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Your chance for an early member incentive ends Feb 15

We created Unity membership with a few things in mind.  We want all our clients to feel like they are partnering with us in advancing their pets' health.   We want to help pet owners manage their veterinary costs.  We want to ensure that our clients' pets were getting coordinated care.  Unity membership includes well-care and gives you reduced pricing for medical services.   If you sign up now, we want to thank you with a gift of three free nail trims.  This early member incentive offer ends February 15th

Of course, you don't need to be a member to have your pet treated at Unity Animal Hospital.  But we like to think that the advantages are so clear that everyone will want to be a part of the Unity family.

Courtyard Design Collaboration

True to its commitment to community engagement and education, Unity Animal Hospital has begun work with University of Delaware students to design and create the hospital’s courtyard.  The idea was hatched by Unity veterinarian Kathy Trow and her friend, landscape designer and professor, Jules Bruck.  The courtyard space, which runs along the Providence Road side of the hospital, is intended to provide a beautiful and peaceful space for clients and their pets.  Dr. Bruck believed this would be a perfect design project for her beginning landscape design class at University of Delaware.   Unity Community is the theme generated by one of 35 UD students who created landscape designs for Unity Animal Hospital.  Learn more and see the design selected to be installed at Unity in spring, 2014.

Opening for Business
Monday, February 17

The construction team has been hard at work.  The Unity team has been hard at work.  Walls are being painted.  Cabinets are being delivered.  Chairs are ordered. The reception desk is designed and in progress.  Supplies and equipment are on the way.  Next up?  Appointments!  We will see our first clients on Monday, February 17 from 8am to 8pm.  We think it's a great day to open our doors because so many people have the President's Day holiday off, but we will be here to tend to your pet.  But, we aren't scheduling yet.  Stay tuned for the announcement of that date.

Opening Celebrations
Sunday, February 16

Mosaic Event for Pets and Owners, 10am-1pm
Open House (for humans only!), 3-6pm

You and your pets are invited to join the Unity team between 10am and 1 pm for an opportunity to be part of our Paws-N-Tails mosaic.   We commissioned prominent Media mosaic artist Claire Brill to create a mural that showcases our community members’ love for their pets.  Claire has designed Paws-N-Tails, a 4-foot x 20-foot mural comprised of clay paw prints of the public’s own animals, along with their names, surrounded by mosaic tiles patterned to look like animal tails.  Any funds raised for the project in excess of the artist’s fee will be donated to Unity’s Pet Retention and Rescue Funds.  

Anyone interested in having a pet’s paw print included in the artwork may bring the animal to the event at Unity Animal Hospital at 1 N. Providence Road, Wallingford and have the print set in clay for a charge of $100 per animal. For an additional $50, participants will receive a second paw print of their pet to take home. All dogs attending the event must be leashed, and all cats and other animals must be in secure carriers.   This is a terrific way to be memorialized as a part of the Unity community while supporting a great cause.
The Paws-N-Tails mural will be an ongoing project and pet paw prints may be purchased after Unity opens.

From 3-6pm, we are hosting at open house at the hospital at 1 N. Providence Road, Wallingford.  The entire Unity team will be available to meet you.  You are invited to ask questions, get to know our staff, tour the hospital, and, of course, enjoy some refreshments. Please join us.

Artists for Unity Animals

Unity Animal Hospital invites local artists to display their work in our animal art gallery.   Your pet-themed original artwork can be featured in the gallery in our extended reception area, in our artists’ portfolio, and listed on the “Artist for Unity Animals” page on our website.  Learn more.

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