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We created Unity membership with a few things in mind.  We want all our clients to feel like they are partnering with us in advancing their pets' health.   We want to help pet owners manage their veterinary costs.  And we want to ensure that our clients' pets were getting coordinated care.  Unity membership includes well-care and gives you reduced pricing for medical services.   And, if you sign up now, we want to thank you with a gift of a free microchip or five nail trims.  

Of course, you don't need to be a member to have your pet treated at Unity Animal Hospital.  But we like to think that the advantages are so clear that everyone will want to be a part of the Unity family.

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The Unity Animal Hospital Website is Live

We've been working on it for a while.  Now, you can learn all about Unity Animal Hospital and what makes us unique, fair and sustainable.  We're working hard to bring our vision of top-quality care to pet owners and animal rescues and service organizations.  And we think our memberships give you a powerful way to manage your veterinary care while being a core part of a unique entity.  Check us out!

Opening in Early 2014!

Paws-N-Tails Mosaic

We engaged artist Claire Brill to design a unique mosaic mural for our reception area.   We think the Paws-N-Tails mosaic is a great symbol of the Unity organization.  A mosaic is magical image comprised of many unique pieces, just as Unity is comprised of its unique members.  The pieces in our mural are a combination of patients' paw prints and ceramic tiles.  The proceeds from buying the paw prints go to our Pet Retention and Rescue Animal Funds.  It's a great way to get in involved in the Unity community.  Keep an eye open for future paw printing events, or have your pet "printed" in our office after we open for business. 

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