connection. It’s brilliant and perfectly timed to combat our dreadful 24-hour news cycle. It’s now out in paperback. Take a Tech Shabbat (a day away from all technology), include your kids and let us know how it goes!
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