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October 2020, Issue #3
Yes, we get it: lives upended; the reimagining of work, family and education; the loss of day care; and navigating the social isolation from family, friends and our circles of love. Early Learning Nation offers science-based original content about these topics – and lots more. We even find levity whenever we can in these decidedly unfunny times. Read on.


  • New on ELN: Explore our new map of the U.S that, um, maps our ELN articles about early learning brain building and community building in every state. Just click on a state and links to articles will pop up. We’ve got more news and feature articles to add but go ahead and dig in now! What’s happening in your state?
  • This Book Is Cool! – In the good old days, we only had to fight the summer slide. Now? We’ve got the COVID slump, too. (What’s next: murder hornets?) Read how data from this Suncoast Summer Reading Challenge program show that participating kids lost an average of only two weeks of reading skills rather than the two and a half months that’s the normal summer slide.
  • Language Matters – If you had a magical tool to measure and help improve your child’s language skills, from babyhood to adolescence, would you fly out the door to get it? It does exist, it’s not magic and it’s free! Meet LENA Early Talk.
A small child crawls through a play tunnel on a colorful floor
What’s bipartisan?
Child care may be the only bipartisan topic these days so let’s make it count. Read how policymakers from both sides of the aisle are coming together to create child care relief measures to save the industry that keeps America working.
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Early investment is key
Starting at Zero: Reimagining Education in America began as a short film by Willa Kammerer about Alabama’s success in #EarlyChildhood investment. Now it’s a feature film documenting nationwide transformative ideas. Like ELN, it brings together the voices of policymakers, educators, business leaders, pediatricians, parents and children. 
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Invest in families instead
There’s a renewed call to divest the Child Welfare system. It’s complicated, perhaps controversial. What do you think?
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PBS Kids rocks
Have you met Elinor Wonders Why and Molly of Denali yet?
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Let's synchronize
Dr. Marley Jarvis explains this #brainbuilding secret.
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Top Takeaways
All you need to know from the best online #earlylearning events.
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new report by Drs. Pilyoung Kim and Sarah Watamura, Andrew Erhart and Tiffany Phu of the University of Denver highlights studies suggesting that parenting brain changes happen in all primary caregivers — including non-biological parents and caregivers — in response to the caregiving role. We’ll be writing about it this month.
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