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September 2020, Issue #2

Looking for science-based early learning resources for the COVID-19 pandemic? We’ve got you. Click here.
ELN leads with science! Recent articles explore:
  • Teaching mindfulness to preschoolers  creates a lifelong skill to manage reactions and modulate behavior: robust predictors of success. (Interview with Dr. Richard Davidson.)
  • Parenthood is stressful. Learn how reducing mothers' stress now can improve mental health for the next generation. (Interview with Dr. Catherine Monk.)
  • Children come into the world noticing. One of the things kids notice—as early as 6 months, research tells us—is differences in skin color, hair texture and other race-based physical characteristics in the people they interact with. Fascinating, right? (Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Dougé.)
  • The ooh and coo duet of babies’ language learning: it’s all about the conversation. (Interviews with Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Dr. Roberta Michnick Golinkoff.)
Top Takeaways
Because we can’t take our Early Learning Nation Studio on the road during this time, we’ve created highlights — Top Takeaways — from important conversations, town halls, webinars and virtual events from the field.
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The child care crisis
We're covering the topic! One of the top voices in child care is ELN contributor, Elliot Haspel. Read his influential pieces. And Dr. Laura Justice has written an important 3-part child-care series with ELN contributor Mark Swartz that delves into our broken child care system and how to fix it.
All #ChildcareCrisis articles
What's happening in Early Learning at the state and municipal levels?
Find out in 5 Questions for the Governor (our partnership with The Hunt Institute) and 5 Questions for the Mayor (our partnership with the National League of Cities).
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Community Cultivators
Just as ELN showcases the ways families, researchers and grassroots nonprofits and organizations are building an early learning nation, we highlight how innovators across all sectors build and sustain global communities from the ground up. We hope the series inspires your own early childhood work. This month? See why Teacher of the Year Tabatha Rosproy’s talent for humor at least partly explains her success as a teacher and makes her an ideal Teacher of the Year in our decidedly unfunny times.
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Over the past couple years, we’ve showcased the work of early learning communities across the U.S. We’ll soon unveil a dynamic map with links to articles about early learning work in every state.
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