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March 2021, Issue #8
March roared in like a lion with the massive American Rescue Plan, with major implications for our Early Learning Nation. That investment in our families isn’t the only thing that has our hearts feeling lighter. Springtime is, indeed, coming in. Take your brain building outdoors while offering a fond hello to trees in bloom and daffodils nodding in our direction.
March Highlights
Children’s Television: the Original Distance Learning
From Ding Dong School, Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, children’s television has been on a quest to transform a passive experience into active participation. Mark Swartz offers a whirlwind history. 
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Vocabulary for the Win with Conversational Turns
The playing field for children in poverty is a mountain: As early as 18 months, children in lower socio-economic circumstances already experience disparities in vocabulary and language processing compared with their higher-income peers. KC Compton interviews Susan Neuman, professor and child-literacy authority, about scalable programs for vocabulary building in early learning settings.
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Playful Learning in Pittsburgh: The Park as Classroom
Collaboration drives Pittsburgh’s thriving early-childhood ecosystem. Although many programs have been suspended or postponed, playful learning remains alive and well here. Mark Swartz interviews local leaders to see how it was done (Hint: decades of investment in families, parents and caregivers) and lays out the brain-building benefits to children.
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